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Giant Muffler Comparison - Summary of Results

By Julian Edgar and Graham Pring, Pix by Julian Edgar

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What to Buy

The following table contains the best of each type of those mufflers tested. As can be seen, a straight-thru design gives easily the best mix of noise suppression and flow.

Muffler Type Best example Flow Suzuki static noise Cobra static noise Seca static noise Seca full-load noise
Baseline - 353 cfm 102 dB(A) 99 dB(A) 100 dB(A) 122 dB(A)
Straight Through Genie Tornado 359 cfm 91 dB(A) 90 dB(A) 89 dB(A) 107 dB(A)
Tri Flow Genie Turbo 252 cfm 87 dB(A) 88 dB(A) 89 dB(A) 107 dB(A)
Dogleg Walker Lukey L0099 285 cfm 93 dB(A) 91 dB(A) 90 dB(A) 108 dB(A)
Baffled Berklee BB3912 162 cfm 85 dB(A) 88 dB(A) 82 dB(A) 105 dB(A)
Factory Mazda 929 207 cfm 84 dB(A) 88 dB(A) 80 dB(A) 106 dB(A)

Unless you need to fit a muffler just so that you can pass a noise test, steer clear of baffled mufflers - their flow is typically only about half that of a same length piece of empty pipe. Tri-flow (reverse flow or ?turbo? mufflers) also typically flow badly - even a good one only has about 70 per cent of the flow of an empty pipe. However, tri-flow designs can be significantly quieter (but not always!) than straight-through designs. Tri-flows can also have a deeper, mellower sound. A good dogleg muffler gives a very pleasing note, together with adequate flow and noise reduction.

The best bet then is a straight-through muffler. If used in conjunction with a cat converter and good resonator (or simply a second straight-through muffler), you will have a system that definitely has excellent flow and very probably has a good quality, quiet sound. The latter unfortunately can't be guaranteed - too many other factors determine the actual noise output.

Our recommendations are:

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Number 1:
Genie Tornado.
Click for larger image
Number 2:
Exhaust Technology M 14614.
Click for larger image
Number 3:
Genie stainless steel resonator.


Exhaust Technology
08 8272 7500

Awesome Automotive
08 8277 3927

F&M Cylinder Heads
08 8294 2515

Morphett Vale Exhausts
08 8384 6400

Giant Muffler Comparison - The Mufflers!
Giant Muffler Comparison - Testing Procedures
Giant Muffler Comparison - Detailed Test Results

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