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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed

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Merc Murmur

I have recently purchased a 2004 CLK55 AMG convertible. The car is magnificent but I’d like to hear more exhaust noise. The F1 CLK55 Pace car always sounded awesome and I'd like to fit a similar exhaust system to my car. Could you please advise whom I should contact regarding the supply of the same, or a similar, exhaust as fitted to the F1 CLK55 AMG Pace car?

Bill Olsen
New Zealand

Try asking your local Mercedes Benz distributor - they might be able to give you a lead.

Blow-Off BS

Someone needs to learn more about turbo cars before knocking the usefulness of items such as blow-off valves. Anyone with half a brain knows that it isn’t a performance upgrade - it is more for the longevity of the compressor. Oh, and those SUPA DUPA expensive blow-off valves you refer to are able to hold higher boost pressures than factory ones can. Go back to school and the leave the commentary to the experts.

Big Blue

We are yet to see solid evidence that a blow-off valve improves compressor life. One expert tuning shop we know has measured pre-throttle pressure spikes that were CAUSED by an aftermarket blow-off valve... Furthermore, you’ll be interested to note that Subaru fits a (closed-loop) blow-off valve to their production engines for the purpose of reducing induction noise. This is stated in the factory workshop manual.

If you have any proof that blow-off valves extend turbo life – as opposed to theory – we’d love to see it. Meanwhile, it’s a great way for many “experts” to make a few dollars...

Of course, if a blow-off valve is leaking under boost pressure then – yes - it’s a good idea to replace it.

Boosted Audi

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I’m just wondering if your article Audi DIY Boost Controller would be good for my car. Would it use the same set up? I have an Australian 1996 Audi A4 1.8T.

Simon Kitchen

Yes, the same system can be used.

Sensational Super Seven

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Great article of the Sirius Sports 7. I've wanted to build one of these (or a variation) for quite a while now. The fact that you thought the live rear axle was a bit of a let down interested me, because the Westfield( has an option of IRS. From the looks of it, it isn't a great deal different from your test car. 

Keep up the great work.

Matt Ellery

Sprayed Fiat

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I'm interested in your Intelligent Intercooler Water Spray (Intelligent Intercooler Water Spray - Part 1) and want to ask a few questions. I'm using a Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo Plus and my question are...

1. Can this product be used on my car?

2. If I bought it can people here install it for me - especially the controller part?

3. How much horsepower increased can it gain?

4. Which one is better - the controller with box or without it?

Azmir Kamarudin

Yes, the intelligent intercooler water spray can be used on your car. Any performance based workshop should be able to install it – the boxed version is neater and easier to install. The power gain varies from car to car – you might pick up a couple of percent, depending on your existing post-intercooler charge-air temps.

Wheelie Good Calculator

Re the stories on your LS400’s new wheels Buying Alloy Wheels on the Cheap...

There is a website I found with a tyre size calculator. You type in the stock tyre specs and the specs of the tyre you want to replace it with. It gives you sidewall size, diameter, circumference, revs per km and % error compared to the stock size. It gives all measurements of the stock size entered compared to the new size. You can enter multiple tyres for comparative results - which come in imperial or metric!

Give it a try -

Paul Dietrich

Sluggish Skyline?

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In your Nissan Skyline R34 article (R34 Run-Out) you say the Nissan struggled to better 8 secs to 100 km/h. So you mean to tell me that an R34 Skyline is as slow, if not slower than a Holden Astra Turbo which is quoted in mid to low 7s to 100 km/h?

Ryan Pendrey

Yep – that’s the 0 – 100 km/h time we achieved with the auto R34 turbo. And that was after repeated attempts with different amounts of stall. Note that we also stated what the R34 should run.  

Soft Top Specialists?

I was wondering if you could direct me to someone knows how to convert a sedan into a convertible with an automatic retractable roof?


We don’t know of anyone – readers?

Name that Electric Blower

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I would like to know the name of an electric turbo on this page - Electric Boost You have the E-Ram, Twin-Turbo Zet and Thomas Knight Turbo, but the last one I don't know!


Dynacharger - see the Dynacharger at

Wave Rotors

I've been shown the light when it comes to brake rotors. Two words - "Wave Rotors". They have been used on bikes for many years but haven’t really made it to cars just yet. I have only found one place globally that make them for cars -

If you haven't already, I suggest that you have a look. I'm actually writing to you to ask if you know anyone in Australia that sells them - coz I just gotta have a pair! Also, have you guys done an article on them yet? I reckon if you did they would really take off here.

Joshua Mclean

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