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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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Mixture Meter Connection

Re your Mixture Display for Fuel Injected Cars kit (AutoSpeed Shop) - it makes no mention of how you connect to the oxygen sensor of the car when it is already connected to the car’s existing ECU. Do you connect in series? Will the sensor still operate the add-on kit plus the car’s ECU?

John Seccombe
New Zealand

The easiest approach is to strip some insulation from the oxygen sensor signal wire near the connection to the ECU. Connect the mixture display’s signal wire to the exposed section of wire and re-insulate using electrical tape or heat-shrink tube. In this configuration, the mixture display is wired in parallel.

Morris Suspension Answer

In response to Bruce’s email about Morris 1100 suspension in Response... Ihave played about with these a bit over the years and may be able to help him out with some better hydrolastic units. Can you pass on this email - so he can contact me? Alternatively, he can look up this site for more links on 1100s -

Ross Goddard

Email forwarded – thanks for the reply!

Coffee Maker into Water Injection Pump

I’ve got a question for you. Have you guys thought about doing a water injection system with the coffee maker pump? That would be cool, because the Aquamist system – although good - is expensive.

Thor Knutson

Yes, the coffee maker pump would be great for a water injection system – as we mentioned in World's Best Intercooler Water Spray, Part 1. However, we haven’t yet tried it in this application.

Volk or Vork #1

Re STi is the limit... Those rims are actually imitation Volk Racing Rays Rims - as can be shown by the picture in the article which reads "Vork Ravs"... Just thought I'd point that out! They are still probably very good rims, but I am sure they'd weigh slightly more than the originals - and cost a hell of a lot less!

Julian Sheriff

Volk or Vork #2

Thanks for a great magazine guys - keep up the good work! Just a small query regarding your article STi is the limit... You state in the article that "These do a good job blackening the 18 inch Volk Racing Rays alloys". I think you'll find that the rims aren’t actually Volk Racing Rays alloys, but a very popular copy which has been getting around as of late. The stickers on the rims actually say Vork Racing Ravs!

Joseph Saraceni

Well spotted – article now corrected!

Tommy Kaira Up for Grabs

I noticed an error in one of your articles last year - Captured Kaira - when you said "But, as far as we’re aware, there’s only one genuine Tommy Kaira vehicle in Australia – and it’s this immaculate R32 GT-Rowned by Scott X of Queensland." So I'm just making you aware that there are actually two more genuine Tommy Kaira cars in Australia. I own one of them. I'm actually selling it at the moment - and for a very cheap price considering how rare genuine Tommy Kaira cars are! My car (and another one in Perth) is a Tommy Kaira M30Z - aspecial edition Tommy Kaira modified 300ZX. You can see more info on it at my website dedicated to the M30Z: Feel free to contact me at if you would like any more info.

Mark North

Thanks for pointing that out – looks like a great car.

Pressure Switch Adjustment

I purchased a Pressure/Vacuum Switches and was hoping there were instructions as to how to increase the sensitivity. Is it difficult to do and can you provide me with some basic instructions?


Details on adjusting the sensitivity of the switch can be found in the article Our New Pressure Switch!

Honda Hunt

Could you please advise if you have done a road test on the 2006 Honda Accord Luxury and the Euro Luxury?


We have not tested a ’06 model but we have tested the slightly earlier versions - New Car Test - Honda Accord V6 Luxury and New Car Test - Honda Accord Euro Luxury


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