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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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Cefiro Searching!

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I just reviewed the article about the Nissan Cefiro The Cefiro Alternative.... Where can I get more info about this car, who imports them and approximately how much do they cost? Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Rod Pearce

The vehicle we drove and photographed was supplied by Yahoo Motorsport (+61 8 8345 0939/ 0416 080462 John Verban, from Yahoo Motorsport, is always bringing in 15yo imports. For something closer to Melbourne, we suggest a web search under "Cefiro”.

Anti-Lag Take-Off?

Re Michael's Speed Zone - I just wondered if you ever found out anything about the Accela anti-lag/launch control thing?

Rob Plummer

There doesn't seem to be any further info out there. Have any of our readers had any experience with aftermarket anti-lag systems?

Hi-Ace v Ferrari!

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Re Driving Emotion. I’ve decided not to congratulate you blokes again because everyone else does, but who else would tell me all about a diesel luxury van? Yep, I'd love to have one - but maybe not admit it... Next you are completely honest and described clearly the Evo Lancer, only to finish washed up and not being able to do the mandatory rave about a Ferrari. Ten points for frankness. You've got me.

Shane Quinn

Which Engine is Supreme?

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Just a quick query re Driving Emotion. In your opinion how would a Ford XR6T with APS Phase 3 kit compare to, say, a Toyota Supra TT with similar mods? I recall reading one of your articles a while back and you said that the Supra had the best engine of any turbo car you have ever driven - or something to that effect. In your latest Driving Emotion article, you said something to the same effect about the APS XR6T...

Darren Smith

Wow - tough call! The Toyota engine is sweeter at high revs but we'd need a side-by-side comparison to come up with a winner.

Ecotec Enhancement

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Just wondered if you have any articles or are planning any on performance modifications to the Holden Ecotec V6?


Check out Holden V6s with Leon Vincenzi, The Zero Cost Holden Intake Mod, Exec Envy and Positive Pressure

Super Sea-Doo!

I recently purchased a Sea-Doo GTX 4-Tec Supercharged PWC and thought you might be interested in some of its engine specs... For a PWC it surely has an impressively hi-tech engine. It is a 1500cc 4-stroke triple with 4-valves-per-cylinder but only a SOHC. It features multi-point fuel injection, dry sump lubrication plus it has a supercharger (the ones that look like half a turbo). The power is impressive - 185hp at about 7800 rpm. All in a 400kg craft... The whole package is very impressive and it pulls hard all the way to the redline. There is also an RXP version that has 215hp and an intercooler mounted inside the intake plenum! When you floor it from a standing start you really have to hold on to the handlebars! Overall it seems to be a very well engineered piece of equipment from Bombardier.

Curtis Schur

Re Mitsi Engine Epic

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Just a comment about the recent article detailing Mitsubishi engines 2004 Engine Epic - Mitsubishi Engines... The 6A12 2.0-litre V6 twin-turbo actually makes a bit more power than you have listed in your article. This engine is found in the 1992-1996 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 (E84A series) and the 1994-1996 Mitsubishi Galant GT Sport (E74A series). I have also read suggestions that a very limited number of Mitsubishi Emeraudes were fitted with this motor - since the Emeraude is basically a ‘92-96 Galant with different body panels (ie same chassis, engine, drivetrain, interior) that would make sense.

In 5-speed manual trim, the 6A12 twin turbo makes 179kW (240hp) at 6000 rpm and 309Nm at 3500 rpm. The automatic version makes a bit less power - 160kW. In New Zealand we are luckily enough to have these cars readily available - a good condition manual ‘94-96 VR-4 would probably set you back around $10k NZD.

Simon Lye
New Zealand

JPC New Contact Details

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Many of your articles refer to “Melbourne's JPC workshop". I’m just wondering if you have a website for them and/or an address and contact details.


JPC (Johnson's Performance Centre) has relocated since some of our earlier stories were done. Their current phone number is +61 3 9469 2566.

Bendy Beam Details

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I saw you’re the best website and read information about ‘Bendy Beams’. Is it possible to send me more information on how to use these fiberoptic cables in a car? I am going to use these materials in my project vehicle.


If you haven't already, read Bendy Beams

There's no limitation to how you can use fibre optics - the cable can be bent almost to a right-angle before snapping, so you can route it almost anywhere through your car. Great for illuminating switchgear, gauges, meter, door handles, etc.

Spark Logging

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I love the technical features and articles on your site. I was wondering if you know of a Do-It-Yourself or inexpensive way to datalog spark plug firing voltage during maybe a quarter mile run or dyno pull?

The unit would preferably interface with a computer to do the datalogging and be able to handle 4 channels at once (as in all 4 cylinders). I imagine the pick-up would be a clamp-on that would go around each of the spark plug wires or - in the case of a car with a dizzy - just around the coil wire. Any ideas? Thanks and GREAT e-zine!

Toma Kicovic

You could log spark voltage characteristics using a high-voltage probe and datalogging oscilloscope - refer to Using Oscilloscopes on Cars, Part 1

Need a Circuit

I've got Subaru Liberty Bilstien and I want to use the turn light indicators (like Statesman, Fairlane, most late Nissans and a few others). I want to take the indicator signal (after the flasher can) and use a small circuit to illuminate the turn lights in the front ‘bar. As this signal is not at constant intervals (depending on engine/alternator speed and electrical current) I guess there needs to be a timing circuit in place which holds circuit of for, say, 2-3 seconds and switches off unless it receives another pulse to reset/restart timer.

Help! I know the logic (I think) but I don't know the electronics.

Simon Brown

Silicon Chip will be releasing an AutoTimer kit that will be able to do this perfectly. Stay tuned.

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