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Issue 700 of AutoSpeed

Tuning programmable management on the road, Part 2

Setting acceleration enrichment, over-run fuel injector cut-off, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and turbo boost control.

Bolt Materials and Terms

Aircraft quality fasteners, Inconel fasteners, yield and tensile strengths - what do they all mean?

Fitting a Supercharger, Part 1

The step-by-step of fitting a wrecker blower

Issue 699 of AutoSpeed

Tuning programmable management on the road, Part 1

The required tools, and tuning the main fuel and ignition charts

A different sort of hybrid powertrain

4000kW, four diesels and a huge battery pack - submarine technology over 70 years ago

The Patent Files: Turning Vanes

Improving head and intake manifold flows by using tiny vanes to help the gases turn the corners.

Accelerometer Adventures - Part Two

Measuring your car's braking and cornering abilities.

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How to organise your home workshop for best results

Laying Out a Home Workshop

Reducing fuel use through electronic tweaks

Electronic Ways to Improve Your Fuel Economy

Making your own automotive themed clock

DIY Workshop Clock

Building twin 15 inch subwoofers under the house floor

Sound in the Lounge, Part 2

We could be served up far better new cars

Three utter failings of current cars

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