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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed

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Self-Pumped Water Injection

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I am trying to trace an article that described a homemade water injection system based on an agricultural crop sprayer nozzle that works at low pressure utilising an air supply to the atomiser. I think the idea was to use supercharger output to pressurize the water supply and as the air source for the atomiser. I remember this as an Australian article and wonder if you can point me in the direction of the article(s)?

Gordon Higginbotham

Have a look at Water Injection

GT or Clubbie?

I'm tossing up whether to but new GT Falcon or the HSV Clubsport. Could you give me your opinion on which is the better buy?

Steve Buckley

We haven’t yet tested the latest Series II GT or the VZ series Clubbie. However, based on our previous experiences, both should be very good cars – go get some test drives and see what kind of deal you can get!

Bag Me

I’m just enquiring about getting a bag system into my 2002 Holden Rodeo dual cab.

I want to transform it into a sports truck and am finding it difficult to locate information in Australia... It’s a two-wheel-drive with leaf springs. If you could help me directly or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!

Joel Cottle

Hmm, we’re not sure – maybe some readers can help?

Keep it Legal!

Just read your article on Dodging Defects.

I've been a rev head since age 12 when I pulled my first Kirby 2-stroke Tecumseh 4 stoke engines apart. I'm now in my mid 40s and play with bigger engines and lots of body mods.

One thing you neglected to suggest to the modified vehicle fraternity is that if you are going to modify a vehicle, including those mods that are outside the parameters set by the local traffic authorities, you should obtain an engineer's certificate...  It ain’t cheap but it's a lot cheaper than having to reinstate the vehicle to original parameters to allow you to put it back on the road then, at a later time, remodify it.

Oh and, it's better to get the rules from those in the know than via your mate's Chinese whispers...

Malcolm Land

Arrhh, Good One!

Re: Response letter "Top Tickford?" - Response

I often wonder about some people. You guys wrote an informative article on the TE50 Ford that covered the good and the bad. You also explained your views in clear technical terms.

Then someone like Mark Smart comes along with insulting comments without even a single reason why - probably because he doesn't have any other than his unnatural emotional attachment with his favourite model... The model which he has mentally justified as being the best because he either wants one or has one, and can't handle anything said that affects his fantasy world. My heart goes out to guys who have to deal with people as mentally challenged as this.

Sam Q

Improved AUII

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I am owner of AU2 Ford Forte in very good condition and am interested in possible tweaks to engine to improve economy, etc. I’d also like to tweak the transmission to remove its slushy feel (reminds me of an EH Hydramatic). I’m not interested in making a silk purse of this sow’s ear - I just want it a bit better than it is.

Can you recommend any tech articles or similar of yours that deal specifically with my needs?

Murray McAlpine

Have a read of

Awakening the Aussie Ford Six - Part One and Awakening the Aussie Ford Six - Part Two

The mods outlined in these articles are focussed on performance more than fuel economy but basic breathing enhancements (air intake and exhaust) along with some careful engine management tuning should give an excellent overall result.

We have covered transmission improvements at Tweaking the Shift and Improving Your Auto Trans Intelligence

How Many Seats?

Just read Julian Edgar's review of the Peugeot 206 GTi 180 Peugeot 206 GTi 180 Road Test and something struck me as odd. In regard to interior fit, Julian states:

"The only shortcomings are the lack of a centre rear head restraint..."

It seems he failed to notice the lack of a centre rear seatbelt.

Maybe upon inspection, he might have noticed that unlike other 206 models (excluding CC) THERE IS NO CENTRE REAR SEAT in a GTi 180. Seating for 4 people only.

Throws my confidence in his reviews.

Peter Thompson

Thanks - error now fixed.

Mixed LXs and SCs

I thought I might point out what seems to be a small error in a recent week’s newsletter.  In the article about Toyota engines, you mention that the 1UZ-FE engine is fitted to Soarers (LX400's) which is incorrect. The Soarer is known as the SC400 in the USA not an LX400. It is also fitted to the LS400 here in Aus (as I am sure you are aware).

Hope this helps.

Also, I LOVE your site – it’s very comprehensive and helpful to me as a professional in the industry.

Rohan Le Page
Product Development Coordinator
Mark IV Automotive (Dayco)

Absolutely correct – our slip-up with LXs and SCs. Thanks.

Where and How Much?

Click for larger image

You ran an article in Issue 288 about an under-bonnet amperes and voltage display - Underbonnet Amps and Volts Display

I am inquiring to find out how much they are and who sells them.

Les Wildman

The dual-display module is available through Jaycar Electronics and the AutoSpeed shop. Cost is AUD$50.

Wires Crossed

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that the MicroTech fitted in Scott’s Stanza (SR'd Stanza) wasn't fitted by Chiptorque – it was fitted by me. The photos look great. I can't wait to see my car on here...

James Windsor

Magna Muck Up

Just thought I would point out a (very) small error in the latest Magna article Mega Magna

"Ditching the factory airflow meter is a priority when Bradley moved to a full programmable management system – probably a MicroTech."

What is that, the perfect tense? I think the fingers slipped and you meant "moves". Silly S and D keys side-by-side on the keyboard!

Keep up the strong articles. I love all the stuff about Hybrid drivetrains - I can see that they are a good step on the way to fully electric cars. Maybe you could do an article on the T-Zero ( some time?

Richard Laxton

Thanks for that – article now corrected.

Re the T-Zero – we’ve done a couple of articles on this machine back in 2001.

Check out The tzero Electric Sports Car - Part 1 and The tzero Electric Sports Car - Part 2

IS Slow

Click for larger image

I have recently purchased a 2000 model IS200 Lexus 6 speed manual. I am unhappy with its performance down low in 1st and 2nd gears and wish to either put on a supercharger or go the turbo option.

Did Lexus or TRD make a factory supercharger for the IS range? If so, where can I get one? Secondly, has there been much performance enhancements done on the IS200?


We're not sure if a TRD forced induction kit has been offered but, locally, AVO has turbocharged an IS200 - check out IS PSI

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