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Issue 704 of AutoSpeed

Budget FWD suspension upgrade, Part 1

This issue, measuring the standard spring rates

Modifying Under-Car Airflow, Part 1

A two-part series where we make significant undercar aero modifications

Early Mercedes Safety

Some amazing archival material from Mercedes safety testing

Issue 703 of AutoSpeed

Going beyond the normal in ECU mapping

Digging deeper with a programmable ECU

The Pratt and Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major

Among the biggest piston aircraft engines of them all

Boring Finishes!

Getting the right crosshatch for the best results.

Fitting a Supercharger, Part 4

Inlets and outlets

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Simple and cheap but these gauge readings can save you a lot of time

Using a Vacuum Gauge for Engine Diagnostics

Wrapping-up our major series on doing your own car modifications

Ultimate DIY Automotive Modification Tool-Kit, Part 7

There are good technical reasons why steam could return

Alternative Cars, Part 5 - Steam

Building your own 270 watt home sound amplifier

Building a home sound amplifier, Part 2

One of the most significant cars ever

The Amazing Citroen DS

Beautiful and sophisticated, but was it a technological dead-end?

The NS Savannah

Inside the construction of some aluminium cars

Aluminium Cars

Cheaply modifying the exhaust - but did it work?

Powering-Up the 1.9 litre TDI, Part 3

What's happened to electronic advances in cars?

Car Electronics Going Nowhere?

Where turbos are heading

New Tech Turbocharging

DIY building of very light vehicles from steel tube

Building Ultra Light-Weight Tubular Frame Vehicles, Part 1

30 cylinders, 21 litres and 470hp!

The Chrysler A57 Multi-Bank Engine

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