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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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Pug Feedback

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Attn Julian Edgar... There has been some discussion recently as a result of your review on the Peugeot 206GTi 180 (Peugeot 206 GTi 180 Road Test) on the Aussiefrogs forum. I was wondering if you were interested in answering some of the concerns and points raised by some of the 180 owners on the forum. I can understand if you don't want to get involved in petty arguments with one-eyed owners though...

Below are some links where the subject of your review has come up.

Keep up the good work.


We get that with every negative review we ever do of a car. Obviously, those that bought the car or are enthusiasts of the marque are going to feel differently to a completely independent reviewer to whom it doesn't matter if the car is good, bad or indifferent. Marque-specific discussion groups always say positive reviews are good and negative reviews are bad. Having since driven the Suzuki Ignis Sport, we'd rather have one of those for fun drives than the vastly more expensive Pug 180 GTi. (But of course if we were going to crash, we'd much rather be in the Pug!)

Charade Heart Transplant

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I have a 1987 Daihatsu Charade turbo with a CB60-G11 engine. Can I replace it with the CB80-G100 turbo engine that was released in the 1988 model? If I can do it, which parts do I have to replace? Can you give me some links about this project?

Dima Kazanovich

Yes, this conversion can be done. You can use the existing 5 speed gearbox but you’ll need a new upper engine mount (to accommodate the DOHC head), an EFI type fuel system and a management system. Check out


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I can't believe it - I saw you guys at the end of my street taking photos for the Alfa 164 test (Affordable Prestige)!!! If I had known that you were around I would have loved to have a chat and you could see the mods that I have done with your guidance on my Ford TX5 (‘Tickled TX5’ email). Okay, enough acting like a school girl at a rock concert... I would like your opinion on whether I should go for a ST185 Toyota Celica GT4 (only AUD$5,500) or a Mitsubishi VR4 Galant (AUD$6,500). Both are uncomplied through Yahoo Motorsport. I know that you guys love the VR4 - do you think the GT4 is in the same league and has the same modification potential? Any help would be great.

Luke Stolfo

Small world isn’t it?! We’d go for the VR4 – the mod potential is huge if you’re prepared to spend some money. Check out Evo manifolds and turbos bolt on and the engines are very strong. Plug-in ECUs are also available. There’s also a lot of info on 4G63 tuning on American sites (the 4G63 is fitted the US-spec VR4, Talon and Eclipse.) The Galant also seem a bit more reliable than the GT4 and, of course, they’re more practical.

Liberty Lungs

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Thanks for the great info at I especially enjoyed the "Eliminating Negative Boost" series. In Part 3 (Eliminating Negative Boost - Part 3) Mr. Edgar lists data on a Subaru Liberty RS before mods. I would greatly appreciate any data AFTER the listed mods and would like to know if any further mods were tried. I would also appreciate any details on the "new intake duct" to the airbox.


We have revised the air intake of a ’94 WRX in a previous article – Rex Sucks. This model WRX uses the same intake layout as the RS Turbo. The standard pre-airbox intake pipe is the killer. With the modified airbox and replacement AFM-to-turbo plenum we achieved a 59 percent reduction of intake restriction (while retaining the factory filter and airflow meter).

Tech Support?

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I was just reading an article published 11/09/01 by "Michael Knowling" (Michael's Speed Zone) about engine conversions and was wondering if you guys have a technical support team or just someone in your staff that can help people like me who have questions to ask about relevant topics.

Hady Melki

We don’t have a technical support team, but you can run a question past us. Note, however, we aren’t here to answer everyone’s technical questions so try to keep it fairly broad. We’ll help as much as we can!

How Fast?

Falcon BA XT road test – 24th July, 2004. In this test, what was the acceleration time recorded for 0-100 km/h? Thanks.

Raul Lorena

We did not perform a 0 – 100 test on that particular car.


Gidday - just wondering if you have ever done an article on aftermarket cruise control modules? I’m looking at installing one myself in my trusty old NA manual VL for when I do a trip from Perth to Melb and up to Bris. I think it would be very handy and would have to be worth its weight in gold on a trip like that.

Jamie Higgison

We haven’t done a story on fitting cruise control but it’s a great suggestion – we’ll put it on our ‘to do’ list!

T Terror!

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I am writing to you in relation to Julian’s column focussing on Toyotas - Driving Emotion. He mentions that the only two manufacturers of twin turbo in-line sixes in the late Eighties he could recall were made by Toyota and Nissan. I remember hearing that Vauxhall in collaboration with Lotus also released a twin turbo in-line six that really peed of a few of Europe’s manufacturers of the time as its performance was supposedly awesome. In fact, it was quicker than the Ferraris that were built in the same era. I don’t recall the model it was based on but I would assume that only a few were ever built (at least the twin turbo variety) - otherwise I’m sure their existence would have become common knowledge.

Brian Devlin

Yes, you’re right – it is the 1991 Vauxhall Lotus Carlton twin-turbo. Its 3.6 litre 24-valve TT engine cranks out almost 280 horses! Only a few hundred were built.

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