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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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Cooler Rodeo

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I am after an intercooler for my 2001 Holden Rodeo 2.8-litre turbo diesel. I can't get onto one anywhere. Can you make/organize one? Any info would be appreciated.

Jon Morrow

"Haulin' Arse!"and APS Rodeo intercooling Kits. If you're on a budget, check out "The World's Biggest Intercooler Comparison - Part One" - specifically the medium to large size intercoolers.

Easier Breathing Intercooler

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I found your intercooler comparison articles ("The World's Biggest Intercooler Comparison - Part One" very helpful. Is it possible to somehow increase the airflow of the 'coolers by welding on bigger end pipes? Or is it the actual core that's restrictive? The 'cooler I'm most interested in is from the JDM VR4 as I'm currently in the process of importing the car. Keep up the great work!

Eugene Dem

Compare the Series 5 RX7 intercooler to the Series 4 and you can see that larger pipework can improve the overall flow efficiency of an intercooler. This might not be particularly effective in all cases as, like you mentioned, the core might be causing the bulk of restriction. Maybe weld on some larger pipes and see how you go. If you do, please let us know the result!

And the Mystery Intercooler Is...

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In Part 2 of the recent intercooler test "The World's Biggest Intercooler Comparison" the intercooler labelled "Volvo/Saab" is actually a Volvo intercooler. These were used on all B230 Turbo engines in the 700 series cars (760 Turbo and 740 Turbo) and, I think, in the 900 series. It may also have been used on the 200 series Turbos not sold in Australia. In Volvo circles this intercooler is/was known to be good for quite high power usage (200-300hp).

Kerry Novak

Thanks for clearing that up. We'll update the details in the article!

WRX Whipper?

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When reading your review on the BA Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo "New Car Test - Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo" I noticed some obviously misguided information. Don't get me wrong, the XR6T is a nice car and it is about time Australia upgraded to something more hi-tech and up to date. However, you mentioned that the XR6T will run 6-second 0 - 100s and will outrun the Impreza WRX. The 2004 WRX is a 5.6-second 0 - 100 km/h vehicle and the STi does 4.9-seconds, so I'd like to know where you get your facts. Sounds like a selling technique... I've read online there was a test recently done with the Evo, STi and XR6T and the Subaru was the winner. So, in my opinion, the XR6T is good but not there just yet. Ford has a bit to go to keep up with the little 4x4s.


Our Ford XR6 Turbo test went onto AutoSpeed in November 2003 and, therefore, our comparison with the WRX was made with the vehicle available at that time (which did not have variable cam timing etc).

The Amazing Resistor

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I've been a member for quite a while and I enjoy reading pretty much all the articles that you publish. I was surfing and discovered an intriguing product on sale. Basically, it's a resistor that replaces the intake air temperature sensor. It is said to lean out the air-fuel ratio and advance ignition timing 1 to 2 degrees, creating more power.

I'm interested in knowing your thoughts on this as I recall that there was an article somewhere on AutoSpeed that suggested a mod similar to this. Is this a mod that is possible and safe on any car or is this person trying to scam the innocent? Maybe you might even want to test it out on the Maxima...

Andrew Hew

Modifying the signal from the intake air temp sensor has been discussed at "DIY Modification of Car Electronic Systems - Part 2". Using a default resistor value, however, seems a little bit risky. Varying the output of an existing sensor maintains some ability to change for different ambient conditions. A fixed resistor does not, which means you might be pushing the boundaries of detonation in very hot conditions.

In the case of the Maxima, ignition timing can be easily changed across the range by rotating the dizzy. Stay tuned for a future article on changing AFRs with a superb DIY electronic interceptor...

Strong 'Box

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I have a 383ci stroker in my VK Holden Commodore and would like to put a 5-speed behind it. I was wanting your opinion on which 'box would suit best; the motor puts out 470 horsepower. I would like a gearbox that won't break and a price.

Byron Rich

Check out"Gearbox Swapping"You might also want to talk to Castlemaine Rod Shop (+618 35472 2853) and Dellow Automotive (+618 29774 4419) to discuss details and prices.

Which Way to Go?

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I currently own a VL Holden Commodore with a standard RB30E. I'm looking to replace it with an RB20DET. Do you know of any way of getting hold of one? I'm in Melbourne, Australia. Or would I be better off putting a turbo on my RB30? I've had suggestions of putting a T4 or RB25DET turbo on my existing engine. Any information would be greatly appreciated


RB20DETs can be freighted from Adelaide Japanese Dismantlers ( or other Japanese importing wreckers. Go for the 158kW silver rocker cover version from the R32 Skyline if possible (it has a larger turbo etc and makes more power). Another alternative would be to transplant a factory RB30ET from a VL Turbo. Then again, it would probably be more cost-effective to sell your existing VL and buy a factory VL Turbo. We wouldn't bother trying to turbocharge the atmo engine.

Pics'n'Posters 4 Me?

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I was wondering if you could kindly send me some pamphlets, brochures, posters or stickers for any of the following cars: Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra, Honda Integra or Mitsubishi Lancer Evo. If you could kindly send me those things I would be overwhlemed and will gladly forward your internet address to all of my friends.



AutoSpeed doesn't stock posters etc. The images we run on this site have been taken with our own camera equipment - you can print out our on-line pics (but only for your own, single use) if you want...

Cool Buy!

Click for larger image

With regards to the intercooler comparison article "The World's Biggest Intercooler Comparison - Part One"... I recently purchased a Nissan Pulsar GTi-R intercooler to fit to my Ford KH TX3 at the bargain price of $150 from Yahoo Motorsports ( This would have to be close to the best "bang for your buck" out of all the 'coolers reviewed, wouldn't it? Keep up the good work with AutoSpeed. The article on the HSV testing day was also an interesting read.

Daniel Streefkerk

At $150 a GTi-R intercooler would certainly be up there for biggest 'bang for buck' - what a bargain!

More on the Controversial Zed

Click for larger image

Your critical article on the 350Z "Driving Emotion" certainly set the cat amongst the pigeons! Like you, I continue to be amazed at the totally blind brand loyalty expressed by many of these critics. As you so correctly observe, many - no - most would not have even driven a Z, let alone a Z and an HSV over any same road.

Almost certainly they wouldn't have driven either on your local challenging and unforgiving road.

At least you can rest easy in knowing that these blind zealots are not confined to AutoSpeed's readers. I note that any critical comment passed by a road tester in other Australian car mags is immediately followed by a string of invective-filled letters that usually skirt the real facts and become a personal attack on the author. Actually, now that I think about it, it does seem to be restricted to the Aussie magazines and that is a sad indictment on our logic. Although, to get a positive slant on the issue, I guess it does show that at least we are fiercely loyal - just a bit stupid and unrealistic...

I've owned too many cars to admit to and I've loved lots of things about most of them, but they have all had their faults. Probably my favourite was the Sierra Cosworth 500 as a road car. I put a chip and new wastegate valve on it - went like a dog shot in the bum and yet was very placid and comfortable to drive. Until it started to rain. It was a real worry in the wet because as soon as boost came on it would just break traction in any gear and start to go sideways. Another favourite was a Peugeot 505 STi that I turbo'd - a real sleeper that was so comfortable, bloody quick, stopped and handled but it was very inconspicuous. Ah, yes, then there was the Maserati Biturbo - very, very quick but Italian. And...

David Seldon

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