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Cool Stuff - Manifold Insulators

4 Jun, 2008

The effects of colder intake air don't always come from cold air intakes!

More on Siting Cold Air Intakes

2 Jun, 2008

Finding the right spot to breathe in high pressure air

Plastic Panels

31 May, 2008

Nano-particle reinforcement of plastics

DIY Bigger Squirts

29 May, 2008

Really simple DIY ways of fitting bigger injectors

Cylinder Head Porting

28 May, 2008

Basics of porting

Zero Cost Trickle Charger

26 May, 2008

As simple or as complex as you like - a trickle charger that'll save you having a flat battery in rarely-driven cars

Custom Painting

21 May, 2008

Basics of pearl, flake, colour shifting and airbrushing

EGR Comeback

20 May, 2008

Why and how exhaust gas recirculation is again big news

Supercharger Steal - Part Two

19 May, 2008

A look at the second-hand superchargers on the market.

Heavy Action

17 May, 2008

How much your car's wheels and tyres weigh is very important to performance!

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