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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

28 September 2003

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RX-8 Coming #1?

I've enjoyed your comments on the Nissan 350Z. When will you be testing the Mazda RX-8?

Dave Thompson

RX-8 Coming #2?

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Great articles on the 350 Z car. Your description of driving your area was vivid. I just test drove a Z car last Sunday - a Touring model - and was disappointed in its road noise and jar. I felt and heard every bump.

Have you driven the RX8 yet? I bought one! It was so much better driving and riding to me. I would like to hear your comments on it and the drive in your area.

Rodney Winkler

We recently contacted Mazda and this is the response we received: "Thanks for your request, unfortunately we don't have any cars available at the moment." Maybe they didn't like our test of the Mazda 6?

Instructions for Keeping Quiet

Just saw you are planning a sound-deadening article, so though I would offer you this tip...

Most audio places use products like Dynamat or Brown Bread for soundproofing. Although Brown Bread (as sold by Jaycar) isn't too expensive, you can get a cheaper and almost identical product, although in different dimensions, from most hardware stores. The stuff is called Flashtak, made by Bear. It's a metallic-backed, self-adhesive, bituminised flashing that is usually used for weather sealing roofing and guttering, and works just as well as the more expensive alternatives. I thought this 'alternative product use' would appeal to Julian's inner 'MacGyver'.

PS: If you use a Stanley knife to cut the stuff, a quick squirt of WD40 on the blade before and after use will help keep the stuff from sticking to the blade, and remove any that does.

Quinton Dolan

English Ol' Chap

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Thanks for an informative article on the Audi turbo boost ("The Audi's DIY Boost Control - Part 1"). Although it may seem a bit petty, I must point out that Norgren are a wholly-owned British company, not German. Sorry for the show of patriotism but we Brits still have a bit of pride.

Steve Wright
United Kingdom

Chasing Us Up

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I enjoyed the Giving Chase article (Giving Chase) immensely, but I have to pick you up on a few detail items regarding the article. The three different GX81 vehicles are virtually identical in spec - if anything the Mark II was the sportiest (and most common) of the three. The GX81s were available with the 1GFE, 1GGE, 1GGTE and the 1GGZE supercharged. Manual 1GGTE cars are quite prevalent in Japan, perhaps because a fair percentage of the autos have been scrapped.

Jeff Ash

MY03 WRX Coming?

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Hi all. Just wondering if you've road tested the new (MY03) WRX yet? If so, when can we expect an article to be published? I'm in the market for something like a new WRX at the moment and I'd love to hear what you guys think of it.

Julian Talijancich

Despite requests, Subaru hasn't made available any press cars to us since we tested the '02 STi. They didn't like that test much - draw your own conclusions...

Hot on the VG30!

This is a great site - I look forward to spending hours on it!

Click for larger image

I am a big lover of the VG30ET and have one fitted in a Nissan 720 and another in a '81 Bluebird racecar. I have just installed an independent rear-end to the Bluebird and am moving the engine back 6 inches, so I can do away with an adapter plate and run a factory transmission. Love your site!

Jarrard Fleming

Stay tuned for a VG30ET Navara in the coming weeks!

Moving Miras

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Can you give me the technique how to modify my Daihatsu Mira L2 SOHC engine, starting at the beginner stage. I hope to get feedback from you - thank you for your cooperation.

Zumaidi Edy

The first mods should be a high flow exhaust (we'd recommend a 2 1/4 or maybe a 2 1/2-inch system depending what sort of power you're targeting) along with a high-flow air intake. This can be either a pod type filter (making sure its draws in only cool ambient air) or an enlarged cold air feed into the existing airbox. With improved breathing we'd then take the boost pressure up to around 13- 14 psi and enjoy a significant boost in torque all the way through the revs. For more boost than this you should upgrade the factory intercooler, fit a fuel cut defender and keep a very close eye on mixtures.

That ought to get you well and truly started! Beyond this you'll need an improved fuel system and a larger capacity turbocharger. You might even go as far as the guy in this article ("Mighty Midget")...

Wad Up

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Hey wad up guys. I just signed up to your site and thought maybe you could give me a little advice. Right now I am saving up my money for a RSX; waiting 'til I get about 70k before I start to do the work. You guys are going to laugh at me I know, but I'm trying to build the f&*^ing fastest Acura (Honda) RSX ever. Go ahead and laugh but, sh^&, I'm going to do it! When I start I will do all the engine work first (not like some people who start with the exhaust). I was thinking of getting a Japanese-spec 4-cyl engine imported but, sh^&, I have no f^&*ing clue where to look. After I get the engine imported I'm going to rebuild it and get it blueprinted. Sh^&, I don't even know if this is the best thing to do - I hear the stock engines can be pretty powerful. If you guys can give me some advice or know where I can purchase a J-Spec engine, email me. Thanks.


Being based in Australia we can only suggest a Japanese importer local to us - export lots of engines etc and should be able to help you out.

Can't See the Wood...

Click for larger image

Re Driving Emotion published 24/08/2003 ("Driving Emotion"). Bravo Julian! Thankyou for publishing your objective commentary on the 350Z. I have a friend who owns a Zed wrecking yard in California to whom I emailed the article - he appreciated it very much!

I myself own a 260Z 2+2, which I'm currently modifying; boy, doesn't that vehicle have some foibles?! I was once a member of a Zed car club but let my membership lapse due to the emotional attachment of the members to the vehicle and the attitude that the Zed was better than anything else on the road <sigh>.

It's like a failed relationship - in 12 months it will all be forgotten about... Thanks for producing a fantastic magazine.

Malcolm Land

Yes, our 350Z coverage has certainly caused some action! We couldn't agree more about your comments in regard to brand loyalists.

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