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Some of this week's letters to AutoSpeed.

5 October 2003

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Boost Bits

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Re the Audi's DIY boost control ("The Audi's DIY Boost Control - Part 1"). This is a cool set-up that I want badly for my Audi TT quattro. Do you have a kit that I can buy that has all the parts or do I have to source the parts myself? I'm just afraid I'm going to buy the wrong stuff.

Dan Skala

We don't offer that boost control system as a kit, but if you make sure you use the part numbers listed in the article there won't be any problems!

Dangerous City?

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Great article on the little turbo Honda ("Urban Weapon") - it's got me thinking, as always. Anyway, just to let you know the url for the importer is (no .au as you listed). I'm sure people will work it out like I did, but just thought I'd let you know.

Do you really think you'd go for something this old from Japan considering the general consensus that a lot of the newer imports being brought in aren't that well looked after? Makes you wonder. I guess if someone has kept the car this long, though, it's likely they looked after it or at least changed the oil every 5 years!

John Masson

Well spotted re web address - now fixed. You're right regarding the City Turbo - we'd inspect any older Japanese import very carefully. For the money, though - even if such a vehicle does need some maintenance - they're absolutely great fun.

Good Hard Info

Congratulations on your interview of Harry Watson.

Lee Kernich
General Manager Product Engineering, Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd

Block Out Bungle?

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I'm sure the owner of the Laughing Rex is very happy that you blocked out the number pate on the opening shot, only to show it clearly in the other photos in the body of the article - particularly with your joking reference to the 'legality' of a NOS system and unwanted attention from the boys in blue.

Michael O'Brien

Those plates are actually for promotion of the workshop involved in the car's modification. AAS stands for Advanced Automotive Services.

Cheap Box

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Where did you buy that battery box (at "Relocating the Battery") for 20 bucks?

Tony Goodlich

The box came from Whitworths Nautical World. Visit

Loves the Oldies

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Great article on the Galant VR4 ("Australia's Best Value Performance Car"). I'm loving these ones focusing on all the cars you seem able to get in the "over 15 year old" category. As you say, you don't need to spend over ten grand if you don't want to. Good to see the article about this idea in general, the VR4 being the best in this category by what you say. I've got a mate who has always raved about Galants and I might have to agree with him now (always disappointing)!

I know its extremely difficult, but hopefully you will be able to find some mildly modified examples of each type of second-hand car to illustrate their potential - maybe just a link to some of the relevant archived AutoSpeed articles would be good. I realise from the recent opinion articles that this would be going over the same ground again, but it'd be interesting to see what people have got out of various cars - especially if you can give an idea of what it cost.

A good concept for AutoSpeed is to keep the "budget performance" type stories coming - I guess most people are in that group. These stories give me hope of finding a fun machine next year when I'm working, as opposed to slacking off at uni! Keep up the great work. It goes without saying AutoSpeed is the pick of any motoring magazine I've read and way ahead on value for money!

John Masson

350 You Guess It...

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Re: "Driving Emotion" by Julian Edgar. As a Z owner, I can appreciate this gentleman's comments regarding the 350Z's inability to be driven like a rally car on back roads and uneven pavement. In rebuttal, not all of us drive on such roads and to narrow one's view to only these driving conditions is, frankly, narrow-minded. More appalling than the author's narrow-mindedness is his liberal use of the word "sh*t". Your Editor should be fired. Such amateurish work simply cannot be taken seriously or given any credibility.

Darin Hamilton

Lack of Lasers

Any chance you guys would be able to run an article on the Ford Laser TX3 AWD turbo? AutoSpeed rarely mentions them and, as far as I can tell, you have never run a specific article on them apart from a feature car article ages ago. I recently purchased one myself and for the money I paid (7k) I reckon its gotta be right up there on the bang for your buck list with the VR4. Granted it has a weak gearbox but it's the same issue with WRXs. The gearbox doesn't make it a bad car - it just means you can't abuse it.

Darren Smith

We have a story on the BFMR 323/TX3 Turbo scheduled! Stay tuned.

Too Many Pistons

Click for larger image

Pistons, Pistons, PISTONS, P I S T O N S... enough already! Don't forget the engine with 3 moving bits. A link for your viewing pleasure... Check out the engine assembly videos at the bottom. And where is the RX-8 review? Not the tech bits article - the "I drove it" article?

Simon Briggs

We're still working on Mazda Australia for an RX-8 test car.

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