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Express Delivery

27 Feb, 2001

What a superb car! Take one South African Mazda 323 ute - yes a ute! - and swap in a 2-litre DOHC engine from the big brother 626. Bolt it to a 6-speed trans (yes, and it is still front wheel drive) and then add a turbo and intercooler. Throw in some NOS and stand well back...

Thrill Seca

27 Feb, 2001

Achievable performance with a blown Japanese engine swap.

Lesson Dealer

27 Feb, 2001

Many of our once-hailed Ford XR6s have faded into the blur of suburban traffic. But not this one - it creates a blur all of its own!

The Originator

27 Feb, 2001

Think hi-po four cylinder turbos only appeared in the last few years? Think again!

Lights are On (But No One's at Home?)

27 Feb, 2001

Don't want to risk getting a flat battery coz you forgot to switch off your headlights? Kick it now - it's easy!

Young Drivers and Crashes - Part 1

27 Feb, 2001

Are you a young male who likes being out in the car a lot with your mates? Of all road users, here's why you're most likely to die or be injured in a vehicle crash.

Pre-Owned Performance - Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-t

27 Feb, 2001

A pretender's GT-R? No way - the GTS-t is a lot better than that!

Greasy Times - Part 2

27 Feb, 2001

The oils that go into greases.

Forg's Dark Corner  - 27 Feb, 2001

Performance News - 27 February 2001  - 27 Feb, 2001

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