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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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Another TT 350Z in Oz!

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I was just reading the latest issue of the AutoSpeed. Top stuff – it’s looking great! The article of interest is the one with the Nizpro twin-turbo’d 350Z - 396kW 350Z!... Not sure if this is of interest but over here in Western Australia we have a twin-turbo Z getting round too. I don't believe Nizpro's 350Z was the first ever twin-turbo version in Australia, as they claim. Our 350Z conversion was undertaken by a business called Xspeed. Check out their website  - Xspeed - for pics and specs. Not only is the engine more powerful on less boost, it's set up to handle a lot more boost  - ie 1.5-1.6 Bar with estimates of a reliable 450kW at the wheels. Some other interesting facts is that it has a genuine Veilside wide-body kit which makes the vehicle over 11-inches wider than standard and this has made room for some tasty 19 x 13-inch Works Wheels. As you'll be able to tell from the specs this version is still only running 480cc injectors, which - at the moment - is keeping the power down to its current 422 RWHP but this is being addressed in order to reach 600 RWHP. Driveability wise, it builds boost at about 1500 rpm and hits full boost, believe it or not, by 2500 rpm - so you can imagine what a weapon it is on the street! The torque delivery is amazingly linear and it seems to pull forever. Hope this is of some interest. Keep up the good work.

Oh, and while your on the Xspeed site click on the "Secret Sports" link and check out some other awesome WA made cars including the 652hp at-all-fours R33 Skyline and my yellow S15 currently packing 320 RWHP without cracking open the engine.

John Auriemma

Intercooling Needed?

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I need a piece of advice. I am about to buy and install an aftermarket supercharger from on a VW Passat V6. My question is - do I need an intercooler? If yes, what kind would you recommend - water based or air based and why? I am looking for a safe system not a money saving. Any experience on how it should be done would be highly appreciated.

Nenad Lutovac
Russian Federation

When adding forced induction to a factory atmo engine we'd strongly suggest intercooling. Generally, air-to-air intercoolers are favoured because they are lighter, simpler and are more suited to track work. A water-to-air intercooler gives packaging benefits that allow you to run shorter intercooler plumbing and is well suited to road car applications (where boost is rarely sustained for long periods). Check out our archives for intercooler stories.

Off-Centre Steering Wheel

I have been a member of the AutoSpeed website for a while now and am wondering if there is anywhere to post technical questions or ideas for articles? Even a forum would be useful to exchange ideas and advice.

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The particular query I have (as trivial as it may sound) is the steering wheel on my Holden VT Commodore is crooked and I want to straighten it up. I know this can be as simple as loosening a nut, adjusting the wheel and tightening it again – however, my VT has an airbag steering wheel. I'm cautious about pulling the cover off (coz I want to avoid an explosion!). The reason I ask is Holden wanted to charge AUD$55 for a "steering wheel alignment test"... I figure it can't be that hard! Any help would be great. Keep up the great articles!


We don't have a forum any longer - this was axed several years ago (for a number of reasons). See 100th Issue Special: The Low Points. Story suggestions should be sent via ‘Email the Editor’.

If the steering wheel has become crooked without ever coming off, it's the car's wheel alignment that's out. We suggest you take the car for an alignment (with particular attention on toe angle). If the steering wheel needs to come off, we still suggest taking the car to Holden. The airbag will likely need to be disabled - and you'd need to know how to do it.

Cooling Arsenal

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Re the intelligent water spray module (Intelligent Intercooler Water Spray - Part 1)... Is it possible to control an intercooler spray nozzle, intercooler fan and a water injection nozzle all with a single intelligent intercooler spray module? Any timeframe on when your dedicated water injection module will be available?


It is possible to hook up the controller's output to almost anything you like - but note that the internal relay is rated at 10 amps, so it's unlikely you'd be able to run all of this equipment straight off the controller. It's also less than ideal to have the spray, fan and water injection all switching on/off at the same time - for example, in heat soak conditions you might want the IC fan and spray working but not the water injection. Separate controllers would be the best approach.

 For the water injection control module check out: Motor Speed Control Module - Part 3 - Water Injection


Have you tried using turning vanes in an engine?

Bassam Alwan

We've recently fitted them in an intercooler intake with good results (the story is coming up) but we haven't used them inside an engine. If you haven't already, read The Patent Files: Turning Vanes .


Following the number of recent articles extolling the virtues of larger rims and wider tyres I've decided I'd like to install 17-inch wheels on my wife’s Holden VS Commodore. Looking in the Trading Post I've noticed a large number of SS Commodore rims for sale. Are you able to tell me which ones suit the VS Commodore?

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Also, I read with interest your article on hotting up 6-cylinder Ford Falcons - Unlocking Falcon Performance. This sounded great, except I've yet to convert my wife on the virtues of driving a Ford... Are you aware of any places that do similar upgrades to V6 Commodores - preferably located in Sydney?

Tony Davidson

All Commodore rims have the same stud pattern - just check out the offset before purchasing.

Yep, the Mock enhanced Ford six goes great. We don't know of any places that offer off-the-shelf atmo power-up kits for the Holden V6. One of the most experienced Holden tuners we know is Leon Vincenzi of Adelaide's Awesome Automotive. Read Holden V6s with Leon Vincenzi. Leon also has a stroker V6 conversion that might be of interest.

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