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Some of this week's Letters to the Editor!

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How Many of 'Em?

Regarding the Hi-Po LED Brakelight Upgrades article. You use 9 LEDs in the article. Can I use 10 or 11 LEDs? What's the difference? What about the voltage? How many volt is one led? Should I make it close to 12V? In the article the brake light use two bulbs, but my car uses one only. Is it suitable?

Ken Lau

You can use any number of LEDs, so long as each has its own resistor and they are wired in parallel as shown in the story. It doesn't matter how many bulbs the original brake light had - unless you go totally mad and install 50 or 60 LEDs.

Subie Stuff-Ups #1

Here's a few Subie don'ts for your Subie Dos article. The MY97 did not have a roller bearing turbo. Its turbo is smaller than previous turbos but not roller bearing. Only the STi's came with roller bearing turbos. The MY97 was rated at 155kW, not 160kW. The 160kW rating came with the MY99 (which has often shown on dynos to produce less power than standard MY98's). MY97's still had 15 inch rims. The MY98's got the 16 inch wheels. The MY98 got the new dashboard with centre bin and white dials (before the MY99 you stated).

Please do some more research for future such articles ;)

Roger Canty

Subie Stuff-Ups #2

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Interesting article on WRX's, however you've got a few errors. The MY97 did not get a new dash/door trims as that happened in the MY98 (white-faced gauges etc). The MY97/98 also only had 155kW the upgrade to 160kW came with the 99/00. While I'm not 100% certain, you may also find that the 16-inch rims did not appear until the MY98. Sorry to get picky but you should do some more detailed research.

I enjoy reading through the weekly AutoSpeed and the technical articles are pretty useful. Keep up the good work.

Geoff Lynch

MK has been sentenced to sit behind the wheel of his WRX reading workshop manuals for the next 6 months... Thanks - corrections have been made.

DIY Windscreen Washer Lights

Would you be able to feature more DIY articles as to how to install driving lights? Also the new craze on wiper nozzle spray lights, are they legal or illegal? Or even any other form of lights on the car, besides the head, rear and signal lights. R they legal?

Marcus Lee

Dunno if washer nozzle lights are illegal... but we wouldn't upset us much if they were! Some additional lights are legal - eg a pair of driving lights - and in the past adding extra side indicators and extra brake lights have never been frowned upon. We don't think you'd have any problems if the extras are actually functional and improve safety. That still leaves lots of scope for adding lights...

Those Great Drivers' Roads

Hi as a newbe here I've been wondering if you have a list of drivers' roads. I have spent all my dollars on a nice performance build and now myself and friends have started organising drive weekends. For these weekends we premap the most twisty sealed roads we can find then pick destinations based on these roads. My question is this, would you consider running a great drives section? I know of many people who have these and want more. Thanks.

Vincent Whitehead

We've had that request a few times over the years. Trouble is, with our readers spread right around the world, any single story would be of very limited value to most people. However, we certainly happy to run emails detailing great drives!

Fixing Holes

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I was recently reading your review of the Subaru B4 ["Subaru Liberty B4 Twin-Turbo"] which made note of transitional problems with the twin-turbo setup. Do you know if the older model Legacy GTBs (eg 1996) also suffered from this problem? And if so, how likely is it that some simple breathing mods could help to fix/minimise this? I know you guys are busy but it would be cool if I could get your opinion on this:)

James Cameron

We have driven one of the older twin turbo engines installed in a WRX ["Twice the Fun?"] and it was similar. We don't think that just 'some simple breathing mods' would fix it, but if you wanted to invest in engine management changes (eg via an interceptor and some extensive tuning) and a new exhaust, the situation may be able to be improved.

Electronic Rust Proofing

I've been looking at electronic rust proofing for my car and I would like to know more about them and how effective they are. I know of a couple of places where they sell them and for about $400 fully installed and for that kind of price are you guaranteed that it will work on the whole car or just certain parts? I've tried searching for it on your site but I couldn't find any stories about them. Are you likely to be doing any reviews on them in the future? Or if you have done one already can you direct me to the review?

Rodney Ng

About 12 months ago we approached a major manufacture of these units for some research literature on the product. The literature arrived and looked quite impressive, so we requested a unit to have professionally reviewed. The company never replied.

Doing it Together

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I think you're right about the situation between police and modified car enthusiasts. It is understandable to be concerned about public liability associated with car parks. Also the stupidity of a select few do ruin the fun of the greater majority however surely all these components of enthusiasm with cars could be dealt with in a positive manner.

The Australian government is cracking down on "hooliganism". There is no doubt about it. We have all seen the articles on 'Today Tonight' about Illegal Street racing and how Peter Beattie [Queensland premier] has vowed to stamp out the pastime that so many of us have enjoyed for so long. Police now comb the streets in their unmarked cars and set speed traps behind bushes. New laws have been put into place regarding 'hooning' in its various forms. If a car is caught 'hooning' three times, it is confiscated for good. That's it. Gone.

Surely one of these 'clubs' referred to in the latest 'Driver's Seat' could invest some money in a place where everyone could meet legally (without the supervision of cops). There could be a drag strip, small race course, area for burnouts, tune shop, performance gear for sale, petrol station (with 98 octane of course) and even a café! Sort of like a private "Broadwater Car Park". Drivers around the country would not hesitate to pay a modest amount of money to enjoy these facilities. As long as the centre is not located three hundred miles west of Woop Woop, people would come.

"What of Public Liability Insurance?" you ask. Drivers sign disclaimers. Simple.

How many people would be prepared to pay maybe... five dollars entry of a Saturday night to escape the 'fuzz' and be unbothered in their pursuit of a good time? To show off the latest additions to their cars. When there is the bonus of facilities such as a drag strip and electronic timing equipment, I'd say quite a few.

Surely this is an option to combat the negative spin the government is placing on the fight against hooning. With all the revenue from those fines and confiscated cars going to auction, maybe even they could inject some funding into such a positive project. Speaking of fines, does anyone know where that money goes? There are still potholes in my street and the Gold Coast highway southbound needs resurfacing.

Andrew Seward

We've seen plenty of organisations over the years full of enthusiasts who race their cars, gather to talk about them, go on cruises together, etc. They are called car clubs, and they do all of their performance events on dedicated tracks. Contact CAMS for a list of the local accredited car clubs, and make some inquiries as to which of them participate in club-level motorsport events.

We Have Already... #1

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How about running an article on one of the minor dent and bumper repair services? The Touch Up Guys is one that comes to mind. I am interested in keeping my car looking good so would like to better understand the quality of the work provided by such companies and to get a feel for what they can and can't do.

Give it some thought.

Gary Saddington

A story like this? "Dent Magic"

We Have Already... #2

Click for larger image

Just have an article suggestion.. how about interviewing one of the tech-heads that run an aftermarket ECU business? Whilst MoTeC comes to mind, I think the more price-accessible systems like Autronic and Microtech might make for an interesting read...

and if you manage to do it, ask them why there is no bloody knock sensor!

Keep up the good work! :)

Dan Boman

A story like this? "AutoSpeed Interview: MoTeC's Ken Douglas - Part 1"


Click for larger image

Re Hill Climb comments, could you please publish details of who holds this event and how often they do. I love long windy roads and the idea of doing it legally for a change really appeals to me :)

Stephen Morison

Contact your local CAMS office for a list of local hillclimb tracks. We have also featured a few articles on hillclimbing - do a search.

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