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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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Big ‘Oops’

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In the article on the BMW 2002 Sports Sedan (F1 Meets 2002) you quote its Eastern Creek lap time as 1:57. The WRX Club's lap record for cars with no more than a changed muffler is 1:54, so I suspect something is amiss! A car with such awesome specs must be doing better than 1:57 - surely?

Andrew Gay

We made an error – it actually runs 1:37s at the Creek. A slight difference!

Misaligned R33

I have a Nissan R33 Skyline GTS25T sedan and no-one in the trade seems to be able to find the correct wheel alignment settings. Can you supply these to me as I am getting front tyre wear and I need to have it set up properly?

Neil Baker

As a guide, Whiteline ( suggests zero toe with their suspension upgrades. You might want a small amount of toe-in if you’re not particularly fussed about turn-in response and handling sharpness. There is no front camber adjustment without fitting an aftermarket camber kit. Note that some the R33’s front-end bushes are prone to deteriorate. You might also want to check this out.

XR6T Beef-Up

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I have a modified Ford XR6 Turbo automatic and have recently had troubles with the auto. Would you have any ideas on what sort of transmission I can fit that can handle about 600Nm of torque? I noticed in one of your articles that the XR8's had an imported Tremec - would this be compatible. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Spiros Pappas

Your auto trans can be modified to handle a lot more than standard output – see XR6T - The New King for details. The BA GT runs a Tremec TR3650 5 speed as standard. This conversion might be possible, but there would be a lot of cost involved. We’d start off modifying what you’ve already got.

How to Grow Longer Legs

I wonder if you could help with a conversion I am considering? I have a Nissan Hardbody 4x4 3.2D pickup that was originally naturally aspirated. It has now been fitted with a turbo kit. The problem I have is that the gearing in the vehicle is way too low for the new engine power. It forces the engine to run at high rpm at higher speeds and causes the engine to overheat in hot weather. I want to keep the vehicle but want to drop the engine speed throughout the gear range. Someone suggested modifying the gears in the transfer box. I would like to know if this is the correct place to do this on a drivetrain that has both high and low ratios? I have not considered the diffs as they are sealed units. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Gordon Pieterse
South Africa

We imagine it could be done by modification to the transfer box or by changing the final drive ratios. Another easy option is to increase the rolling diameter of the tyres. You may need to increase the ride height to accommodate the bigger rubber.

Flow Findings

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I was very interested to read Part 3 of your series Undertrays, Spoilers and Bonnet Vents and to hear of your surprising discoveries with the test Maxima where you found that air may have actually been flowing OUT of your intercooler vent. You might recall I wrote after you first fitted the vent and I queried what research you had undertaken in choosing the vent position in case this very scenario may have arisen. (Letters 02/11/03) Your response was that "every car we have ever aero tested has had attached air-flow over the bonnet". I guess there's always the exception to the rule... I stand vindicated.

David Seldon

Ripper Renaults!

Get a review done on the Renaultsport Clio and the upcoming Renaultsport Megane Turbo 4WD. Also intimidate Renault Australia to import the Renaultsport Clio V6 255. This car is an absolute beast - they would sell bucket loads!

Jason Rouzaire

The go-fast Clio looks like a good package on paper. We’ll see if we can get one for test. We wouldn’t hold our breath for the Clio V6 coming to Australia

VR/VS Driveline Swap

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What would the approximate cost be to convert a 1994/5 VR/VS Holden Commodore from automatic to a 5 speed manual? How long would this conversion take? Would the cost be reduced if the automatic transmission being removed to accommodate the conversion has no mechanical problems?


You’d be best off talking to Dellow Automotive (+618 29774 4419. Certainly, your good auto trans could be sold to reimburse part of the overall conversion cost.

“Best Anywhere”

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Congratulations AutoSpeed - again your site comes through with the best tech information anywhere. The traction control switching (as discussed at Modifying Electronic Car Handling Systems, Part 2) is fantastic - I can't wait to install it on my Mercedes AMG C43.

As a side note, here is a site here is a site that has some very unique engine info. One of which is creating supersonic intake port speeds for better cylinder filling. See

Jeff Short
United States

Import Info?

Just wondering if you know anything about importing a car from England-Europe and the cost involved? If you know someone who knows more about this matter, please let me know.


We don’t know anyone involved in importing cars from Europe– maybe some of readers can share some information?

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