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Issue 715 of AutoSpeed

The engine of the Porsche 917

One of the mightiest race engines of them all

Tech tips

Ten tech tips to help you in your car modification

Building and Testing an Airbox

The design, construction and testing

The Incredible Hovering Craft, Part 1

A brand new technology that - literally - got off the ground

Issue 714 of AutoSpeed

Sawing metal

The different machines you can buy

Fan-Forcing Your Intercooler, Part 2

Controlling the speed of your new fan-forced intercooler blower

The History of Mazda's Rotary Engine

An unparalleled story of success with an alternative design of car engine

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An ultra high pressure do-it-yourself water injection system

The H2O Way, Part 2

What's happened to electronic advances in cars?

Car Electronics Going Nowhere?

A real and effective $75 handling upgrade

Rear Sway Bars: Improving FWD Handling

An extraordinary engine that was light, powerful and fuel-efficient

Napier Nomad

From the weird to the weirder!

The GM Concept Cars

30 cylinders, 21 litres and 470hp!

The Chrysler A57 Multi-Bank Engine

The rear suspension

Chalky, Part 5

How does Hz = stiffness?

Measuring the stiffness of structures by vibration testing

Assessing the performance of an amazing human powered vehicle

Air 150 Recumbent Trike, Part 2

Some techniques for making your custom constructions lighter

Lightening Parts

Some of the different factory-fitted variable valve timing systems

Variable Valve Timing

Beautiful and sophisticated, but was it a technological dead-end?

The NS Savannah

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