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ME Motronic

Re: The Bosch ME-Motronic System, Part 1. Now we are talking business! I'm driving in a Fiat Punto 1,2 16v with the N/A version of the Bosch ME 7.1 (called the ME 7.3H4) which in most components and function looks like the 7.1. I've retrofitted a turbocharger which the 7.3 accepts fine with a few minor points. I  will read the upcoming Part 2 of your article with pleasure, as I  think that I can convert the 7.3 to a 7.1 to fit a real turbocharged accepted engine management. I'm using 4 extra injectors added to the intake manifold together with the 100% original management and injectors for extra fuel, but would like to teach the original management to work with forged induction. Thanks for a great Part 1 of your article.

Anders Damkjaer Moeller


I had to write and congratulate you and your team on Autospeed. I've been a subscriber for a few years now and always enjoyed the content. I love it that there is a new article to read everyday. I don’t mind the reruns if it means Autospeed carries on.  What print magazine can compete with that? Here in NZ we have a great print magazine called The Shed that you will find interesting. If you haven't already heard about it check out their website It's a good read and will appeal to many Autospeed readers. Shame it's only bimonthly! Cheers and keep up the good work.

Stephen Groves
New Zealand


RE: the new layout and current articles.

As a reader who has purchased all of the articles up until now (barring one month maybe), i will say that yes i prefferred it in the past. Im a fan of modified feature cars, new car tests, and performance modifications on "less common" cars. Not a fan of the republishing (but fair enough if thats the way you  guys want to run it), i'd personally have thought if people wanted  to see the articles would have purchased the old articles. It doesnt bother me, as im not paying for them again, but the replacement of new content is my main concern. I can see how readers would feel they are getting less for their subscription.

I may elect to start buying an article at a time, rather than keep an active subscription, simply as a lot of the articles dont interest me (ie human powered vehicle).

As for only a minimal group of manufacturers to choose from for new car reviews, of course we'd love more, but any reviews are better than none. Maybe also look into autospeed readers lending cars to  you guys for a day, or 2nd hand car dealerships (with no affilation  to the overbearing manufacturer).

Blake Parry

Got It Wrong

Just a quick email to say i think you've got a couple of the  paragraphs in the 997 story in the wrong order. You start talking about the handling then stop and then start again. Oh and in regards to the "new" autospeed is it only technical features that will now be locked to members?

Cody Smith

As has been the case for many years, a variety of articles are member-only.

Where it’s Made

Thanks for your review on the 2006 Honda Civic. I must say that I'm considering purchasing the Honda Civic or the newly released 2007 Toyota Corolla Sedan/Hatchback. The only stumbling block to the Honda Civic is the fact that it's made in Thailand. I personnaly haven't any issues with the country of manufacture but will this affect the resale value down the years? Any advice will be welcome.


We doubt anyone cares.


Re: Damper Dyno. Great article and really relevant for people modifying cars as well as simply keeping their daily driver in good shape. I happened to buy a set of cheap coilovers (no brand to be mentioned here) with a great reputation and decided to have them dyno'd  before they went on the car. As it was, their rebound damping ranged from 4000-5000nm - not exactly a recipe for a comfortable   ride - perfect I'm sure for drifting but jiggly and uncontrolled on  the road. The dyno operator reported he'd only ever seen these  sorts of numbers on truck dampers - where they were dealing with 5 tonne loads! As such, I sold the coilovers and went with some better renowned dampers and separate springs - and am very happy I did! Lesson is, until you've seen the dyno printout, or you've paid to fit the dampers to you car, you don't really know what they'll be like!

Chris Carpenter

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