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Some of this week's Letters to AutoSpeed!

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Intercooled '37?

Love the mag! Being a hot rodder, I'm always interested in new stuff. Question - have you ever looked at intercooling a carby V8? I'm building a 1937 Ford with warm 351 Clevo and was wondering if there might be a better way to get cooler air into the carby - or if its even worthwhile?

Peter Czerny

It's always worthwhile to try to stuff the coolest possible air into your engine - this improves potential for power and minimises the chance of detonation. You can't intercool a naturally aspirated engine, but we would suggest making sure the air filter is arranged to draw air from somewhere apart from the hot engine bay environment.

Good luck with the '37 Ford!

Fast Forrester

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Hi guys, I need some clarification on ECUs. I am looking at doing some mods to a Subaru Forester GT (exhaust, air intake and maybe a little more boost). I want to adjust the engine management to take account for these mods. Does this mean that I need a new ECU, or can the OE one be remapped? Or do I need a full-on aftermarket ECU? Thanks.

Brett Clarke

We'd contact a reputable chip supplier (such as ChipTorque) for a custom program to suit the mods on your vehicle. Note however - in an ideal situation - the car should be made available to the workshop to allow real-time mapping to suit your specific vehicle.

Alternatively, a UniChip interceptor module can be wired in to make changes to open-loop running. An aftermarket ECU is a relatively expensive and, generally, a more troublesome approach - it's not worth it with only minor mechanical mods.

Fueltronics Fuel-Only

I need some info on a very early Fueltronics EM1 fuel-only injection computer. It's in a small tin box, well made, with about 7 adjustable pots inside to adjust the different throttle stages. I have questions concerning if it needs sensors for throttle position and/or temperature. I have asked Fueltronics themselves and have got no reply. Thanks.

New Zealand

We wouldn't want to comment on this product since we're not completely familiar with it. Persist with Fueltronics (perhaps phone the workshop on +61 8 8231 3788) or try one of their agents (visit to identify your nearest outlet).

Cough! No Cat?!

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Please tell me I read this wrong...

"After that I really wanted to start modifying the car. The first things I did were the exhaust, intake and UniChip. The exhaust I'm using is a full APS (Air Power Systems) 3-inch system from one of their earlier kits, but I've knocked out the cat converter."

Michael Keen, the WRX owner who works for Turbo Tune is announcing to the world he has invalided the ADRs and is irresponsibly destroying our environment. This is a stupid thing to advertise on this site, and it brings this site into disrepute. I certainly hope you correct this before dozens of sheep go and destroy their cat converters.

Daniel Simms

Want to Convert?

Great Mag! I read as much as possible everyday at work to dull the pain of dealing with mere mortals. Could you maybe include an article or dedicated page on conversion from metric to imperial and back, as well as different formulae - like how to work out specific flow in a certain diameter pipe or how to mix different fuels to get specific octanes? It's really difficult searching through all the articles to find one formula. Thanx again for a great mag!

Francois van Jaarsveld
South Africa

We've done the metric conversions - see "Automotive Conversion Tables" and we'll think about the formulae request.

Keen on Turbo Falcon!

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Hi guys, I was just wondering when you were going to do a review of the new Turbo Falcon? I'm looking forward to seeing what mods will make this baby go. A Turbo vs V8 Falcon comparison would be excellent! Cheers and keep up the good work.

Darren Frith

We've just finished writing the test of the new 5-speed BA XR6 Turbo and it's... well, you'll just have to wait and find out!

Battery Buzz

Click for larger image

I enjoyed the battery article, especially the bit about relocating to the boot or cabin. I am interested in doing this to my car soon - although, I would never do what the owners of the cars you pictured seem to have done. Why are they using the same colour wire for both the positive and negative terminals? In one pic they are both black and the other they are both red. Am I just colour blind or is this not a good practice? Keep up the good work.

Dusko Mackoski

Happy you liked the article Dusko and, no, you're not colour blind - well spotted!

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