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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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Blinded Night Vision

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Re: Night Vision in the article Breakthrough Technologies... One thing night vision manufacturers might not have thought about is if we all have the night vision system and all have infrared headlights, all the cameras will be blinded by other peoples’ infrared headlights.

If your video camera has night vision and also projects infrared light, try using it in a mirror or with another infrared camera facing your camera.

Mark Leigh

Searching for Boost Valves

I read the article on the Audi DIY boost control – The Audi's DIY Boost Control - Part 1 - and am having real troubles in finding suitable regulators and relief valves. I have found some that cost about AUD$60 each which brings the project cost well above the price given in the article. Where did you source your items from? I am keen on trying out this method.

Greg Buffinton

We purchased the parts through IMI Norgren Pty Ltd (Australian site: Norgren Pneumatics International). You need a R07-200-RNKG Inline 07 ¼ Regulator Relieving (7Bar), a V07-200-NNKG Inline 07 ¼ Relief Valve (7 Bar) and two 2 x 2069-02 07 springs (0.7 Bar) which are coloured brown.

More on the XU6 Loophole

With regard to your article HSV XU6 - The P-Plate Loophole! and the 'loophole' that allows P-Plater Victorian drivers to legally drive these... In light of the many recent deaths of young drivers on the roads, especially the recent one in N.S.W., I think it is bordering on irresponsible to advertise these 'loopholes' to P-plate drivers - especially the modifications that could push the vehicle past the Vicroads limit of 125kW per tonne.

I am 29 years old and I have long argued that young drivers are often discriminated against. I do however believe that the power restrictions for P-platers in Victoria are very sensible, and P-plate drivers should look at why the rules are in place.

Granted, having a high-power vehicle enables drivers to compete at sanctioned events in controlled environments, but it is my strong belief that if you are serious about your sport, you will keep it separate from on-road activities. This has indeed been the case for me where I have for over 10 years kept my 4WD sport totally separate from my road-going vehicles.

Mark Rogan

Shift Light Instruments?

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I had an abstract thought and knowing the people at AutoSpeed have a fair idea on all things to do with cars, I thought I'd sling an email across...

In a nutshell the idea is to have a 'shift light' built into the tachometer as such, or rather a tachometer shift light. At the moment I have a car in which I have replaced all standard globes in my instrument cluster for LEDs.

I got to thinking, would there be a way to use multi-colour LEDs and some form of switch to make the entire tachometer (ie all the new LEDs) change from their standard colour to another colour at a certain rpm. Have the LEDs emit one colour, lets say green, up until 5000 rpm, and then all LEDs change to say red until the rpm drop once more and the LEDs go back to green.

While merely a decoration, it does serve some purpose. Would it be possible to have this type of thing happen? Any advice on where to go for more advice would be greatly appreciated.

Matthew Allen

Interesting idea. We imagine you’ll need an adjustable rpm switch (for example, part of the unit described at Shift Light Shape Up) which is wired to trigger the second LED colour (multi-colour LEDs have a third pin which is used to trigger the second illumination colour). We haven’t done it but it sounds achievable!

Finding the High Pressure Pick-up

I'm very interested in your article on finding the best location at the front of your vehicle regarding forced cold air induction – Siting Cold Air Intakes. I have read through it and it is very well written. For me to order the parts required to build it and then connect it to the 12 Volt system of a vehicle, am I correct in saying that I need the following from you...

1 x 27051 Pressure/Vacuum Switch - AUD$19.95

1 x ASKIT0001 AutoSpeed Switch Relay/Module Kit - AUD$7.95

My method of payment would be to telephone you and complete the transaction over the phone. Are there any other parts that I need to have this unit fully functional? I do realise that I would have to mount it in a small plastic type box. There was one area that I didn't quite understand and that was where you were explaining where the wires went for power and earth and when affixing a LED to the unit, is there anything that goes between the LED and the relay so that it doesn't burn out when hooked up to 12 Volts.

Fantastic website - keep up the tremendous work and effort that you have put in to it.

Jeff Pit

For the purpose of finding the best high-pressure air intake you can use the pressure switch with nothing else but a length of hose, some hook-up wire and a buzzer. Any buzzer rated at 12V should be fine – for example, Jaycar part number AB3452 (costing AUD$3). The image –

Click for larger image
- shows how to wire the switch in relation to the buzzer. Your 12V source can be from the car’s audio head unit or you can make a temporary connection at the battery (using a low current fuse). Please contact +61 3 9762 6360 regarding payment.

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