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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

27 July 2003

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Fusion Fan

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Thanks for a very informative and extremely interesting article on the "fusion" intercooler - "The Fusion Intercooler". It has certainly got the mind thinking... This is what I like about AutoSpeed - a factual and scientific approach to making statements, rather than the plethora of unsubstantiated garbage floating around out there.

Peter Tsakiris

Stick to Pick-ups and Old Triumphs!

Re your Alfa 166 review ("New Car Test - Alfa 166 Sportronic"). Typical Aussie - no style or flare. What major motor contribution has your country given us? NONE. Half of your country drives around in pick-ups and old Triumphs from the '70s, so how can you be qualified to comment on the Alfa 166?

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The Alfa 166 isn't perfect but what new car is? And, remember, the 166 is a totally new car not some revamped model like German and Korean cars.

The 166 was designed for smooth European roads and not the Aussie outback, so we benefit more from the excellent steering and handling. Let's hope you're not going through your menstrual cycle with the next Alfa you review - should you be entrusted.


EA Turbos

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I was reading your article "Talking Turbos with Terry" ("Turbo Talk with Terry") and would really like to contact this bloke. I need some information to help me with a suitable package for my EA Ford Falcon and since he has worked on the AIT EA Falcons he would be the bloke to ask.

If you cannot give out details for him specifically, could I have the email for the AVO? Thankyou very much.

Robert Pearson

AVO (Advanced Vehicle Operations) con be contacted on +61 3 9584 4499, their website is "AVO Performance" and the email is You might also want to have a look at "Boosted Ford Falcon that Could".

Side Splitter

After reading some older articles I found your article "The Twin Turbo Zet" ("The Twin Turbo Zet") - I haven't laughed that hard all week. Brilliant!

New Zealand

Sprinter on its Toes

Click for larger image

Hey guys. Well, it's tax time again and I will be (hopefully) receiving a large-ish return. Anyway, I own an AE86 Toyota Sprinter and want to get a suspension set-up for it. I have read your article on suspension testing (driving round corners and the like) and have been taking notes. I have also checked out Whiteline's kits for the AE86, which look fairly good.

What I would like is to set my car up mainly for drift and possibly a little track work. What would you recommend? I don't want to go much lower than 1-inch below standard. Are there any other similar kits that I would like? Price is not a huge factor but it might sway my decision. Please - any suggestions?

Adam Hocker

We can only imagine the set-up for drifting is quite different to 'real' handling; at minimum, you'd need a suspension arrangement with a lot of adjustment to meet each handling requirement. We have never been involved in the handling set-up of a Sprinter, so we strongly suggest you speak directly to Whiteline in regard to your appropriate set-up. Don't forget - a really sticky set of tyres can make a huge difference to a car's overall level of grip. Although, heaps of rear-end grip isn't want you want for trying to poke the back out of an AE86 - depending how much grunt it has!

Pug Data

Superb site. I really like the reviews and at times totally agree with them. The Engine Epic series was good and it should be continued to all models. The next one should be on Peugeot from the '80s onwards or maybe the 504 onwards if there's nothing much to write. They had quite a number of 4-cylinder variants.

Janitha Jayasinghe
Sri Lanka

How Does it Work?

Click for larger image

G'day. I don't know if you guys would be interested, but I own a 1992 Toyota Soarer twin turbo auto and have an EMS aftermarket ECU that I want to install.

My question is would you be interested in installing the ECU in my car as a tech article? I want to install it as piggyback, so as to keep original ECU control of the auto box. Just a thought. Regards

Mustafa Akgul

AutoSpeed doesn't pay for or get involved in work being done on other people's car (if that is what you're asking). We normally ask the vehicle owner and the workshop involved for permission to take some photos and cover such conversions as a tech story.

No Creep Rally Car

Click for larger image

Can I use "The Audi's DIY Boost Control" ("The Audi's DIY Boost Control - Part 1") for an Audi quattro of 1981? The car you talk about is an Audi S4 20V - is the turbocharger different from the car of 1981? I've currently got huge wastegate creep and I'm looking for solutions to this problem. I use the car for rally contests in Holland.

Arjan Valk

We can't see any reason why the boost control system used on the S4 won't work on your '81 quattro - even although we imagine the turbocharger is different.

DIY In-Car Dyno!

I was just thinking how good it would be to build a DIY in-car dyno. It would actually be quite simple, although road irregularities may cause a bit of grief... Thought I'd drop you a line as it would be something that is right up your alley. It could go something like this:

A bar bolted across the engine maybe to something like an accessories bracket with a linear transducer bearing upon it (may be a rodent ruler - see the last two issues of "Model Engineers Workshop" for details). Then it's just a matter of calibrating deflection against a known load (torque - like a big bar bolted to the engine and leaned upon) then simply monitor the deflection and do the calcs (easy) and, hey presto, you've got yourself an in-car dyno!

Peter Bodon

Hmm, very interesting idea - if you want to give it a bash let us know how it goes! For now, I think we'll stick to timed acceleration runs.

Grunting XR6Ts

Click for larger image

I am rotary man but the Ford XR6 turbo really has my interest. What about a review on a small aftermarket kit for the XR6T from ? I have no affiliation but 447 horsepower at the wheels is pretty impressive.

Simon Briggs

Yep, that's some serious power. Stay tuned for a couple of XR6T power-up stories very soon!

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