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Some of this week's Letters to the Editor!

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The Blown Lexus?

Hi - really enjoying the mag, especially the mixture between 'regular' car reviews and 'tweaked' features.

You guys planning a feature on a modified Lexus LS400? I'd be really interested in knowing how much difference a supercharger makes on that V8, or for that matter exhaust and filter mods. You can't tell me Julian hasn't been fiddling with his Lexus?

Also, really liked the Scoobie article where you dyno tested after each mod was put on - let's have more of that with other makes.

All the best, and keep up the good work.

Adrian Hocking
United Kingdom

Thanks for the positives. We don't think that Julian will be doing anything as radical as supercharging the Lexus, but he has some more electronic mods in mind to go with the very successful change in power steering weight - "Modifying Speed-Sensitive Power Steering". You liked the step-by-step Subaru modification story, and we liked it as well. But the kit manufacturer didn't and - we're told - has informed his agent that we are not to be allowed into the workshop to do any more stories like that on his products. Make of that what you will...

Boost Control with Motor Module?

About two months ago I built the DC Speed Control from Jaycar featured in AutoSpeed #197 ["Motor Speed Control Module - Part 1"], intending to use it as a boost control device, however the solenoid valve I have is not flow proportional to input voltage. Is there a device on the market which is proportional, or another suggestion on how I could achieve the goal? Great e-mag guys, keep up the good work

Wayne Movigliatti

We actually experimented in altering the pulse width modulation frequency of the module in order to make the flow through a solenoid valve variable. However, we found that every valve was different in what it needed, and it started to become very messy. We don't know of any reasonably priced pneumatic flow control valve that varies flow with voltage.

Which Car?

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Sorry to bother you, and I hope you don't get questions like this all the time. I have managed to save $30,000 and am looking now to buy a performance car. I have been looking at R32 GT-R's, RX7, and Supras. I'd appreciate your opinion on these or other cars as you have probably had the chance to road test a lot more than me. Id also like to say I have found AutoSpeed more helpful than all the magazines I have spent shitloads of money on in the past. I'm in Adelaide and moving to Queensland later this year, I'm a fully qualified mechanic (not working as one any more), I have a bit of spare time, and noticed you're after articles. I'm not sure if you have any \one in Queensland but I'd be interested in having a go maybe covering the performance auto show etc if that's still held there?

Keep up the good work,

John Duris

Surprisingly, we have never spent much time driving RX7s, so we really can't comment in detail on that car. If you intend driving the car in standard or near standard form, we'd go for the Supra twin turbo; if you intend making lots of modifications, the GT-R is a very good starting point; and if you want an all-round good car, we prefer the Impreza WRX.

Listening, listening...

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Re: Outback Odyssey

I find it interesting to note that with all the electronic wizardry used in monitoring the vehicles' statistics, that the HSV engineers still "listen[ed] intently for any pre-ignition" - rather than be notified electronically. Is this an acknowledgement that knock sensors (in general, not specifically in regards to HSV) are not very good at doing what they claim to do, and are easily fooled by other noises? (I realise the article was not written by Autospeed - but though I'd mention it to see AutoSpeed's thoughts on the subject).


We think it extremely unlikely that the output of the knock sensors wasn't being monitored electronically during the testing - specifically, the amount of knock-induced ignition timing retard.

Aagghh, Got it Wrong Again

Your article on the Pursuit ute ["New Car Test - Ford Falcon XR8 Pursuit 250 Ute"] sucked. The author obviously cannot drive. His comments were obviously under informed and I believe heavily biased. His red under wear might need a wash..............


Cooling with LPG

Re: the letter on spraying LPG into the intake to cool it.

The limiting factor in any engine is the ability to breathe air. Basically you get the engine to breathe as much air as possible, then add fuel to get the correct ratio. The air carries the oxygen essential for burning the fuel. If you *add* LPG to the inlet manifold you stop air (oxygen) entering the engine. Thus you are hit with a double whammy, by reducing the amount of air you send the mixture rich, by substituting the LPG you increase the amount of fuel, sending the mixture even richer. The result is a loss of power. I have come across this problem of starving the combustion process of oxygen when adding LPG to a diesel engine at full throttle. If the diesel fuelling is anywhere near the maximum amount that can be burnt, which it should be, adding LPG reduces the oxygen, this means some of the diesel is unburnt, producing instant black smoke.

You can actually switch the smoke on and off just by switching the LPG on and off.

David Sparkes

Yes we much prefer the idea adding oxygen from a compressed gas cylinder - and the fuel to go with it.

Pulsar Giveaway

The Pulsar Group of Australia in association with Suborn is giving away five full Suborn bodykits to suit N13-N16 Pulsars! To enter all you have to do is send in a picture of your car in the craziest location you can think of! For more info, head over to

Entries close soon... you've got to be in it to win it!

Dan Boman

Where'd You Get 'Em?

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I am a new subscriber. Great magazine. My current project is to learn about engine management by putting one on a Mini. A problem for fuel injecting a Mini is that it shares two inlet ports between the four cylinders.

Your article about the direct injection that Saab is using where the injector is combined with the spark plug looks like a possibility for overcoming this problem (Saab has addressed many other issues which would be difficult using ancient Leyland technology.) Any suggestions on how I could get hold of a set of combined spark plug and injectors?

Keep up the good work.

Rob Wignell

Those devices are not yet in production.

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