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Issue 685 of AutoSpeed

Hearing Detonation

DIY knock detection - cheap, easy and very effective!

Project Honda Insight, Part 10 - Alternator (again!) and beginning the MoTeC wiring

Test driving with the standard engine management, heavily revising the alternator mount, and starting to wire-in the new engine management

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 4

Using a multimeter

Automotive Conversion Tables

Sorting out all of those units

Issue 684 of AutoSpeed

Project Honda Insight, Part 9 First Electricals

Moving the 12V battery, wiring the alternator and removing the hybrid electrics

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 3

Volt, amps and ohms

Siting Cold Air Intakes

Simple testing to find the best place to put the mouth of the cold air intake.

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Reducing fuel use through electronic tweaks

Electronic Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy

Got a 'PD' VW / Audi / Skoda / SEAT diesel? Changing the cam timing can make major differences to performance and economy.

Big Changes from Tiny Adjustments!

(Relatively) budget mods to a Skyline GT-R

GT-R Revisited

A dozen bits to find at the truck wreckers.

Junkyard Dawg

Putting a super-bright LED interior light in your car

Upgrading to LED Interior Lighting

The electric motor and control system for a DIY electric bike

Building an Electric Bike Part 2

Beautiful and sophisticated, but was it a technological dead-end?

The NS Savannah

Sounds ridiculous - but is it?

Alternative Cars, Part 4 - Human Powered

Part two of an R32 Skyline GT-R modification process

GT-R Unleashed

An engine that combines both 2-stroke and 4-stroke functions

Stroke of Genius

Why two PC fans are unlikely to improve your engine's performance...

The Twin Turbo Zet

Simple and cheap but these gauge readings can save you a lot of time

Using a Vacuum Gauge for Engine Diagnostics

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