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Some of this week's Letters to the Editor!

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I was just reading your editorial regarding the tramlining on the Audi ["From the Editor"] that you attempted to correct with a pair of Toyo Proxes. Was a good read, but I am curious what the tyres became like once the tread began to wear down. A quick search of the site for 'Proxes' did not yield any results. For your reference, article is here. "From the Editor".

Dan Boman

Even with the tread worn, the tyres were still much better than others that had been tried on the car. Try for more on the tyres.


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Sympathies regarding Julian's burn ["From the Editor"] . Get in some tea-tree lotion in case of similar burn wounds. My metal watchband melted onto the inside of my wrist when it contacted a bare alternator terminal when I was assisting a roadside damsel-in-distress (on a dark night miles from frozen peas, cool water or anything mildly soothing). The doctor diagnosed a third-degree, deep burn and sent me to a plastic surgeon. He said come back in 10 days, and he would apply a skin graft. I went back in 10 days with a shiny red, closed wound, with a scar forming. Never got a scab. The plastic surgeon couldn't believe his eyes. The wound was totally healed in a month. (Sorry, I can't find the photos I took :)

Ian Carter

Not Illegal Yet

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Thanks for the great read every week. In this week's article titled "Slick GTS-t" Nathan stated that radar detectors are "illegal in Australia". However, they are not (yet) illegal in Western Australia.

Martin Pot
Western Australia

Oops, that was an editorial alteration, rather than Nathan's fault....

DIY Detonation Detector Sensor

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Re the DIY Detonation Detector Mk II ["DIY Detonation Detector - Mk II"]. Living in the UK it makes sense to try and locally source some of the components you use. Applying this logic to the Piezo Transducer I checked both the Dick Smith and Jaycar sites for the tech spec on those sensors in your article. You probably already know that Dick Smith has reduced their price to a clearance level 0.60 AUS$ each. If anyone else asks, the tech spec they quote matches that listed by Farnell under their part number 927-065, Manufacturers List No KPE-812.

From their respective sites, the colour of the Dick Smith version is black, the Jaycar version is white. Can you confirm which version you actually used? Going on the simplest comparison, it was the Dick Smith version, but I thought I would ask, as the specs of the two items vary slightly. I have to say, I didn't know there were so many variations, and I am not sure how critical the resonant frequency is (for example).

Thanks for the Tech articles, and I am glad to hear you are back on two feet :-)

David Sparkes
United Kingdom

We used the Dick Smith version in the story, but during development we also tried an unbranded version from yet another maker and it worked fine.


I own an MY98 Impreza WRX and was hoping you may be able to point me to someone who can convert it to LPG (I do over 1000 k's/week in it). I heard of a company that was trying injected liquid LPG on Falcons but don't know if they ever got the system working. I would like liquid LPG for a number of reasons:

1. Safety (no fuel/air mixture in the turbo/intercooler/manifold).

2. I could eliminate the intercooler, as the LPG would soak up lots of heat converting to a gas.

3. As a liquid it should increase the amount of air/fuel available to the engine.

4. It eliminates the need for a bulky vaporiser unit in the cramped engine bay.

The only problem with AutoSpeed is it spoils you, the other local magazines are written by homeboys who struggle with English.

Denis Cobley

We actually drove one of the prototype liquid LPG injected Falcons many years ago, but we understand that when government support for that project was withdrawn, little further happened. We don't know of any commercially available liquid LPG systems, although there are some interesting developments happening in gaseous injection, which we hope to cover.

5 Zigen Twin Mode Clutch System

5 Zigen Twin Mode Clutch System

Damian Van Loon

Dipstick Oil Temp Probe

I am fitting an Autometer oil temperature gauge and like the idea of fitting the sensor in a new dipstick probe as discussed in the article "Playing Instruments - Part 1". Local suppliers or Autometer in the US have no knowledge of this item. Can you advise where I might locate stocks?

Keith Fanner

VDO sell one.

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