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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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Re Turbo Conversions

I thought I’d leave you a couple of comments on the article "Engine Management for Turbo Conversions - Part One" with regards to Honda engine management systems... It is quite correct that just about any fuel-injected Honda has a MAP sensor which is capable of registering boost up to a certain point; in most cases up to about 0.6 Bar (8 to 9 psi). But the original ECU programming will recognize this as a faulty sensor and bring itself into a "limp-home" mode.

Luckily, Honda ECUs take very well to tweaking and tuning. A number of free and semi-commercial software solutions make it possible for anyone with a bit of knowledge and some basic tools to achieve "stock-like" results even on highly modified engines.

In fact, this works so well that modified Honda engine management systems are finding their way to non-Honda engines and cars. "Self-learning" and countless other features rivalling those of expensive systems are available to anyone interested in learning how to tune their own car. Have a look at - this is where it all began!

Allan Binderup

AFR Meter Hunt

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On your homepage today (In-Car Air-Fuel Ratio Gauge Buyers' Guide - Part One) there are pictures of air-fuel ratio gauges and I was wondering where I would be able to buy them. They would look good in my car. Do you know of anyone who specialises in the 'cool look' meters with lights all over them?

Justin Smith

Availability details are included in the article.

Words from a Proud Soarer Owner

I was just reading you article on the Soarer ( Toyota Soarer Twin-Turbo). I own a factory five-speed TT Soarer and, let me tell you, the power in my car (as stock) comes on way before 3000 rpm. The turbo starts to spool up around 1800-ish and by 2000-2200 rpm you’re away. Also, the handling of the factory five-speed is tremendous - keep your foot into it and she sticks very well. Just letting you know these things as I am a proud owner. Also, my Japanese user manual also tells me that the weight of the car is 1865kg total weight - 1600kg is the chassis weight. I hope this is some info for you.

Huns Goellner

CHT Gauge Hunt

Could you please give me a contact where I can buy the cylinder head temperature (CHT) gauge kit that VDO make? You mentioned it on your website for around AUD$165 including sensor.

Branko Gracanin

That particular article - Playing Instruments - Part 1 - is from 2000 so it is likely the price has gone up. For up-to-date pricing and your nearest outlet, see

Laurel Link to 300ZX

Hi guys. I love your work, especially all the reviews on the "unknown performers" like the 850 Volvo T5s, Galant VR4s, Liberty RS, etc. Great stuff.

I know I shouldn’t be asking you this but I’ve searched high and low... I’m looking at buying a straight 1984 Nissan Laurel for AUD$2000. It has a 3-litre V6 in it and I’m wondering if this is the same motor that went in the 300ZX of its time?


Yes, we believe it’s essentially the same engine – both are RWD. Interesting car!

DPA Multi Injector Application?

I want to know about the digital pulse adjuster (DPA) and setting it up for extra injectors. How well will it work running extra injectors (as you state it can)? I haven’t seen anything that talks about it.

I want to use it as a micro-fueller. I’m assuming it will use the existing duty cycle in as the input and then output to the extra injectors. But how well can it be tuned?

Say I want to double my fuel output - I have six standard injectors and add another six (mounted to each runner). Let’s say I get the extra injectors to kick in at 70 percent duty cycle (in the standard the injectors) and then, by 90 percent, the extra injectors are also at 90 percent.

Is this possible? The engine is a RB30E converted to a turbo but still with the non-turbo ECU. Thanks for all your help.

Trevor Jones

The DPA should have no problem firing one extra injector but we’re not sure if it can cope with the load of driving six injectors. However, you shouldn't need to add six extra injectors - the DPA is really designed to run one or two extra injectors that then flow their fuel through the standard manifold, ie the xtra injectors are mounted immediately after the throttle body.

Dearth of Duratecs

Click for larger image

I wish you would do articles about the Ford Duratec engines - like the 2.0/2.3 litre four bangers. They may not be popular in Australia but they are everywhere else!

Bill Box

MPS Coming to AutoSpeed?

I was wondering if AutoSpeed has any plans to test the newly released Mazda 3 MPS. Looks like a great car on paper - 190kW, 380Nm, 1400kg kerb weight, traction control, front LSD... Love to see it tested

Adrian Wortley

We are currently trying to arrange a test of the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 MPS models. Stay tuned!

Monday Morning Wake-up!

'Explaining sex to a Virgin' – Eh??!!! Not the bold type heading I ever thought would greet me logging into the office on a Monday morning!

Matt King

Insight Load Runner?

Click for larger image

I am impressed with what I have read about the Honda Insight. However, I am wondering if it has the storage space under the hatch for two mountain bikes with their wheels off.

I have not been able to locate any meaningful information on the ability of the Insight to carry more than just two people. I believe it does have a cubby hole where bike helmets, etc may be stashed. Any ideas? Photos?

I look forward to AutoSpeed every day - well done. Please also keep up the high quality honest and varied journalism!

Robert Lawrence
New Zealand

The Insight’s cargo area measures 106cm wide, 93cm long, 27cm high at rear and 49cm high at front. The cargo bin is about 60cm wide, 30cm deep and 30cm long.

Missing Sippers?

Was just wondering if "Fuel Sippers - Part 2" is going to be published?

Lawrence Griffiths

A production error resulted in this article not being published as planned. We'll remedy that soon.

Intake System Testing

I have been trying to conduct testing so I can find out what is causing the biggest restriction in my air intake system. One thing that I am unsure about is how fast I should accelerate during the test. Should I steadily accelerate to maximum revs or should I just floor it?

Edward Kelly

You’ll need to floor it. You don’t need to floor it from low revs but you will need to have the throttle wide-open through the higher revs –this will give you the peak intake restriction at maximum power.

Ford Diet

I am looking at buying a Ford BA XR6. Looks like an awesome car all-round, except its weight... Do you know how its weight could be reduced? Love your mag - keep it up.

Steven Brown

There is a carbon fibre bonnet on the market and you might save some more weight removing the factory body kit but, other than that, there’s not a lot you can do. Lightweight wheels are another option.

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