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Some of this week's Letters to the Editor, discussion group posts and other feedback!

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No 1970 RHD 240Z's?

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Re your article "Zed Sacrilege" ["Zed Sacrilege" ]

Great article and a project I plan to do myself. The featured Z can be a 1970 240Z - however it cannot be a 1969 240Z. The Right Hand Drive Datsun 240Z's (HS30) started production in Jan or Feb of 1970. In Oct, Nov, and Dec of 1969 Nissan only produced the Datsun 240Z in Left Hand Drive configuration (HLS30). Several 2.0L Fairlady Z's and Fairlady Z-432's (S30) were also produced in 1969.

There seems to be a broad misunderstanding of these facts in Australia, please help me correct this situation.

Carl Beck

Internet Z Car Club


I'd like to start by congratulating you on a impressive online magazine. I have some questions about the use of Nitrous Oxide on a turbocharged car. I own a Turbo VL Calais which runs 248.7hp at the wheels at 12-psi boost (non intercooled), I was wondering if a 'wet manifold' NOS would be a wise investment in reducing turbo lag and Nitrous Oxide's intercooling properties. From what I understand in a wet manifold system, the fuel and nitrous are added just before the throttle butterfly using a 'fogger', does this therefore mean that there is no need to modify the standard fuel/ignition settings?? Any help on this subject would be much appreciated.

Graham Treloar

A wet nitrous system does in fact add fuel and nitrous oxide together through the one nozzle, however, that approach is usually used more often on carby cars. Better on an EFI car is the use of multiple nozzles, with one tapped into each manifold runner, ie one per cylinder. Nitrous oxide exits the bottle extremely cold and so it does have some charge temperature reduction, while the nitrogen that is released has anti-detonation properties. Using nitrous will also help the turbo spool up more quickly. However, it is normal to reduce ignition advance when the nitrous is activated as cylinder pressures are much higher with the extra power being developed. By the time that you factor in a multi-point nitrous system, the management changes to effectively run it, the cost of filling the bottle, and the problematic legal aspects of having a system working in a road car, we'd suggest that a better way of spending the money would be to fit an intercooler and a larger turbo.

Still More on Manifold Insulators...

Re Jeoff Chen' s Letter to the Editor and his attempt to find a gasket with the thermal insulating properties that was featured in the AutoSpeed article ["Cool Stuff - Manifold Insulators"] contributed by a US reader.

I too tried to locate a similar product in Oz. For Jeoff's benefit, after making quite a few calls I sent the AutoSpeed article to ACL Gaskets, PO Box 428, Southerland, and personally spoke to Harold and Frank. I explained that what I was looking for was the same insulation properties as outlined in the article. They don't have the material and are currently looking into alternatives and undertook to get back to me. This was about three weeks ago. Their number is [Australia] 02 95424743.

They seemed genuine in their attempt to help and the more calls they get for this type of gasket material, the more likely they are to purchase it. My inquiry was for a turbo diesel Discovery 200TDI.

Scott Learmont

EPROM Emulator

In your travels, have you actually seen what brand of Eprom Emulator the various places use? I'm going to be buying one for work and we need to have a similar real time view of where the ECU is reading the code, similar to auto tuning emulators. There seems to be a few advertised in the UK, but I need to be able to buy thru an Aussie source. But not many people seem to be able to help, so I though I'd give you a try .. least you may be able to point me in the right direction... I have $2200 inc GST to spend on it.

Gary Mounsey

We can't help you with that question. Perhaps a reader can?

Whiteline Suspension Demo Day

Join us at Wakefield Park near Goulburn NSW Tuesday 6th November 2001 for a day of suspension testing and evaluation using your car. Key highlights for
the day are:

  • A morning and afternoon session of open driving and practice using your car (3 hours). Our drivers and suspension evaluators will be on hand to also drive your car and offer advice on your suspension set-up and driving technique to optimise your results and enjoyment.
  • A few hot laps around the circuit in one of our project cars with Whiteline drivers showing what can be achieved. This includes Bob Parkins circuit prepared VL Walkinshaw with 500+hp, Steve Burke with P-Rex XRD, Brendan Helsham with P-Rex, Nissan S15, Skyline R33 GT-R, to name a few.
  • Whiteline's R & D staff and trained suspension specialists on hand all day with test equipment to help you get the most of your set-up.

The total cost is $150 per person (inc. GST) and you'll need a Wakefield license which is $27.50 and is valid for 12 months. The price includes lunch and full use of facilities in a safe, supervised environment.

Jim Gurieff

Silvia Test x 1

Click for larger image

Re the New Car Test - Nissan S15 Silvia 200SX: "However, you'll still find a single CD radio, those twin airbags, manual air con and big twin-pot front brakes."

The S15 has four piston front brakes, not two.

Rod Wilson

Thanks, we've fixed the error.

Silvia Test x 2

Nice article about the new 200SX. When I first saw the newsletter, I thought here we go, Julian's gonna tear this thing to shreds. I read it and found a very honest appraisal of a car which isn't the fanfare others have been raving about, but is very good in its own right.

Steven Koukos

Silvia Test x 3

With ref to the 200SX new car review article.

You mention an "abject lesson". Not an appropriate choice of word, I suspect that you should have used "object lesson". Perhaps you should look up abject...or maybe just read this:

One entry found for abject.

Main Entry: ab·ject

Pronunciation: 'ab-"jekt

Function: adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from Latin abjectus, from past participle of abicere to cast off, from ab- + jacere to throw

Date: 15th century

1: sunk to or existing in a low state or condition <to lowest pitch of abject fortune thou art fallen -- John Milton>

2a: cast down in spirit: SERVILE, SPIRITLESS <a man made abject by suffering> b: showing utter hopelessness or resignation <abject surrender>

3: expressing or offered in a humble and often ingratiating spirit <abject flattery> <an abject apology>

synonym see MEAN

Brad Wilson

The Australian Macquarie Dictionary includes 'humiliating' in its definition of abject; the SR20DET of the Silvia is indeed a humiliating lesson to many other manufacturers of turbo engines.

Another Alfa 166 Email!

After reading this car test written by Julian Edgar, I can say, that I've never read any other similar unfair and ignorant report before. The Alfa 166 has been built for people who enjoy beautiful designs and charming interiors and not for rude kickdown-guys. Maybe the author has lost the sense of beauty within all this wilderness and rough life Down Under. Next time he'd better test Land Cruisers, Hummers or other outback-fitting vehicles but no more fine Italian cars; he doesn't understand. Since two years I own a silver grey 166 2.0 Twin Spark with marvellous black leather seats and it's the best car I've ever had. What a charisma!

By the way - "cuore sportivo" is not the translation of "kangaroo heart". So long.

Bernhard Seewald

We are saddened that you have previously owned such woeful cars.

Boost Controller

Click for larger image

I have to say that your articles are a pleasure. I am seriously intrigued by your boost controller for Audis [The Audi's DIY Boost Control - Part 1 ]. I have a TT 225hp and would love to be able to incorporate your ideas. Do you think they could be applied? Is my ECU different and how will it react when I take boost control away from it? (I have a GIAC chip.) If you think it can work, I will give it a shot. I started trying to hunt down the parts, but no luck as of yet. Any part numbers or hints? I tried the sites you listed.

One other note. I have spoken to a place that did dynos on the TT and they were concerned about its fuel management. They said that the were running rich and lean all over the place and they were concerned. Do you think any of the aftermarket Air-Fuel Controllers (eg Apexi) can be applied to the Audis or will the ECU flip out?

Thank you for your time and please keep writing.

Michael Ippolito

Firstly, while we refer to it as the 'Audi boost control', it can be used on any turbo cars. We would expect that it could be used with that car, and that - with suitable wiring - aftermarket interceptor-style fuel controllers could also be employed.

Exhaust Butterfly

Howdy - just stumbled across something similar to the article you guys had on the exhaust system for the VL commodore (adjustable flow) - in an apexi catalogue!! Have a look at and click on Apexi's "exhaust valve controller" - am I wrong, or is it of the same concept as your article??!! Retails for about $130 US -definitely not cheap!

Trevor Ng

It looks to be much the same concept.


I've been reading your free articles for a while, and I've just subscribed. I just wanted to say that your "mag" is by far the most informative and useful car information source I have found. I particularly like the reviews, and the DIY articles have been a great help! Keep up the good work :)

Leighton Carr

Car MP3

Click for larger image

Thanks for the great article on MP3 in cars ["The Digital Music Revolution" ]. I have been trying to find an in-dash MP3 CD player for the last few weeks. None of the local car audio shops know much about it. Most claim they don't exist. A few have offered me $1000 plus units from high end companies. I continue to use my $200 personal MP3 CD player with a tape adapter and a cigarette lighter power adapter. This is starting to give me the..... become annoying! Surely the difference between a CD player that reads CD audio and one that can also read MP3 is only a matter of a bit of extra software? The point of this letter: what is available in Australia at a reasonable price? (Under $350). The links in the article pointed to a USA vendor. I was quite excited about the range and the prices until I finally realized this. $350US plus freight etc = too many $A!

Andrew Daff

It's not quite in-dash but the Music2Go kit cited in the article is only AUS$350 and is produced here in Australia. There aren't any MP3 CD players available anywhere near that price... yet.

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