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Issue 731 of AutoSpeed

Anti-Roll Bars and Torsion Beam Rear Suspensions, Part 2

increasing rear roll stiffness - for under $50!

A New Home Workshop, Part 1

Clearing the space

Issue 730 of AutoSpeed

Hearing Detonation Upgraded!

Tune engine management? You need one of these!

Anti-Roll Bars and Torsion Beam Rear Suspensions, Part 1

Methods to increase rear roll stiffness

Buying at Salvage Auctions

Cheaper than a half-cut and lots more bits!

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A brilliant way of developing and testing space-frame structures

Zero Cost Modelling of Space-Frames

Examining the natural frequencies of suspension pitch and roll

More than just bounce...

Converting a cheap car to battery electric power

Electric Hyundai!

Do hybrid cars make sense?

Alternative Cars, Part 6 - Hybrid

Designing a DIY electric bike

Building an Electric Bike Part 1

One of the most significant cars ever

The Amazing Citroen DS

An amazing torque curve...

BMW's V12 Twin Turbo

Testing performance

Ultimate DIY Automotive Modification Tool-Kit, Part 4

Tuning the system

Sound in the Lounge, Part 4

The correct ignition timing settings

Getting the Ignition Timing Right

Under $10 for a remote-controlled immobiliser!

DIY classic car immobiliser

Installing lights in a home workshop

Building a Home Workshop, Part 6

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