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Bike Headlight

Yesterday after going to numerous bike shops to find a suitable front headlight for my mountain bike i decided that they were over priced or low quality and decided to create a 'mini' version of your luxeon headlamp

It cost under $20 - ALL the parts are availalbe from jaycar and with basic tools (soldering iron, dremel) you can make a very functional, robust and cheap light

Car cigarette Lighter SOCKET
4 x 30,000mcd white LED's
Hookup wire
Mini toggle switch
3 x AAA batteries

The cool bit is that the LED's are recessed back in the socket and the internal metal that is usually used for the negative power from the battery acts as a great reflector which gives both a good spread with a central focus, you can adjust how it focuses by simply bending or moving the internal LED's with your finger

Martin Mulholland

Interesting Turbo Mod Maybe you could have a consolidated 'idiot of the week post'. Look and laugh fellas!


New Car Complaint

I have a complaint. I would like to buy a new car. I would like it to be a Holden or a Ford. However, it needs to be a wagon, because of my extra curricular activities (musician), and I would really like it to be a V8

Now, I don't want any hero colours, but I am willing to accept bonnet bulges.

Do you think I can get what I want?? Not on your Nellie. If I could buy a wagon from Holden, it would be good, but I can't afford the tyres. I don't want 18" + rims. I don't need them where I go. Dirt roads etc.,  The same with Ford, but I can't get a wagon with a V8. I would settle for a 6 + turbo IF it was a wagon, but I just gotta walk out of the showroom, as nothing is on offer. (even after offering cash MONEY)

It seems to me that the "big two" have forgotten the "run of the mill" person. The punter that doesn't want hero colours, doesn't want big wheels, wants a grunty V8 to get places, and needs an "affordable" car, 15"  wheels,  standard trim, no "hero" colours (which are a bastard to try to sell after a few years) This is one of the reasons why their sales have dropped so much

All I can say is that I am really sorry that I sold my 351 c.i. XC wagon, 'cos it did all that I wanted, CHEAPLY and with buckets of grunt.............

I even considered buying a Supercharged Camry at one stage, but the cost of the replacement tyres...definitely prohibitive

Doesn't anybody drive on rough rural roads any more?

Mark anaish

DIY Cleaning Injectors

I have an ultrasonic jewlery cleaner, was wondering If you would consider writing a DIY article on cleaning injectors? what solution to use and wether the injectors need to be pulsing whilst in the solution.

The current article on injector cleaning made me think wether this is something I could do myself.

Paul Carter

Vauxhall Rally

The Vauxhall Owners' Club of Australia will be gathering in the NSW Snowy Mountains - Thursday 3rd till Wednesday 9th January, 2008 - to enjoy a week of motoring and catching up with friends old and new who share an interest in the Vauxhall / Bedford Marque. A Show-n-Shine will be held on Saturday 5th January at the Cooma Monaro Historic Railway Station.  Members of the public are invited to join us throughout the event further details from our Rally director Carol Rickard - (02) 4579 1005 -

Angel aranega

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