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Engine Swaps

I came across Autospeed recently and absolutely LOVE the site.  There's lots of practical and technical information that's not seen elsewhere on the WWW. One article I'd love to see is the procedure to install an engine where it was not intended (a hybrid, like a GM V8 in a Celica or  something), going through the steps on fabricating engine mounting points, getting the trans to hook up to the engine, dashboard  gauges, etc.  Autospeed has some of this info but not all of it, and it seems like the type of article that your writers would be able to pull off.

United States

We’ve covered RWD engine swaps at Tech Basics: Engine Swaps.

What’s Happened?

What has happened to Autospeed? What’s with all the human powered stuff? I thought this is a CAR site, Autospeed by name should have articles on cars, where's the speed in human powered stuff? Yes I'm being a little harsh but dudes I want to read good articles about cars like I know you can write.

Hugh Garrett

What’s happened? AutoSpeed is changing - and will continue to change. A summary of the most recent changes can be found at AutoSpeed Evolves.... It’s worth pointing out that our Another Human Powered Vehicle series has got the highest reader voting rating of any series we’ve ever run. There’s a helluva lot in it that’s relevant to cars...

IEBC Advice

I know you have successfully installed the IEBC but are you able to steer me in the right direction of a problem i have with it. Basically I cannot control boost with it.  It appears to be working fine as i have load on the controller and i can hear the solenoid opening and shutting when I increase/decrease input.  But driving the car, it appears the solenoid isnt doing its function.  Set at 100% or 0% or anywhere in between, the same boost is happening. Basically its running 16psi and im trying for low 20's, does the solenoid have a peak psi rating and cannot handle what I am trying to achieve?  Or is the something wrong with the unit itself and cannot measure under load?  The car is a R33 GTST

Appreciate if you could help me as to find specialists with these units is very hard.

Darren Robinson

Firstly, if the unit is measuring load correctly, when the injector is connected, an INPUT load number will appear on the hand controller, which will change as the engine is revved. If this is working properly and the solenoid clicking changes with set pulse width, it’s very likely that the solenoid is not able to bleed enough air out of the wastegate line. A restrictor between the solenoid and the boost source should fix this.

Supra Gearbox Swaps

Regarding the Gearbox Swapping article...A couple of other points to note: Regarding supra boxes (since the article appears to be based around   them).  There are 3 different stick positions available and numerous stick lengths.  It's not a good idea to shorten the stick by cutting and rewelding.  The lower shaft is toughened and by welding it it's weakened and will break! When you buy the box make sure you get the yoke, the unijoint and front of the old tail shaft so you can easily get it grafted to the front of your existing shaft.  And, you'll need to get the tail shaft assembly rebalanced once it's been welded together.

Malcolm Land


I would like to get in touch with Mr. Julian Edgar in reguards to your series of articles about building the PPV which are not all available on line as of this date. The URL for the first article is: Building a Human-Powered Vehicle, Part 1 Or could I purchase them on CD from you ?

Larry Arnold
United States

There are two series on building a Human Powered Vehicle. The first series, which you cited, is complete. The second series, that starts at Another Human Powered Vehicle Part 1 - Finding the Lightest Springs , has only 3 more articles to go before it is finished.

Wiimote G-sensor

Using wiimote for measuring car acceleration, g forces etc Would make a cool autospeed article. This is the sort of stuff that got me into your site.  Please don’t loose this essence in the future of the ezine.

Todd Bagshaw

We’d already seen this but thanks for bringing it to our attention. The fact that you need to have a laptop there real time to download the data wirelessly as you're doing your run takes away much of the usefulness. Now if it stored the data for later download...

BMW Engines

You may wish to add a the rest of the M88/ S38 6 cylinder family.

S38/B36  3540 cc       232Kw  360nm
S38/B38  3780 cc       250kw   400nm

(a small number of 300kw S38/B38 variants were produced near the end of production)

Mike Selke

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