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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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An Effective Dyno?

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Have you had a look at the shareware called Streetdyno? I don't have the original site address any more but it is easily found. By measuring engine speed via a pickup from ignition circuit and inputting car parameters a very repeatable engine horsepower curve can be produced - right up your Do-It-Yourself alley.

Jeremy Lush
New Zealand

We have already checked out a similar product – see From the Editor

How much More Power?

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Are you going to see how much more power the Nissan V6 engine makes with the custom airbox? (Building and Testing an Airbox)

Bassam Alwan

No – before and after intake air temperature and pressure testing should be enough. Not many people will care how much extra power was achieved with the Maxima’s relatively rare VG20ET engine – use this article as a guide for mods on other cars. Anyway, we don't have access to a dyno mounted in a wind tunnel.

Never outa Juice

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Regarding your article LCD Temp Display!, I went out and purchased one, hooked it up and I’m pleased to say that it works. Just one minor point about it, however - the on/off switch is located on the back of the unit. What did you do to turn it on and off when you installed it into your test car? I have had to make it so that I can pull it out off its mount so I can turn it on and off.

Is it possible to utilise the Cheap and Easy 5V Supply and simply hard-wire it to the battery terminals?

Darren Smith

We never switched the display off – and we never had to replace its battery in the period before the car was sold months later. The easiest way to solve your problem is to connect a single AA battery to the unit – this will last for years. Put the battery in a plastic battery holder, mount the holder somewhere that’s accessible and wire the terminals of the battery holder to the temp display.

Cunning Cat

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I was wondering if you know - or ever heard - of anyone putting a fuel-injected V12 out of a Jaguar XJ-12 and putting it in an E-Type V12? Will it work?

Jeff Kanonas

We haven’t heard of it being done but we imagine it would be possible. Of course, you would have to make sure the injection manifold will fit and you’ll need to set up a high-pressure fuel system (with a return line to the tank). You’ll also need to wire in an ECU to run it. Can any readers share their experiences?

Which One?

I’ve just finished five years at university and, after years of dreaming about sports cars, I’m finally going to buy one. The problem is that I can't decide what to get. I'm tossing up between two cars - a R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R or an early ‘70s Porsche 911 2.7-litre. Insurance and all that bullsh#^ aside, what car do you reckon I should go for and why? Up until now I’ve owned four Datsun 1600s and driven my Dad's WRX a lot. I’m also just finishing off my SR20DET 1600. I know this is a vague question but any feedback would be greatly appreciated as you guys have the only opinion I value when it comes to cars.


Wow – what a choice! Given you have a SR20DET Datto about to be finished you’ll probably want to be able to step into something with a more modern feel – from that perspective, we reckon the GT-R is the go. The GT-R (although hard-edged) would also be better suited as an everyday type driver than the classic Porsche. The Porsche certainly has a special aura to it, tho... Got any straws?

Some Help

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I am a proud owner of a Mitsubishi FTO. In your last Response there was an email from a bloke who wanted to swap his Mitsubishi tiptronic gearbox +/- around. I know the FTO gearbox and current Magna ‘box is the same so here’s some helpful information...

Go to - there are pictures and complete instructions on how to do the job!

Just go to “FTO for Dummies” on the left then go to the second heading “Running Gear, Transmission, Suspension, etc" and under there it will list "swapping gears on a tip box".

David Embury

Damn Fool!

I have just read the previous Response regarding the Mitsubishi Lancer. The particular letter was from A.Non (poor bugger is too sick to put a name to his criticism? Damn fool).

Click for larger image

I own and rally a 1.8-litre Mitsubishi Lancer MR CE Coupe. I have owned it in standard form and I know Mitsubishi have sold quite a few. To my knowledge, nobody has complained of poor all-round window tinting causing motion sickness or burning clutches (other than those fools who stupidly rest their left foot on the clutch pedal instead of the provided footrest).

I have a good friend and who happens to be my navigator - he is a haemophiliac (his blood doesn't clot like normal) and, as a result, he has limited use of his legs and arms due to severe joint fusion. He recently borrowed my Lancer and he said the pedal placing was perfect for his legs and he was so comfortable driving it he has not had the pleasure of driving a car so well fitted to his restricted dimensions. Oh, and the clutch is the original standard unit - I have achieved a 3rd, 1st and 1st placing in my three rallies so far and the clutch is still going good. No smells yet.

So, out of the thousands - possibly millions - of Lancers sold, how many people have made the same strange (stupid) complaints? None that I know of. The world just gets stranger and more stupid every day... I wish I had the money to afford a new AWD Magna and an EVO VI or VII. I am very proud of my Lancer. I am proud to say I drive a Mitsubishi every day and I wouldn't have it any other way. I am now driving my road-registered Lancer and in two years I have clocked up over 71,000 trouble free, VERY satisfied, enjoyable and comfortable kilometres. One day I will own an AWD Mitsubishi - one day....

Scott Bell

Yes, we were quite intrigued by that email as well – that’s why we decided to run it! Good luck with the rallying and keen on gunnin’ for a Lancer Evo or Magna AWD!

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