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Issue 706 of AutoSpeed

Budget FWD suspension upgrade, Part 3

This issue, roll stiffness and rear dampers

Real World Spoiler Development

Measuring ride height to find out if a front spoiler works.

Inside the Black Box

How Flight Data Recorders can live through aircraft crashes.

Issue 705 of AutoSpeed

Budget FWD suspension upgrade, Part 2

This issue, specifying the new springs

The 1000hp Sunbeam

The first car to exceed 200 mph

Modifying Under-Car Airflow, Part 2

Measurable on-road improvements from a custom front undertray

Front Suspension Designs

A quick look at the advantages and disadvantages of different suspension designs

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A day of testing with the Hyundai i30 diesel rally car

Pushing Limits

Custom shaped clear canopies and windscreens

Custom Bubble Canopies

Ford in the US says turbo engines will soon be available in nearly all their vehicles - here's the first of the new breed

Ford's EcoBoost Twin Turbo V6

Stress, strain and yield points - all about the strength of materials

Making Things, Part 6

Where turbos are heading

New Tech Turbocharging

If you do any work with your hands, you need one of these.

Bench Vices

How Mitsubishi developed the vortex generators on the Lancer

Blowing the Vortex, Part 2

Is it worthwhile tuning an engine cylinder by cylinder?

Cylinder-Specific Tuning

Easy, cheap and effective

Building a home sound amplifier, Part 1

Designing a DIY electric bike

Building an Electric Bike Part 1

Building a programmable temperature alarm

eLabtronics EZ System, Part 2

One of the most extraordinary racing cars ever built

The Mercedes Benz W196

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