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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed

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Strength to Strength

Just quickly, so not to bore you guys as busy as you may or may not be...

AutoSpeed has gone from strength to strength over the last few years. You provide excellent advice for us simpletons and a large number of diverse articles covering all of the performance market. I thank you for this as well as being shown how the ‘big boys’ do it (which allows a dream or two to be enjoyed).

All of this is great stuff but let me also say thanks for publishing the responses when the stats aren't quite right or when there is another way to skin a cat. The true spirit of the game.

Nigel Hornidge

UPS User

Regarding the use of an UPS for your car PC install Setting Up an In-Car PC, Part 1... I've done it once before and I'm going to do it again on my work van. You can run the UPS off the car battery or - as I did - run a 4WD battery isolator to a smaller battery dedicated to the UPS. This battery is charged from the main alternator when required under the normal operation of the isolator system.

As for the shutdown issue - yes, run the UPS software. I would also suggest an optically isolated control device to interface to the UPS from shutdown so as not to cause spurious intermissions of power and possible failure (due to current loops in using some cheaper battery isolator systems). Go for the Jaycar unit (KA1782) - they are reasonably priced and don't suffer the cheapo problems. I’ve been down that road and thank God I have plenty of spare old PC systems to play with - you can blow them up quite spectacularly without too much effort...

Anyway, thanks for a great e-mag and just ignore the 2 dollar wannabe editors who have a whinge about your spelling, etc - how the hell else ya gunna convey the real Aussie lingo without puttin' on paper th' way we speak it? Well done.

Scott Bell

Speedier Spacia

I have an EFI question regarding a 4Y-E equipped Toyota Spacia - don't laugh, I have more kids than most! The restriction on inlet and exhaust is something to be believed - it’s got throttle lag like a turbo (except without the power benefits)... My question is, if I de-restrict the engine slightly, will the standard computer need to be reprogrammed or is the O2 sensor loop clever enough to compensate for increased airflow?

Damien Willans

If you improve intake and exhaust flow there shouldn’t be any engine management problems. Modified engine management will let you extract further improved drivability and power, but it’s not essential – the engine should run fine without it. As always, just keep an eye on mixtures and an ear out for detonation.

Sophisticated Squirter

I own a supercharged and intercooled 5.7 litre Commodore that I want to give water injection.

In an article you wrote in 2000 you stated that you would be building a dedicated water injection system. Is that going to happen? Also, I was looking at the Intelligent Intercooler Water Spray Controller that you sell (Intelligent Intercooler Water Spray - Part 1) - it has injector pulse and two intake temperature inputs, but it doesn’t have variable pump speed. Any ideas how I could vary the pump speed with this kit?

David Sharp

For a variable speed motor controller see our three-part series beginning at Motor Speed Control Module - Part 1

However, there’s another attractive way of directly controlling a water injection system – using the IEBC (Independent Electronic Boost Controller) to pulse a solenoid valve. This IEBC receives an input from injector duty cycle (ie engine load) and allows you to precisely map the solenoid duty cycle across all engine loads. Details of this system are available in the book High Performance Electronics for Cars, available from the AutoSpeed Shop

Link Suggestion

Great articles and heaps of good stuff but I was just wondering if it would be possible to include a link to all previous editions of multi-part articles at the top of each iteration.


Eg... I have just opened the latest newsletter and am now reading "Steal Stopping - Part Three" (Steal Stopping - Part Three). This is a great article but for whatever reason I did not read Parts One or Two and in order to get up to speed on what was in these articles I must sift through my emails or run a search for them on the website.

It would be great if links to all previous parts were included at the top of the latest one - if ya know what I mean. Just a suggestion - keep up the good work.

Marcus Towner

Thanks for that. We’ll add links to that article series and include ‘previous article’ links in the future.

Do-It-Yourself Assembly?

Do you have information on how to make the Intelligent Intercooler Water Spray Control module (Intelligent Intercooler Water Spray - Part 1) or is this something that you’re not giving out?

Glen Eaton

The Intelligent Intercooler Water Spray module is available pre-assembled only – it’s not a Do-It-Yourself assembly. You can, however, choose whether to buy it boxed. See AutoSpeed Shop

DFA Limitation

I have a question relating to the Digital Fuel Adjuster (DFA) that has been released. It is a question that many Mitsubishi owners will probably benefit from...

Question: Does the DFA support a "linear frequency signal" that is in a lot of Mitsubishis and other cars that utilize an airflow sensor like the Karmann Vortex style meters?

I am currently in a vice trying to work out whether the DFA will work for my needs - I have a Mitsubishi Starion. If the unit does not work with these airflow meters maybe a converter box could be made to transform the linear frequency signal to an analogue hot wire type signal?

Ben Camilleri

Unfortunately, the DFA does not support frequency output airflow meters. This is something the designers will look into in the future.

Sportivo Info

I am the proud owner of a 2001 Toyota Corolla Sportivo turbo but I don’t know anything about them. I want to know if you can provide me with some information.


The only related media releases we’ve found are... Toyota Launches New Sports Brand and Toyota Corolla Sportivo Goes On-Line Do any readers have anything further to add?

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