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Miniscule Muscle

16 Mar, 1999

Fast and furious racecars - in miniature.

Tyre Burner

16 Mar, 1999

This Mazda RX3 just goes to show that all isn't as it seems!

Engine Management Systems, Part 3

16 Mar, 1999

The ECU is the computer that runs the engine. It takes note of what the input sensors are telling it, consults the internal program, and then spits out the right injector opening times and other outputs. So how does it do this?

Pre-Owned Performance - Nissan Bluebird (Altima) 4WD Turbo

16 Mar, 1999

An alternative to the local influx of WRXs - and at around half the price of a new Subaru...

Performance News - 16 March 1999  - 16 Mar, 1999

Readers' Cars  - 16 Mar, 1999

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