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Issue 691 of AutoSpeed

USA Diary, Part 2

More from our US trip - this time, Chicago and Detroit

Using rivnuts

Very useful for non-structural applications

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 10

Getting a handle on digital and analog signals

Jaguar Speed

A look at the Jaguar XJ-SC ragtop -resplendent with its big V12 engine.

Issue 690 of AutoSpeed

USA Diary, Part 1

The wondrous sights of Hawaii

Land and the SX-70

An incredible man and the unbelievable camera he built.

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 9

Building electronic kits

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How to cheaply see what mixtures your car is running

Monitoring Factory Oxygen Sensors, Part 1

Building the workbenches

A New Home Workshop, Part 9

Measuring analog and digital signals

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 11

Some techniques for making your custom constructions lighter

Lightening Parts

A new low cost data logger - and how to use it on cars

Five Channel USB Data Logger, Part 2

Why an engine's peak power figure is becoming increasingly insignificant

Forget the Kilowatts

Drains and landscaping - and passing council inspection!

Building a Home Workshop, Part 5

Unique and cheap modification to keep the car longer in lean cruise

Giving the Insight a Good Driver

Build your own battery charger for nearly nothing

Dirt Cheap DIY Battery Charger

Do-it-yourself aero testing of a Porsche and new Beetle

Aero Testing, Part 3

The story of the wonderful BMW M1 - a purpose-built racer

M1 Magnificence

How they built the fastest diesel on Earth

350.092 mph - Breaking the Diesel Speed Record

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