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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed

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Feed Me a Diet of Peanuts!

Great articles on the peanut projects Peanut Projects - Part One. The Mitsubishi Magna - which is a very nice car to start with - has great potential for around town and comfortable cruising.

The R32 GTSt Skyline is a fantastic car and I just wanted to add a couple of points. The tuning is easily done using the previously covered Power FC and airflow can be addressed using Z32 and Q45 airflow meters that have built in settings in the Power FC. On top of this, Skyline GT-R cams are a common upgrade for a meatier idle and improved power - although best left to the mechanic or more experienced modifier. Some people even do a 2.4 litre conversion when the inevitable engine rebuild comes around using other RB26 internals. The only downside with the older Japanese imports is their ageing shocks that leave a lot to be desired - they fade so a little concentration on handling is in order, especially anti-roll bars.

Keep 'em coming!

Geoff Williams

Making a Better BA

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I read the article on the JMM BA Falcon BA-LLISTIC

One thing that I wondered about was the camshaft timing (VCT). I remember reading that, from factory, the two cams are phased simultaneously (ie there’s no overlap change).

From reading 21st Century Performance it seems there should be good gains to be had from independent phasing. Obviously this would be a relatively tedious engineering process, but one with good gains and I expect Ford may do it themselves in the future of that engine.

Just wondering, wrt the JMM BA - is the UniChip capable of doing this? That seems like an obvious thing to do - would you concur? What are your thoughts? Does any computer or workshop do VCT remapping?

Nathan Veitch

The current Falcon management system does not have the capability to control individual cam timing - adding an interceptor can’t overcome this. The only workshop we have seen experimenting with different cam overlap on a BA Falcon is Nizpro (using a MoTEC ECU).

Navigate Me

I am a final year Multimedia student studying at the University of Gloucestershire. For my dissertation I am carrying out ‘An investigation into the usability of satellite navigation systems in premium brand cars’.

I would be grateful if you could suggest any archive material from your publication that might be of relevance to me, including any independent/industry research on the subject that would of assistance to my analysis. At present I am finding it difficult to find published material specifically on satellite navigation in cars, whereas there is an abundance of information on marine, aviation and geographical satellite navigation systems. I am particularly interested in comparative studies between satellite navigation systems in different makes of car. However any information on the subject would be extremely useful to me.

I will be happy to share my findings with you and your readers upon completion of my dissertation. Thanking you in advance for your help.

Evan Lewis

Perform a search on AutoSpeed using the words “VDO Dayton” and, of course, “navigation”.

Statesman Slip Up

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In your Statesmen WL V8 Road test (Holden WL Statesman V8 Test) you mention the Ford Fairlane Ghia V8 as being AUD$2000 dearer which is incorrect. It is in fact AUD$540 cheaper. Could you please update your review?


You’re absolutely right - we mistook the Fairlane G220 price for the base Fairlane V8 price. Article now changed.

Which A’PEXi For Me?

I've noticed that everyone seems to have A’PEXi Power FCs to suit 92-96 model Subaru WRXs. I was wondering if these will work on a MY00 WRX?

Daniel Hetherington

Different Power FCs are listed for the pre MY97, pre MY99 and pre MY00 so no, they wouldn’t be interchangeable.

What to Do?

Just wondering if you could help me in what would be the best way to start doing up the performance of ’94 Mitsubishi Lancer 1500cc? Is a bolt on turbo available and is it a wise move? What work am I looking at, or am I better off investing in something else?

I considered doing an engine conversion to maybe a VR4 or an Evo 1-3 but, obviously, it comes at a high price. Any ideas of anywhere in Sydney who have reasonably good prices for conversions? This was my ultimate goal and I can find engines at cheap prices, just no one to fit them at a good price...Otherwise its back to square one on working on the 1500... Thanks very much for your help.


First you need to decide what sort of performance you want (ie 0 – 100 or ¼ mile) and how much you have to spend. You may find it’s a better financial decision to invest in a different car – maybe a VR4 or Lancer GSR Turbo.


I'm currently working for AMRC with Boeing looking into incorporating nano-particles in the coolant system of our machining centre.

The coolant used in the system is basically semi-synthetic cutting fluid concentrate made up of mostly hydrotreated mineral oil.

The aim is to reduce the machining temperature at interface between tool and workpiece

Which type of nano-particles is suitable for this application?

Kin Teo

No idea!

Blurred Focus

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Just a quick note to alert you to an error in one of your reviews. In your review of the Ford Focus ST170 (New Car Test - Ford Focus ST170) you claim it has the highest specific output of any NA on the market at 63.5kW/litre. However, the Honda Integra Type R (Aussie model) has 73.5kW/litre while the new Type S has 77kW/litre.

Matt Hawkey

Thanks for that – article now altered. It should have been qualified by “the highest specific output of any non-variable cam timed NA 2.0...”

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