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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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‘Bout Time Timer

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Re The Delta Throttle Timer Breakthrough ... I have often wondered why aftermarket ECUs and boost controllers don't have this feature. Most have boost control maps of some sort, so why not allow you to go from "D" for Drive to "R" for Race based on throttle demand? Just add an override for wet weather safety (or dry weather smoke) and you would have great driveability/fuel economy in cruise mode (say 5 psi boost) and brutal snap in play mode (25 psi). Looks like I have another toy to build...

Simon Briggs

Clever Conversion?

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Hey guys you really have a great site. Every day I just can't wait to read your new articles! Recently I have seen a few Nissan 180SXs going around with RB20DET engines in them. Seeing that the RB20DET and SR20DET share the same capacity (2 litres) I was wondering what would be the ups and downs of such a conversion? Is there any advantage of having more cylinders of smaller capacity in a forced induction application? This is just something that I have been thinking about, since I am in the market for a Nissan 180SX. Any info would be great!

Luke Stolfo

It's a slightly odd conversion, if you ask us. The only major advantage is the strength of the RB-series engine if the owner is going for truly monster power. The RB can also be stretched to a larger capacity and, yes, it probably would be a bit smoother. But then there's the cost of conversion, weight distribution and legal issues... The SR20DET should be adequate for 99 percent of applications.

Happy Booster

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I guess I should get out more often... I am writing about an article from 2000 - the Audi DIY Boost Control (The Audi's DIY Boost Control - Part 1). I’ve fitted it to my car and it works very well. I’ve saved the article for several years and finally broke down and took the plunge. Good job guys!

John Larkin

Another Charge

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Great article on the Trickle Charger (Zero Cost Trickle Charger). I've always been interested in making something like this, except solar powered instead of mains powered.  I’m not sure about the suitability of small solar cells, but I guess it doesn't really matter since it doesn't need to charge very fast. A completely standalone unit that you don't need to disconnect every time you want to go for a drive would be a pretty cool little device. Perhaps you could just move the solar panel into glove box (assuming the panels were left on the dash for charging). Perhaps a follow up article?

Matt Ellery

Glad you like the article. Jaycar sells solar panels and regulators that can be used as you've described. Some of the big automotive retail chains also sell solar chargers for car 12-volt batteries.

UK Sierra Importing

I'm interested in importing an 87-89 Ford Sierra RS Cosworth from the UK. How would I go about doing this and are there any import companies that can help? From what I've been able to find out, I can import the car under the 15 year rule – it’ll cost about 3500 pounds for a good one and about another 1000 pounds for the boat trip (approximately AUD$10,900 all up). Is there anyone in Australiathat can help get my beastie into the country or do I have to do it all myself?


Try contacting the Department of Road Transport. They will know all the important info and they will likely be able to put you onto someone with the right contacts.We don't know of anyone importing 15+ year old cars from Europe. Any readers?

More of the Same

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I don't know if it’s just me or not, but I'm noticing a trend in the Feature Car articles. It seems to me that they are all incredibly alike in the way they are worded and structured - to the point where they are no longer interesting to read. It’s like you have a word.doc on your desktop called "Feature Car Template" and it contains all the words except for some blank spaces where the relevant power figure, rim size, etc goes...

How about making them more interesting and informative? I’m aware it may not always be possible, but wouldn’t it be great if you could tell us how a car performs - if the owner’s chopped springs causes it to handle dangerously or if you have to enter a corner at 5000 rpm just so the monster turbo on a WRX is on boost to get you through it at a respectable pace? This, as opposed to the show and tell style: "Joe has a 200SX with a bigger turbo, it makes 170kW, it has a bodykit and Joe says it goes fast. The end."  Don't think that I'm asking for criticism of the cars that kind people let you write a story about, just make it a bit more in-depth and individual to each car. For example, tell us a story about when the owner was taking you for a drive and a Commodore underestimated the particular car's ability. I’m not trying to put you down, but rather give you some constructive criticism. You have the best car mag going – I’d like it to stay that way!

Darren Smith

Your criticism is taken on board. Inevitably, though, there's a lot of similar information that needs to be described for each feature car - and there are only so many logical ways to run through them! We very rarely get the chance to ride in or drive feature car - this has a big influence on the way the story can be written. But, yes, we’ll try to spice things up!

2ZZ What?

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Re Toyota engines 2004 Engine Epic - Toyota Engines ... Please explain the Celica 2ZZ 1.8 against your statement of Toyota suffixes.

Ron Masing

The 2ZZ-GE is Toyota's second development of the 1.8-litre ZZ engine design. (The 1ZZ was used in relatively low power Corollas in some markets). The 2ZZ-GE also uses a performance type wide-angle cylinder head (G) and EFI (E). It also comes with variable valve timing and lift.

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