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Issue 688 of AutoSpeed

Project Honda Insight, Part 13 - Idle Speed Control

Making the engine idle sweetly

Making a carbon fibre dash panel

Good looks and easy

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 7

Relays are much overlooked but they're cheap and effective

The Plastic Penis

Washing cars to pay the bills.

Issue 687 of AutoSpeed

Project Honda Insight, Part 12 - The MoTeC CRIP

Measuring and setting the MoTeC Crankshaft Index Position

Radius Master belt grinder

Expensive - but what a tool!

How to Electronically Modify Your Car, Part 6

A very powerful tool that costs nearly nothing...

Designing a Factory Turbo Engine

The changes OE engineers make when bolting on a turbo.

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A press so huge it can forge titanium beams over 5 metres long

The Wyman Gordon 50,000 ton forging press

The arguments against electric cars are now so weak they're effectively gone

Electric Cars Now!

A brilliant way of developing and testing space-frame structures

Zero Cost Modelling of Space-Frames

What needs to happen to get to the next stage of aerodynamic slipperiness

Analysing Road Car Drag

Building a programmable temperature alarm

eLabtronics EZ System, Part 3

How to use taps and dies

Making Things, Part 4

Advancing the ignition timing can result in better fuel economy

The 5 Cent Modification

Measuring how air flows in and under a car

Undertrays, Spoilers & Bonnet Vents, Part 1

Single-handedly erecting the framework for a home workshop

Building a Home Workshop, Part 3

Ford in the US says turbo engines will soon be available in nearly all their vehicles - here's the first of the new breed

Ford's EcoBoost Twin Turbo V6

Examining the natural frequencies of suspension pitch and roll

More than just bounce...

How to organise your home workshop for best results

Laying Out a Home Workshop

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