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Peak Flow Happens When?

In your article Turbo'd for Torque you state that "the maximum fuel and air flows of the engine don’t change! That’s right: the standard sized injectors, standard sized fuel pump, standard airflow meter, standard exhaust – they can all remain." Don't the maximum fuel and air flows occur at peak torque, not peak power? If the peak torque is increased, the maximum fuel and air flows will also increase. Thanks for an excellent magazine!

Prem Naicker
South Africa

Maximum fuel and air flows do occur at peak torque – but only per intake stroke. In absolute terms, the maximum fuel and air flows occur at peak power.

What’s that Manifold?

I was just wondering what car the picture of the intake manifold is off in Boosting Injector Flow

Julian Sheriff

It’s a 1.6-litre Isuzu 4XE1 engine as fitted to the Japanese market Gemini from 1990. Naturally aspirated and turbocharged versions were released.

Improving Engines?

Re Driving Emotion - Revisiting the V6 Commodore.

I have come to similar conclusions about the latest Commodore. I drive various samples for work and had serious reservations about the original VZ, but recent samples are much improved - or at least raised from 'a step backwards' to ‘adequate but not impressive’...Like your review, I have experienced better NHV and mid response and about a 10 percent improvement in economy in cars with similar odometer readings.

Paul Carberry

LPG Tech Help

I am a mechanic and am currently working on a vehicle that sounds identical to the one your editor mentioned in his article referring to the issues faced by a mechanic that had to fit a LPG kit (supplied by the customer) to a turbocharged vehicle - only for the customer to complain that it doesn't perform as expected...Unfortunately, I didn't have the smarts to quote the real cost in time it has taken me to develop and modify his LPG set-up to perform as I would want. I was looking for technical info relating to this topic in your site. Can you send me a link to a technical information source relating converting turbocharged engines to run on LPG only without a major change in drivablity? Otherwise, in a few days I can supply you with this information through trial and calculated risk.

Rodger Day

We don’t have any specific articles on the sort of info you’re after - our most relevant LPG articles are...
Getting Gas..., Gas Works, Hyper-Gas Hemi, Mud Slinger and Gas Power!

Electric PS Search

I am trying to locate an electric power steering system like the one photographed in the article Modifying Electric Power Steering but without much success. I am located in Brisbane and the local import wreckers don’t seem to be able to help. May I ask where you obtained your unit?

Peter Parianos

We obtained ours from the tip. We’re not sure which model it’s from - it was a warranty replacement.

Waiting for Focus XR5

Just curious - are you gonna write up the Ford Focus XR5 anytime soon? I'm looking to get one and would like to hear your thoughts on it. Keep up the good work.

Rajneil Sharan

Yes, the turbocharged XR5 looks like it could be a great hot hatch package. We will be pushing Ford for a press car to evaluate!


Re New Car Test - Nissan 350Z Track

My God. You compared a Nissan 350Z to, err, a Holden... As if they were somehow in the same league. I pity you.

Nick Buick

Certainly, they are cars from different categories but it’s a perfectly valid real-world comparison. Many people would think the Zed would leave the Holden/HSV w-a-y behind – but, as we’ve pointed out, that’s not the case...

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