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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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Great to See...

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Thanks for the article on Owen's HR Holden (Hands-on HR). Like you say in the article, it is great to see the bringing of a car some 20 years forward in running gear and the like. Please don't ever feel the need to be apologetic in issuing articles like this as many of us readers were driving similar carbied crates for our early cars - and wish we never moved on. The old LX Torrie, the bored HQ, the cam’d XC can't realistically exist in our world anymore - but bolt in a couple of decades worth of know-how and we could all still have our 12 slotters!

Nigel Hornidge

Idea for Site Improvement

It would be really nice if you could add a feature to your website that would allow your subscribers to create a list of favourite articles. I love your website but I hate the delay (due to searching) for my favourite articles. Please consider it. You may say that I'm lazy, but I say that in this age of speedy conveniences, this is one feature that would set your online magazine further apart from the rest.

Lionel Nanton

Thanks for the interesting suggestion but you should be able to do something similar with 'favourites' in your browwser.

Don’t Forget the Delica!

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I just want to add to your comments on Mitsubishi Delicas (Delicious Delica)... I run an online parts shop and source parts worldwide (mainly from Australia and Japan).

Insurance is no problem for Delicas - 4WD Insurance and Elders are common insurers. Some insurance companies have missed the boat as, like you state, many replacement parts are fairly generic Express, Starwagon or Pajero/Triton.There are some unique parts which certain Mitsubishi dealers can get, but I also get parts straight from Mitsubishi in Japan through a buyer - providing I have a part number. has nearly 2000 members (mainly in Australia) who own or drive these cars and they're becoming more popular and common. I have owned four, with my current one being a 2002 ex-Japan rare 20th Anniversary model.


Project Idea?

I really enjoy your magazine, and after reading "Performance Electronics for Cars", I bought some kits and have done some experimenting.

Well, to the case... I have an idea for a new kit that I hope you find interesting. The scenario is that I have a 1990 BMW 318i without an engine/gearbox. I also have a 1986 BMW 320 six-cylinder engine/gearbox in my garage and would like to use this engine for the car. The problem is that the older engine does not have any closed-loop mixture control and in Norway a 1990 car must have catalytic emissions cleaning to be legal.

My idea: I hope that the electronic geniuses at AutoSpeed (or Silicon Chip) can design a "Piggyback Closed-Loop Kit" which can ‘clean up’ older engines with simple injection systems such as L-jetronic. I’m thinking of a design that monitors an oxygen sensor and manipulates the voltage signal from the MAP/airflow meter (somewhat like the Digital Fuel Adjuster) to keep mixtures at Lambda1 (AFR 14.7:1). It should also monitor throttle position and have an adjustable deactivation circuit to be active only within idle and cruising loads.

I don’t know if this is possible or realistic, but it would be fun for those of us who have some old ‘dirty’ engines we would like to use legally - and cheaply.

Kristian Kro

Interesting idea and, yes, the concept is probably achievable. However, due to limited demand, we doubt such a product will be developed.

Get out of Jail

I was just surfing and came across a page on your site dated 17th April, 2005 (Response). One of your members "Dave" had entered an enquiry relating to warning other motorists of a speed trap by flashing his vehicle headlights.In the Law Courts at Auckland, New Zealand some years back, a ruling was made that it cannot be an offence to induce others not to break the law.

Jim Kirker

Series 8 Chase

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I’m seriously considering trading in my Nissan Pulsar for a Mazda Series 8 RX-7 (import). Do you have any info on these? If not, how ‘bout an article for help in buying one?


See Last of the Line RX-7. We also suggest speaking to a rotary expert, such as David Morris (as listed in the article), regarding problems to look out for, parts and other buyer info.

Boosted VNT?

I am reading all your information concerning boost control systems. I have a2.4-litre JTD diesel which has a 165hp/370Nm chip. Question – can your boost controllers be used on VNT turbos? All I can find are systems for wastegate type turbochargers. I think the principal difference in operation could mean that the controller doesn’t work for these kinds of turbos.


As far as we can determine, a traditional wastegate-style boost controller won’t work with a VNT. But that’s not to say you can’t increase boost with some relatively simple mods...Can any readers offer their experiences?

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