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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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IEBC Question

I have a few questions regarding the Independent Electronic Boost Controller (IEBC). To program the unit, I just monitor my in-car boost gauge and set the appropriate levels? This doesn't take into account throttle position or anything does it? It uses just a fixed program, correct?

Daniel Brook

The IEBC is programmed on the basis of injector duty cycle (which is directly related to throttle position and engine rpm). Yes, the IEBC should be configured with an eagle-eye on your boost gauge – and an air-fuel ratio meter is highly recommended.

Honda Squeeze

I am a loyal reader of your New Car Tests. Can you do a test on the Honda Civic 2006, please? I am a Honda fan and would like to read and squeeze any information about Honda from your website.

Kevin Baxter

The new Civic, in particular the updated hybrid version, looks pretty good - we’ll certainly contact Honda for access to a press vehicle.

BF Bungle?

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Re your BF Ford Falcon XT review Ford BF Falcon XT Test. Are you sure you guys reviewed a BF as the car pictured has BA taillights? BFs have clear brake lenses.


Yes, it is certainly a BF – as evident by the new interior door handles, wheel trims and front bumper. We’re not sure about the taillight situation. Our test car was hired so it is possible the BF lights had been replaced with BA lights after an accident – or maybe someone with a BA hired the car and pulled a swifty... Alternatively, the low light conditions during our photo shoot may be responsible for creating an illusion.

Blown Boxer

I am beginning a project which involves supercharging an Alfa 33 1712cc boxer engine and I could do with any help you may see fit to give. At present, Ive been offered two supercharger units - one off a 4AG 1.6 and the other off a 1G 2-litre. I'm inclined to go for the 1G item as its displacement is greater. What do you think? Neither? I know nothing of the Subaru Vivio but I'm told by some that its supercharger is too small. Help please!

Shaun Perhat

The ex Subaru supercharger is too small for the job – designed for a 660cc engine making just 47kW. We imagine either the 4AGZE or 1GGZE blower is suitable so long as you’re not chasing any more than about 150kW. For more info, see Supercharger Steal - Part One and Supercharger Steal - Part Two

Re Radios

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Re Driving Emotion... It might help others in the same position as Julian to have a look at this site - - before buying new radio gear. In particular, this review/thread on eham re: Yaesu VR 500 here - - gives you 'the drum' on the latest known pitfalls of your equipment.

One other important note to probable scanner purchasers; make sure whatever scanner you get has a connection to allow hooking the radio up to PCs... This feature alone makes scanning a more dynamic experience than relying on the radio's interface to adjust and input stuff.

And, lastly, I do implore people to explore shortwave radio preferably on 'decent' equipment. A whole smorgasbord of private/pirate radio stations exist 'out there' that alone make a lifelong impression... especially on those types who have been brought upon a diet of Australian broadcast media.

John Kirkham

Next Mods for Rex?

I own a ‘05 Subaru Impreza WRX with a bigger top-mount intercooler, APS air intake, boost controller, turbo-back 3 inch exhaust and APS blow off valve. I am currently looking at fitting a bigger turbo - which would be a bolt-on and suitable for a street application? Will I need to change the fuel system as well? I have also been looking at aftermarket pulley kits - do they make a difference?


For a street application, a ‘too small’ turbocharger is generally better than a ‘too big’ turbo. If you’re unsure whether the fuel system needs upgrading, we suggest running the car at full power on a chassis dyno and checking the mixtures and injector duty cycle. Pulley kits? We haven’t tried one – can any readers offer some experience?

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