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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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Far Off? #1

Late last year I read that you were working on a project that will allow us to change air-fuel ratios. If I remember correctly it was due mid this year - are we far off?


Far Off? #2

I was wondering what is happening with the Do-It-Yourself electronic interceptor kit that is being developing with Silicon Chip magazine – the one in the article Real World Air/Fuel Ratio Tuning. I would like to use this in my Nissan ET Pulsar to lean out the mixtures.

Tyronne Knudsen

The kit (known as the Digital Fuel Adjuster) has already been listed on the Jaycar Electronics website. However, it is not quite ready for release – we’ll let everyone know as soon as it becomes available.

True Hot-Rodding!

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I really enjoyed the article on a Do-It-Yourself knock sensor DIY Detonation Detector - Mk II. I have the circuit built and it works great. I was wondering how difficult it would be to hook up the output of the circuit to your car speakers or even a separate speaker. It would be nice to be able to turn it on and off for when you’re driving around doing some tuning. Thanks for all the great projects - true hot-rodding!

Douglas Braun

It is possible to connect the module’s output into your audio head unit. This can be done with a cassette-style adaptor. Some head units also have an input plug on the front face. Note that if you are having problems with the sound quality of your existing earplugs you’d be surprised how much better a top-notch set of earplugs are. Sony makes good ones.

Edgier Kluger

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I read with interest the article on the Delta Throttle Timer project - The Delta Throttle Timer Breakthrough. My throttle-by-wire car is very unresponsive when in ‘ECON’ mode but comes alive in ‘O/D OFF’ mode. I guess this is to do with emissions and fuel economy - or maybe, as this is my first auto car, I'm not used to the behaviour. Anyway, there is no TPS and adapting one to fit seems pointless as the ECU seems to retard the rate of throttle advance.

Do you know if any of these have been successfully installed when wired to the potentiometer connected to the accelerator pedal? The car is a Toyota Kluger. There are six wires on the pedal assembly and back-probing is impossible as each wire is sealed into the connector.

Craig Smith

An interesting one! You should be able to fit the DTT to the output of one of the accelerator pedal position sensors. But we haven’t heard of anyone doing this – yet.

Shifter Shift

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I own a 2000 Ford Falcon AU2 XR6 sedan and am curious to know if it is possible to replace the standard manual gear shift. Do I have to get a whole new gearbox, or can I simply purchase a new shifter and have it installed? I find the standard gear shift in the Ford to be too low and far away - and it sometimes affects my back with which I have medical problems. Anything you can tell me would be much appreciated.


Try Herrod Motorsport (+61 3 9464 5100). They should have something to suit or be able to put you in contact with someone who does.

Boosted B4

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In the feature Bumped Up Boost you used the Festo 6509 GRA flow control valve. I own a MY02 Subaru B4 and have a TurboSmart gated boost control tee. I am wondering if I can use the tee in same way as the 6509 flow control valve to alter boost?

Wayne Graham

No, the TurboSmart valve bleeds to atmosphere – the flow control valve is a variable restriction in the boost supply to the wastegate system.

Sequential Lighting

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I was just looking at the shift light article Shift Light Shape Up. What we really could do with is a sequential shift light with, say, 4 to 8 LEDs rather than just the one. Do you know of a circuit to Do-It-Yourself one? That would be popular with your readers.

Ian Simpson

Check out Hyper-Form Plug-in Shift Indicator - an easy to fit multi-stage shift light.

Hairs Standing Up

I was very interested to read Driving Emotion of 25th April (Driving Emotion) and now understand in some way what prompts people to respond - the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, you stamp your feet, kick the dog, blah, blah, blah...

The thought of a manufacturer withholding test cars from AutoSpeed when they make them available to other, more accommodating, journalists offends me.

I am a customer of two of the manufacturers named (having bought new cars from them in the last three years) and a prospective customer of a third. I believe I have the right to tell them what I think about this matter and get explanation about why they believe this action helps them or benefits me - a new car buyer.

Click for larger image

Can you supply me the appropriate contacts for Mazda, Alfa Romeo and Citroen or better still publish them so as a collective the customers and prospective customers can ask them what they want to hide?

I enjoy alternative views and believe they should be welcomed, after all, it’s only an opinion and isn't always something I'll agree with but I enjoy it just the same. I drive the car, I make a choice based on my values and I pay the bux!!!

I currently own a vehicle that is far from perfect, badly finished (for the price) and is impractical but has a bucket load of things I love about and I can't imagine parting with it.

Andrew Beulke

This situation gets us worked up to - we assure you! Please feel free to contact the PR department of a manufacturer if you’d like to take it up with them. Check out their websites for contact details.

Pick a Box

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Is it possible to put a Jag gearbox in an EH Holden? I have been told that the EH I have bought has a Jag gearbox in it, but there seems to be no alterations to the floor. I also have been told that it might be an Opel gearbox from a HR because they bolt straight in. I really don’t know a lot about this sort of thing – well, cars in general! - but would like to find out what gearbox I have.


Call Dellow Automotive (02 9774 4419) and they might be able to suggest a couple of things to look for.

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