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Some of this week's Letters to the Editor!

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I thought you guys liked Mitsubishi Magnas? I read the test of the Ralliart ["New Car Test - Ralliart Magna"] and all you do is pick it to pieces. I own a VR-X and couldn't be happier with the car. Since the Ralliart improves the brakes, engine, driveline, stereo, wheels and tyres, and interior trim, what are you guys on?

Steve King
Westleigh, Australia

There isn't a staffer on AutoSpeed that wouldn't have a Mitsubishi Magna parked in his driveway. In many ways, it's the pick of the Aussie sixpacks (and looks delish in black lowered over big wheels!) However, as Julian pointed out in his evaluation, the stunning power of the 180kW V6, when compared to your 163kW VR-X, blows away the big Mitsu's balance. Bring on the all-wheel-drive Magna, we say - and give Aussie and Enzed enthusiasts their first legit large-car alternative to the super Subies. GT

She's In

Hi guys! Firstly I want to say you guys have a great mag. Secondly how do I go about putting my car on your mag? I would really like to show people out there what a girl can do. :) Please let me know!

Perth, Western Australia

AutoSpeed is always on the lookout for feature cars. It's easy! Contact Include a daytime phone number. Companies, too, are invited to let us know of new products and technologies that we can feature in AutoSpeed - such as the Revetec engine in this issue.

Pressure Testing

In all your articles that you speak of exhausts, you have never talked about backpressure. Except from power and torque, backpressure is also needed at some point for performance. What is the optimal and how can someone find the right balance of low, mid and high backpressure?

Stefanos Papavergos
Athens, Greece

We have never seen a case where backpressure improved a properly tuned engine's performance. As far as we are concerned, it is an urban myth that increased backpressure can improve performance. In fact, for some dyno results of varying backpressure, see "From the Editor" JE

Money for Nothing and Tips for Free...

As one of your first supporters, I thought that I should remind you of what you used to be like. I can remember when nearly every article was free, and I used to tell all my mates about your website. Now nothing is free and I think that's basically telling all of us guys who have supported you over the years to bugger off. I reckon that at least half of your articles should be free. What about it?

Darryl Smith

Hey, some of us can remember carbies and cross-plies! We reckon that for less than a dollar a week, having access to every AutoSpeed technical article and feature car - more than 1000 - is good value. When was the last time you picked up a newspaper or magazine at your newsagent and walked out without having to pay? GT

Cutting edge

One of the things that I really like about AutoSpeed is that you cover stuff that I can't read about in other magazines - either on the web or in print. The article by Michael Knowling on ethanol in our petrol was good (I'd heard something about it but didn't know the details) and I also think that Michael's story on his VL Commodore Turbo was good - real life, how he found it, and why he sold it. Also, keep telling it like it is in your road tests - I'm sure that you're not making too many friends with the manufacturers, but there's plenty of people out here that appreciate it. I hope that the staff changes don't alter this aspect of AutoSpeed.

Mark Truscott
Via email

Coverage of emerging automotive technologies is one of the philosophies of AutoSpeed, as is each staff member being a hands-on car modifier with plenty of stories to tell! Don't expect that to change. GT

Hack Attack

Click for larger image

I have just completed reading your AutoSpeed article "Plan of Attack".

The article was good but, unfortunately it didn't go into the depth that I would have liked it to go. I own a new-ish WRX and, ahem, the new car smell has worn off and its straight-line squirt doesn't quite get my eyes bulging or my butt clenching as much as it used to do. And yes, I am looking to inject some more excitement....

I have read various magazine articles and the AutoSpeed articles on WRX power up options but they generally only have information on the APS kits. APS does have a good range of products but are they best solution?

It is well known that a bigger exhaust, high flow intake, front mount intercooler and bigger turbos etc are required for more power, but which ECU mod is best. I would like to see an ECU shootout that compares the pros and cons of the ECU/ECU interceptors available on the market. I have been trying to find out which is going to be the best for my car but to no avail. Do I use an interceptor or a replacement ECU?


Via email

The MRT/ProForm/Whiteline WRX was a feature car and as such, didn't include an ECU shootout... Undertaking a direct comparison of every product in a particular market category is hugely expensive, time consuming and gives - at best - results of questionable relevance under different circumstances. We prefer to take each product and test it on its claimed merits. GT

More Pressure Testing

Your article on the "VariFlow variable backpressure system" ["Pure Pipe Perfection 2 - Introducing the Secret Weapon..."] interested me because 10 years ago I owned an Mazda R100 rotary which had my own bridge-ported 12A in it. Being bridge-ported meant that I had to have a loud open exhaust so I made a butterfly valve which fitted into the exhaust just after the point where the extractors joined. I ran my choke cable down to the valve linkage and the whole thing worked great. If I was having fun (most times of course) I had the valve open and the engine ran sweetly. However, if I was in a built up area I just closed the valve and cruised along quietly. It worked a treat. The only trouble I found was that my butterfly and its housing were fabricated from mild steel so the butterfly developed some cracks and the shaft wore in the housing and rattled.

I'm currently doing a turbo motor for my Triumph 2500TC. I've had it in and running on a standard motor and it was really nice to drive. Now I'm out to get some decent boost. They're a great 'grandma' car and I am looking forward to embarrassing a few yuppies and Toraaaana owners. It's even complete with 'Amnesty International' and 'Don't Run Red Light' stickers!

Thanks for your interesting tech articles.

Frankston, Vic

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