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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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Downforce Testing

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I have been thinking of buying a Magnehelic pressure gauge to measure downforce - or the lack of - on a car body. Do you think this would work and would it make a good article? I sure would like to read one!

Your custom airbox article (Building and Testing an Airbox) was great – you’ve got the best site on the web!

Jeff Short

The Magnehelic gauge could certainly be used as a guide to the aerodynamic pressures acting on various points on the body. You can also measure vehicle ride height – see Real World Spoiler Development

Turbo Tips

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I am emailing to ask if you could let me know what I need to install a turbo to my engine?

Timothy Fowler

Check out Turbo Kits Explained - that’s the best place to start.

Dearth of Deltas

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I just saw your Devilish Deltas article. I was just wondering how many Lancia Deltas are in Australia, because I know my Dad and I brought two into the country - how many others do you think there are?

Chris Horsley

We’re not sure. However, having spent time in most Australian cities, we can safely say there are very, very few!

Suzuki Hit Up

How about hitting up Suzuki for some new car tests?

There is an updated version of the Liana out now - would be interesting to see if it has improved on your last review New Car Test - Suzuki Liana. I recall that you said the engine was lacking, the sound system was poor at high volume and the digi-display was susceptible to glare. The new one has a 1.8 litre VVT engine, normal gauges and a seven speaker stereo including sub-woofer. I wonder if the changes were brought about by your article!

Would love to see how the Ignis Sport rates in the hot hatch segment. On paper it looks better than most everything out there.


Stay tuned – we have both of these cars freshly scheduled for testing!

Couple of Fixer-Upers

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After purchasing all five years of AutoSpeed I’ve noticed a few errors, but nothing major really - except for Sunkist...

"Simon tracked down a VP Series 2 Commodore engine/box/loom/airflow meter/computer pack in good, original condition.”

Now, owning a Series 1 VP V6, I can tell you for sure that they did not come with an airflow meter - they use a MAP sensor. The airflow meter came in with the Ecotec motor.

Also, in the Herrod Hot Up article...

"Herrod Motorsport, located in Thomastown (Victoria), now offers AN package that'll please current Ford ute".

I don’t mean to nitpick but I like AutoSpeed and would like to contribute in any way possible.

Ian Armstrong

Our mistake – as you said, the VP Series 2 V6 doesn’t run off an airflow meter. The article is now fixed. And so is the typo in the Herrod article. Thanks.

Intake Length?

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Could you answer a question for me? I have a 2.5 litre Subaru Libertyand my wife has a 2.5 Impreza. I have just purchased a pair of K&N pod filters and plan on making 3-inch stainless cold air intakes for both of them. My question is should the tubing hold 2.5 litres between the manifold and the filter? I think there is a formula - can you help?

Vic Jenkins

Your safest bet is to keep the induction pipe length the same as factory – this will help maintain some of the existing intake tuning. See Pipe Dreams as an example. Dyno and/or on-road testing is better than theory.

Sometime in the Future...

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An article idea for you - analysis of what’s left of the world’s oil supply, current rate of use, predicted use, analysis of time remaining, etc.

Yes, alternatives exist - but what is as easy, as transportable and as proven as Otto-cycle engines? And, let’s face it, when I’m old I am not going to be happy driving some Honda hybrid s^&box with 20kW ATW!

Should the question be what other fuels can be used? Should we all go to methane, ethanol or hydrogen? This could be a multi-part series.

Adam Howarth

We have covered oil supply issues in the article The Big Rollover. We've driven the local Honda and Toyota hybrids and well, we love 'em! Take one for a test drive – you can’t help admiring the sophistication and operation of these remarkable cars. Oh, and don’t think hybrids are beyond modification!

Rolled Edges?

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I was reading the very informative article ("Pop Tops"), which covered the step-by-step installation of a sunroof.  However, I'm very interested in finding out something that the article only mentioned in passing... the option of getting a rolled metal edge around the sunroof hole instead of the standard rubber seal. The only places I can find that seem to do this are in Australia. I was wondering exactly how the process of rolling the edge of the metal and repainting the roof goes.


We’re told that very few people are prepared to wear the extra cost to get the rolled edge. We have not seen this job being performed but SunroofCity (the company we worked with in the article) should be happy to give you some details. We imagine there should be someone closer to you, though.

Muffler Pickings

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I'm hoping you can tell me the part numbers of the Genie resonator and Tornado you tested in your Giant Muffler Comparo Giant Muffler Comparison - The Mufflers!. The photos show that they have Genie Turbo stamped on them, yet you have a different unit listed as the Genie Turbo in your test. The two I'm interested in are the straight-thru designs. I'm looking to purchase these, as I was impressed with both the performance in your tests and - more importantly - the sound. I want to make sure the ones I buy are exactly the same as the ones in your test.


We don’t have part numbers but if you order a Genie Tornado or resonator of the straight-through variety you’ll get what we tested (assuming there haven’t been any design changes). The third Genie muffler listed in the article (with Genie Turbo stamped into the body) is a Tri-flow type. That’s not what you want.

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