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The Significant Skyline

Chameleon paint, body kit, rims, leather trim, 323kW ATW - and one more very attractive feature...

Words by Michael Knowling, Pix by Julian Edgar

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At a glance...

  • Chameleon paint
  • Custom body kit
  • Leather trim
  • 323kW ATW
  • Within reach...
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For us, this R32 Skyline GT-R a very significant vehicle. Why? Well, of course there’s the who-could-miss-it chameleon paint job, the tasty rims and the fully-tuned RB26 under the hood. But there’s one other real clincher...

... and you’re gonna have to read through to the end to find out what it is!

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This 1992 Japanese-market GT-R has been imported to Australia by Sydney’s Auto Style Performance Cars. When it arrived on local shores, it was discovered that the car had already been fitted with Ziel adjustable coil-overs, a front suspension tower bar and an aftermarket exhaust. A few bonuses!

Domenic of Auto Style has his finger on the proverbial pulse of the modified car scene and he nutted out a plan of attack to transform the Skyline’s aging stock appearance into something that’d jump out at potential customers.

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Phase One involved stripping back the factory paint and applying a custom chameleon paint job. Domenic says he has records of the exact paint mix, just in case a panel ever needs to be repainted. You can never tell when side-swipe Sally is driving in the lane next to you...

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The GT-R body flaunts a custom Auto Style body kit comprising an aggressive front bar, side skirts and Euro-style mirrors. And note the clean-look rear. Domenic makes the point that the standard boot lid has not merely had its wing holes filled in - it’s a completely standard lid from a more mundane version of the R32.

Of course, fashionable boots were deemed essential. Eighteen by ten five-spoke 5-Zigen alloys give more than enough cred, as do the big 265/35 Falken tyres.

You can imagine that sinking feeling of the interested party when they pop the bonnet only to find the standard engine. No worries - Domenic has that department covered as well.

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Although standard internally, the 2.6-litre DOHC six has been enhanced with an M’s twin air filter arrangement and a locally fabricated 3-inch exhaust with MagnaFlow mufflers. The exhaust note is deep yet sophisticated.

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A bit of boost is a sure-fire way to wake up the GT-R, so Domenic has switched to a pair of high-flow steel-wheel versions of the standard snails. With an electronic HKS boost controller set for up to 1.5 Bar, a 6-inch thick custom intercooler maintains sane intake air temps and a Trust blow-off valve ensures maximum overall efficiency. Oil temperature is quelled by a Trust oil cooler and oil filter relocation kit. An oil breather is also fitted.

The engine management system has been chipped and is working with the standard twin hot-wire airflow meters. A Bosch 044 fuel pump and an adjustable Malpassi fuel pressure reg ensure the right quantity of fuel fires through the standard injectors. Adjustable cam sprockets have also aided in the search for torque and top-end power.

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So how much power are we talkin’ ere? Try about three times the output of the average family sedan - or, to be more precise, 323kW at all four wheels on a Dyno Dynamics chassis dyno. On a one-time-only quarter mile pass, the car has run an 11.8 but - with the right technique and ideal conditions - Domenic is confident of significantly better.

The standard gearbox is holding up fine even though a no-slip twin-plate clutch does it no favours. The Ziel suspension remains in place and the brakes are stock except for a set of Endless pads.

Click for larger image

Domenic also realises the importance of getting the interior right - it is, after all, where the driver has the most touchy-feely interaction with the car. (In most cases, anyway!) Domenic has an in-house interior trim specialist who was put to work leather-lining the standard GT-R seats along with the door trim centres. The leather quality is top-notch and would be a credit to even the most exotic new car. Other interior mods include an upgrade sound system, A-pillar gauges for water temp and AFR, an in-glovebox boost gauge and a 320 km/h speedo (the Japanese-spec 180 km/h speedo is a joke on a car like this!)

Okay, so now for the bit that you’ve been waiting for. The bit that really makes this Skyline significant.

Click for larger image

To recap, this Skyline GT-R runs 323kW at the wheels, features a distinctive chameleon paint job and custom body kit, top-notch rims and a full leather luxury trim. Sound like something exotic? It is! But – amazingly - the price tag is lower than you’ll pay for a run-of-the-mill new Subie WRX...

Click for larger image

Consider the price of a typical GT-R and the worth of all these added goodies and Auto Style’s AUD$43,900 asking price is incredible value. Not so long ago, any Skyline GT-R would’ve set you back 50k – and one with this level of mods would’ve fetched more than 70k...

Just over 40 grand for a killer vehicle like this? Could things get any better?!


Auto Style Performance Cars

Phone: 0414 444 930

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