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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed

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LPG Injector Search

I am building an interesting project at the moment. It is a BMW E30 with a Nissan SR20 motor and an intercooled Eaton M90 providing boost! To make things a bit more interesting, it runs on LPG only. Previously, it was powered by the stock M20B23 motor on LPG and boosted to 8 psi by a TDO4L turbocharger (ex 2001 Subaru WRX). It made a broad band of power peaking at 140kW ATW. Induction was a GRA gas carby.

This time around, I would like to use sequential vapour injection - but the search for LPG vapour injectors is driving me insane! I know there a many manufacturers of these injectors around (such as Kehin, Vialle, Prins, Landi-Renzo and so on) but sourcing them in Australia is proving fruitless. So people, please, if you have a pointer for me or can help in any way I would be most appreciative.

Peter de Vries

Sounds like a very interesting project! Can any readers offer some useful contacts or information?

Circuit-spec Skyline

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Great publication - I haven’t been disappointed yet!

I own a Nissan Series 1 Skyline (Australian model) with some basic suspension mods. I am planning on entering the world of weekend racing - nothing too serious, but a good punt around a track whenever I can. The car is used for daily duties at the moment, but a company car could be on the cards.

My question is... Is my Skyline capable of being set up with a good balance of power and handling to be reasonably competitive? I am considering turbocharging the RB30 with VL turbo parts and a few enhancements or, if I get rich, an RB25DET swap. I also plan lightweight wheels with good rubber, larger brakes (possibly R32 items), stronger transmission, LSD and more suspension tweaks. I am planning to keep it around the AUS$4000 - 5000 mark. Could this be a good package?

Although this car is no featherweight, it does have some practicality and it’s in very good condition. I'm also hoping on Nissan parts interchangability to help me out. I also don't like the odds of convincing the missus to sell it for something else...

Thank you for your help and guidance.

Jason Rose

Tough call. Yes, you could perform the mods you’ve suggested and end up with a quick car. How competitive it is on the race track will depend on how extreme you go with vehicle set-up (including suspension spring/damper tune, brake pads, weight reduction and engine output) and, of course, what other vehicles are on the track. But really, it would cheaper and easier to buy a Japanese import R31 Passage turbo (or perhaps an R32) with the Japanese-spec IRS and big brakes already fitted. Sure, you’ll be down on engine capacity but the RB20DET has plenty of upgrade parts to suit. See Nissan R31 Passage GT Turbo for our article on the R31 Passage.

All Wrong re Accord

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In regard to Julian Edgar's article on the Honda Accord V6 (New Car Test - Honda Accord V6 Luxury)... I believe he has got it all wrong. He seems to be interested in features that people of that age group don't really care about and has forgotten who the target market is. As it is designed for the American market, it does its job well for people who want a car which can take them from one place to the other in comfort and luxury. It is not a cost-cutting model as the materials used in the car are of top quality. Soft feeling is a good feeling.


Missed GM Concept Car

I was disappointed that your articles on GM concept cars (The GM Concept Cars and Revisited: The GM Concept Cars) omitted my favourite - the Monza GT.  This two-seater, mid-engine Corvair design study was hot. See for pictures and an article. As the present owner of two Corvairs (my 4th and 5th) I may be a little prejudiced, but one look at the car would impress people even by today's standards.

Ken Franson

Stanza Display

I am doing up a 1979 Nissan Stanza and am after a nice modern instrument cluster. Any ideas?

Benjamin Leschke

We suggest measuring the input of all signals into the Stanza cluster and searching for what’s available to suit. A Japanese import wrecker is the best place to start.

Hot Mazda Turbos

Click for larger image

Great website as usual. I just had a few quick questions to ask you...

Firstly, would the Mazda J5-DE 2.5 litre V6 engine (626 and MX-6) be a good candidate for supercharging given its smooth-revving nature?

I noticed that the new Mazda 6 MPS Turbo AWD will be on sale soon and was wondering whether AutoSpeed will do a review on this car - it sounds like a great package.

I thought another great article for AutoSpeed could be some kind of history of turbo Mazdas in Australia. I think the first ones here were the 1986 626 and 929 turbos. If the new Mazda6 MPS and RX-8 Turbo concept are included, I think that would be about 20 years or so of turbo Mazdas in Australia.

Thanks again for a great magazine.


We can’t see any reason why the J5-DE wouldn’t be a good engine to supercharge – just be aware of its relatively high compression ratio. We certainly hope to do a test of the Mazda6 MPS after it goes on sale around September (as scheduled by Mazda). Interesting idea re Mazdas turbo article – we will put it on our ‘to do’ list when the MPS hits the streets.

Lizard Skin?!

In your reply to Evan Smith (Response) you say you are going to look into sound insulation again sometime. This is something I have already been looking into for my next project and I came across a product called Lizard Skin. It seems to be gaining popularity in the USA for use in hot rods and stuff. It would be great if you could look into it - it insulates against sound and heat. Check out these links...

Ross Goddard

VW GTi Test?

Any chance of a review of the new VW Golf GTI - preferably with DSG?

Marcus Towner

Yes, this is a car that’s high on our list – we’ll see what we can arrange.

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