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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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LED Hunt

I have just subscribed and was thinking of makin’ the The Closed Loop Monitor). I've been checking the Jaycar site to get the specs of the LED ZD-1794 so I can get it from the equivalent shop in the UK, but Jaycar seen to have stopped stocking it. Can you suggest an alternative or tell me the rating of the LED?

Andy Madgwick

We believe any similar LED should do the trick.

More on Mazda Motors

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I just read your The Mazda V6 Guide and thought that you might like to know that a joint deal was done with Suzuki regarding the KF 2-litre engine. It is called the H20A and is found in rear-wheel-drive form in the Suzuki Vitara Estate from '95 to '98. It was made with timing chains instead of belts and came without the VRIS intake. It had a compression ratio of 9.5:1 and developed 100kW at 6500rpm and 172Nm at 4000rpm. This engine has formed the basis for the 2.5-litre H25A and 2.7-litre H27A in the Grand Vitaras and XL-7s.

Christopher Hamblin

Ballsy Brumby

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I’m looking for an engine conversion for my Subaru Brumby and I don't know what to put in it. I'm looking for performance and great sound! Can you please help me?

Cody Martin

The easiest swap would be a Subaru EA82 turbo but these engines are getting old and they’re not particularly powerful. The next option would be an EJ20 turbo (ala Liberty RS or WRX). See Grand-daddy Subie, Beauty and the Beast and Grandpa's Subaru... for related reading.

Performance Info

I'm looking for an article in publication that offers the engine and vehicle performance curves, torque, acceleration, power in kW, standing 400m test, 0 - 100 km/h, etc - preferably in graph format... The vehicle I have is a 1996 Ford EF Falcon.

John Grimes

For methods of performance testing, see the articles Performance Testing, Intelligent Performance, Part 8 - Reading Performance, Hitting the G-Spot and The AC22 Performance Meter.

Torque Converter Coverage?

I'm impressed with the detail and applicability of your articles no matter how technical the subject, though I am unable to find an article dedicated to torque converters. Has one been written that I am unable to find, or has the subject just not come up? The articles dedicated to clutches (The Clutch of the Matter and Clutch Matters) have been very useful to me and I now find myself considering a new torque converter for my old VG Val. An article covering the basics and how to select the best torque converter characteristics for your needs would probably benefit more than just me.

Paul Farey

No, we haven’t covered torque converters in any existing articles – but it is a very good suggestion. We’ll get onto it!

Improved Recall

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I have an alternative to the Peak Hold Boost Gauge - Do-It-Yourself Peak Hold. I recommend using the valve from a sphygmomanometer - the one connected to the blow-up bag. (A sphygmomanometer is used to measure blood pressure.) Using this, the peak pressure can be released and reset.

Thor Knutson
Puerto Rico

Good idea but be wary of the mercury contained in most older instruments.

eRam’d Prius

I saw Julian Edgar's series about turbocharging a Toyota Hybrid Prius. I live in Colorado and I have a 2004 Prius which is great except on LONG straight, steep passes when the electric boost fizzles. I want to add a turbo, if practical. I found an electric eRam kit that will boost the incoming air pressure by 1 – 2 psi. The webpage is or After talking with Julian, I'll buy the kit, install it and report back.

Steve Goldenberg

Sounds interesting – be sure to let us know how it goes!

Wanting a Book

Can you please let me know how to get my hands on the Automotive Upholstery Handbook by Michael Knowling?


The book - at Book Review - Automotive Upholstery Handbook - is written by Don Taylor. Michael Knowling did our review on it. For copies, contact Beven D. Young Automotive Books and Software - +61 8 8298 5548 or

Searching for an Anglia

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Do you have any back issues with the 1959 Ford Anglia of Kim Holdt left?

Paul Ludlow

Hmm, the only Anglia we’ve covered is owned by Jim Peall – see Inspired Creation

Morris Maintenance

I don't know if you can help. Would you be able to put me in contact with somebody who knows how to change the suspension on a Morris 1100? I’m in Cairns, Australia. My old bags are leaking and I cannot purchase any new ones. I am sure there are a lot of people in Australia who have the same problem with their old Morris cars.


Not quite our area of expertise – can any readers offer help?

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