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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed

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Pointing the Prius

We have the same experience as Allen Madrik (Response) re his Toyota Prius.

As Allen Madrik wrote, the steering on my '04 is very stiff. The wheel won't return to neutral when I turn it a small amount (like making small corrections on the highway).

Does anyone have a solution to this? Toyota doesn't!

The Toyota regional rep drove my car and agreed with me about the steering problem. The only suggestion he had was to increase the caster (which you can't on a Prius!). I drove another Prius and it did the same thing. Is this ‘normal’? I don't see any posts on this from other owners, so I have to assume that it isn't normal.

Callebert Fernand

Can any readers help out?

Turbo Fanned Amp!

Click for larger image

Regarding your article on upgrading amplifier cooling ("Amplifier Cooling Upgrade"). I think you've missed an obvious, yet Fully Sic upgrade option - the Turbo Zet! And for extreme amplifier performance, the Twin Turbo Zet!

Andrew Pade

Get a Chaser!

Why don't you do a test on the Toyota Chaser JZX100 Tourer with a 2.5 VVT-i single turbo? They are in Australia now and selling at a few import places in Sydney and Perth – Japlink Motors has a couple. I own a JZX90.

Peter McMahon

We’d love to – we just haven’t had the opportunity to do a test! Thanks for the leads – we’ll chase them up next time we’re in Sydney.

Fishing for a Z

I want to buy a Nissan 300ZX – a 1991 - 1992 model probably. I was wondering what the most common problem is, and is it easy to fix? Also, I am in Western Australia so are parts easy to get or do I have to import them?

Luke Baker

If it’s a naturally aspirated version you shouldn’t have a problem with parts – the NA 300ZX was sold by Nissan in Australia.

The twin turbo version – which was never officially imported to Australia– requires some harder-to-get parts. Nissan dealerships probably hold servicing parts but major engine components will be more difficult to source. A complete second-hand Japanese import engine is probably the way to go.

It seems the NA 300ZXs are quite reliable – the engines and transmissions last well. On the other hand, we’ve several 300ZX TTs with expensive cooling system problems and blown head gaskets.

Cool Corona!

Click for larger image

I just finished reading that amazing article on the Japanese import Toyota Corona GT-T (Kick-Ass Corona!) and I would love it if you could send me some more information on it. Any info you could give me would be just great – anything.

Adrian Holt

We gave you all the information we have! Contact Yahoo Motorsport re importing more of ‘em – we’ve seen 2 door versions as well!

CSL Blueprints Wanted

I am a designer in the 3D field and am looking to produce a 3D model of a BMW 3.0 CSL - either the standard version or Batmobile. I have read your paper about the CSL (Classic Performance - BMW 3.0CSL) and liked it a lot. It seems you have got some good media of the CSL and I was wondering if you were in possession of blueprints for the car. They would greatly aid me in my 3D reconstitution of this legend. Standard blueprints usually consist of the top, front, rear and side views. If you have information on where to find these (very rare!) blueprints I would be forever in your debt!

PS: I am working on a "family" portrait of BMW vehicles, the 3.0 CSL, E30 M3, E30 M3 Race Car, E46 M3 and E46 M3 GTR. I am only missing the reference (blueprints) for the 3.0 CSL.

Jean-François Bouchard

We don’t have anything more than was supplied in the article. Maybe somebody can provide a lead?

Strip Showing

Any ideas on reattaching side protection strips on my Legacy would be much appreciated. They are black and tend to lift off in places in the hot sun - bloody unusual where I live though, I must say...

William Stronach
New Zealand

We had problems with the mud flap mouldings coming off on our LibertyRS – Selleys Liquid Nails did the trick!

Poised RSs

Click for larger image

I - along with a friend of mine - am in the process of giving the suspension setups in our Subaru RS Turbos a bit of a make-over. We have purchased a combination of Whiteline and King products and now just need to purchase some new struts. Our choices have been narrowed to Monroe GTs and Pedders SportRyders. We were wondering on your opinions on these products. Our respective cars only see the track a couple of times a year so AUD$800+ for a set cannot be justified. The Pedders have been quoted to us for AUD$640 and the Monroes for AUD$380 for a set of 4. (The Monroes we can get through family contacts!)

Jon Stow

We haven’t driven a RS turbo with either of these set-ups so we can’t say. However, we have driven a late-model WRX with Whiteline 40mm struts (note that the late-model Rex weighs almost as much as the LibertyRS). We were very impressed by their balance or ride comfort and handling. See MY03 With Poise

Awesome VL Conversion

Compliments on a great online mag!

I am interested in doing an engine conversion in my Holden VL Commodore – I want to go from the NA RB30 to a Toyota1UZ-FE. I am wondering if you know of anyone who might have attempted this conversion. The 1UZ-FE, as you probably know, comes with 3 different sump configurations – front (Crown), middle (Majesta) and rear (Soarer). All of these engines seem to be readily available for about AUD$2500 in half-cuts. Which one do you think would be suited to the aforementioned conversion? Also, do you think the VL diff would cope with the power? I’m not look to go racing - just some good torque for towing, cruising, etc.

James Miller

We don’t know anyone who’s done the conversion and we’re not sure what the best approach with the sump is. Maybe some readers can offer some advice?

A 4 pinion LSD from the VL Turbo should be up to the task and give good traction.

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