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Radar Avoidance

I've just finished reading your article on the graphite foam ["Graphite Foam"] and it looks and sounds like the same stuff used in the aerospace industry. The material we use is called 'RAM' (Radar Absorbent Material) and is positioned around antenna support structure to stop ghosting of received signals. I think the way it works is to allow signals not hitting the receiving antennae directly to be absorbed into the foam via a form of 'one way' coatings on the surface of the RAM. The signal then bounces around and dissipates (given off as heat energy?) inside the RAM eliminating 'echo' signals.

Apparently, if you could cover the whole front of a vehicle with the RAM (windscreen, headlights, grill etc.) you could effectively avoid detection from head-on speed guns, cameras etc. I haven't tried it but given the applications we use it for it sounds like it would work? I don't work on the engineering or design of the RAM I only install the stuff and this is the way I understood it to work.

Darren Roles

It might work but it seems a somewhat impractical approach to avoiding speed detection.

MR2 with More?

The Toyota MR2 and Corolla both come with the VVTi 1.8 putting out 103kW. But isn't this the same engine as in the Celica with 140kW? This implies that hotting up the MR2 might be very easy indeed.

Patrick McAuliffe


Got from somewhere by Nathan Huppatz
AutoSpeed Staff

Extra Injector Controller

Are you guys working on an extra injector controller? Possibly a spin-off of the intelligent intercooler spray controller unit? It would be a welcome addition to the already great line-up of inexpensive electronic DIY stuff.

Thanks for the info

Tony Powers
United States

We have covered one complex DIY extra injector system ("Extra Injector Controller") and have considered doing a simpler one. However, few people use extra injectors these days - it's much better to upsize the standard injectors or run a higher fuel rail pressure.

Subaru Ad Download

For those with broadband connections, here's the new Subaru GT Forester ad on ice!

Damian Van Loon

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