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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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Good Watchin'

I would like to let you know about a program I have produced on the Peugeot Sport Team, which is airing on Channel 10 (Australia) this Sunday. I secured the services of Michael Stahl to take an inside look at Peugeot Sport and the WRC program, at their HQ in Velizy just outside of Paris. Built around a glimpse into the inner workings of the hugely successful team (3 successive manufacturers titles and 2 drivers titles in the last 3 years), the hour-long program also includes an interview with Team Boss Corrado Provera and a Chief Engineer, Michael Nandan. It also looks at the role that testing plays and the importance of modern tyre technology. The program also wraps up the 2002 season with highlights of each round and it will include other segments such as a feature on the 206 GTi 180, the famous 'Climb dance' video, driver profiles and the like. It goes to air on Channel 10, Sunday December 8, at 2.30pm EST.

Mathew McAuley

Spelling Test

The author of New Car Test - Nissan S15 Silvia 200SX really should have proof read his work. Spelling "realize" four separate times incorrectly really makes for an unpleasant reading experience.


We are based in Australia and use International English. There are a few spelling differences between US English and International English - with realise instead of realize being one.

Wheely Nice

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In your XR6 Turbo new car test you said, "though some drivers said they didn't like the small, fat feeling of the leather steering wheel." Please don't give manufacturers any reason to think a small, thick wheel is bad. I am still pining for my superb aftermarket MOMO wheel on my MY98 WRX, but I have to put up with the bus wheel airbag MOMO on my Version 5 STi. I would pay any money to swap this horrid airbag wheel for something nicer. The Falcon's wheel looks great - don't influence them to make it bigger and thinner, I beg you. I'd also like to complement Ford on the car - it sounds great. If it didn't weigh half a tonne more than my car, have 20kW less power and half the number driving wheels I'd consider one for sure.

Roger Canty

Say It Don't Spray It!

Last week in the 'More Power!' article you say that you shouldn't waste your money on "dumb intercooler sprays (they'll just use lots of water and unless you're on the track or holding max speed for mile after mile you won't see a measured drop in intake air temp)". Aren't you the guys that ran a 6-part series on how to build a intercooler water spray?!

David Galbraith

Sorry, we should have been clearer. There's a world of difference between a dumb spray controlled only by a pressure switch, and one that measures the difference between intercooler and ambient temps and also senses how hard the car is being driven. The Intelligent Intercooler Water Spray uses vastly less water than a 'dumb' spray, and triggers only when it can actually do some good. In fact, it won't trigger the spray probably 90 pert cent of the time that you're on boost, because the intercooler won't have got hot. Like chalk and cheese, really...

Where Whirlwind?

I would like to have such a Turbo Zet but I don't know how. Could you help me?


We hope you've thought about what we said in our 'review' of the Turbo Zet ("The Twin Turbo Zet"). If you're still interested, worldwide contact details can be found at

Spark Time

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I enjoyed your article on air-fuel ratios for cranking/idle, cruise and full power. What would be the next step in power and drivability - spark timing? This would yield the most power after A/F have been established. How would timing be adjusted for naturally aspirated and forced induction systems at crank/idle, cruise and full power? Would EGT change? Thanks.

Norman Crowe

Glad you liked the story - because in this issue we have a feature that covers ignition timing!

Brilliant Boost

Is the Festo 6509GRA flow control valve essentially a boost controller but cheaper? Does it work in the same way as a GFB boost controller for example? If I already have a boost controller, like a GFB, can I plumb it in the same way as documented in your Brilliant Boost article to achieve the same results?

Simon Chew

The Festo valve you mentioned is completely different to an aftermarket bleed valve. The Festo valve lifts boost by increasing the amount of air bled for each pulse of a factory boost control solenoid. An aftermarket bleed (such as the GFB part) typically replaces any existing factory electronic boost control system and vents a portion of wastegate pressure to atmosphere. Fitting a flow control valve upstream of an aftermarket bleed will increase max boost and the rate of boost rise, but - since all aftermarket controllers are adjustable anyhow - there should be no need to do this.

Really Ripped Off!

Being a Honda fan, I just read your excellent review of the new Integra Type-R. At the end of the review you noted with annoyance that the 'real' Integra Type-R is only available in Japan. Well try this for annoying - Honda UK has decided not to sell it here!

Jon Saxty

DIY Doer

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I've been reading your free articles for some time now but recently decided to become a member. I did it to read the full article on the white Mira - what a tidy car. I have also once used your online shop.

I was wondering if you are interested in simple DIY articles such as the one here "Window Washer Water Bottle Tank Modification" Of course, it would be tidier since you have a template. Cheers.

Russell Smorhun

That Mira is certainly one awesome car! How 'bout we just include a link to your page like this...
Russell's DIY articles.

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