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Sensor Location

For the intelligent water spraying kit, given the option is it better to install the intercooler temperature sensor on the intercooler (as in the guide) or on the air exiting the intercooler? Thanks for any advise :)

Alex Davies

It is normally much easier to measure the temp of the intercooler core, and so that is the approach we recommend.

Numerous Errors

Hey, I'm reading your new article Heartbeat on oil pumps and it's a great read. I'm dealing with a oil system failure as we speak. However, the numerous spelling errors detract this article (and many others). Please give your articles more of a look over before submitting them and/or throw them into MS Office (or a free variant like OpenOffice) to spell check them. Even Mozilla Firefox (as I type this) spell checks what I'm writing.

Now I know you guys are sound in your knowledge but I believe the many typographical errors subtract from the confidence the reader has in what he or she is reading. It's just human nature to disregard information that isn't properly presented as if it lacks of credibility.

Thanks, keep up the great work!

Chris Katko
United States


Infrared Thermometers

Re Infrared Temperature Measurement.

It is excellent to see this, especially the caveat re emissivity as SO many people are ignorant about its importance with certain surfaces. An important corollary of your point is that any surface with a low emissivity will emit radiation at a lower rate than one with an emissivity close to 1.  There are plenty of examples of people chroming or silvering surfaces for looks where this has the effect of making them cool more pooly, by radiation at least.  An example is the raw metal (aluminium) fins in some radiators, especially replacements.  If they are not painted matt black (or even white) the emissivity of the metal surface is of significance and they are not as effective in cooling as one might hope.

Dave Yates

Wet Blanket

At the expense of sounding like a wet blanket, have you folks thought through the implications of showing novices how to electronically 'change' their cars? Not so many years ago making mechanical changes to things such as steering required an engineers certificate. Now you are encouraging people who have no knowledge of electronics to start tampering with steering weight etc. Just a thought... other than that I enjoy the tech articles.

Jeff Ball

We don’t regard altering steering weight as a particularly dangerous mod. In fact, it’s easy to argue that allowing people to change a flat tyre is a potentially more dangerous operation.

LPG Falcon

Having reviewed the Falcon XR6 Turbo on LPG! so positively, how much of your criticism of the new Falcon would have been removed if Ford had thought to give it LPG injection and a gas tank that didn't fill half the boot?


A review involving a used Commodore or Falcon will always be more positive than a review of a new car, such is these cars’ rate of depreciation. That said, a modern, space-efficient LPG system on a Falcon or Commodore would be expected to garner a positive appraisal.

Diesel LPG

Great mag.

As I drive a diesel Safari (Jap Patrol) and would like to use the new Diesel gas technology I have invertigated the two companies that produce similar systems and both charge $4000 plus. I really don't believe that there would be a lot of difference in the gas systems between petrol and diesel gas systems . Sure the diesel gas computer would be different but if anything I think it would be simpler if anything. Using the Gov rebate it may cost you $500-$1000 for a petrol system but I think they are profiteering to the detriment of the diesel owners. I rang one of the companies some time back but they claimed very expensive components and high R & D costs. The word bullshit came to mind.   

Maybe this would make an interesting article for Autospeed. There are lots of people with diesels that would like to use this technology and I know from a friend that does a lot of towing, it really does work. He has documented evidence to show the difference, with and without the gas.

Regards and best wishes for the mag and Xmas.

Peter Smith


Have a look at Diesel LPG - an Amazing Breakthrough.

Snake Oil

I would like to ask if you are ever likely to do any article on Hydroxy/ Electrolizer gas modifications and how to get them to work successfully in a car. I recentlygot interested in this idea of being able to put an electrolizer in my car and save on feul and posible increase performance. I put one in my Toyota Tercel (don't laugh) but can't say I conclusively that it made any difference, although my testing wasn 't done very thoroughly as i sold the car soon afterwards. But i don't want to give up with it quite yet. I now have a 96 Mirage (much better car) and would like to try again with this. I also have a Pulse width modulater kit that I need to build so your upcoming series on electronics should be helpfull as I'm a dunce when it comes to this field.

Thanks for the great articles


No we won’t be covering these topics. This view seems a reasonable summary of the current situation.

P Mode

hi in your article VT/VX Hidden Data in the setting where it says p off and  you say it is for police mode this is not the case and someone has pulled your leg all it does is say p off when your lights are turned off or it will say p on when you turn your lights on it just for headlights hope this helps


Illegal in Australia

Just a quick message with regards to your re-published article Butterfly Effect on the subject of exhaust valves. Unfortunately these valves are now illegal in most parts of the country by virtue of recent legislation.

The NSW DECC website says:

"The Regulation also makes it an offence to use temporary noise reduction devices or packing on vehicle exhausts. This includes items such as baffles in the exhaust system that have not been welded/riveted in place, or items that are adjustable such as valves, or materials introduced into the exhaust system, such as steel wool. These items must not be used to defeat a noise test."

Note that vehicles fitted with such a device from the factory are excluded.

More info:

NSW legislation:

Victorian legislation:

Peter McKenna

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