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Some of this week's Letters to the Editor!

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Coming Water Injection?

After purchasing the intercooler water spray controller and setting it up on a friend's car, we have seen good results thus far. In the articles it was said that there would soon be a controller for dedicated water injection. How far away is this, as I would be very interested to use such a unit to control the current water injection system on my GT4 Grp A Celica. The system is currently controlled with just a boost pressure switch.

John Moralee

We are in the midst of testing a very cheap DIY electronic system that we expect to be able to be used to control water injection.

Journalistic Integrity

Would just like to thank you for your journalistic integrity I have witnessed in your columns over the years in print and web media......something dearly lacking in the automotive press today

Peter Denning


A quick note to say how impressed I am with your web site. Very informative and well presented. By obviously doing your own research and not repeating the blurb offered by manufacturers makes for an enlightening change from much of the auto media I read.

Peter Kerwin

THAT Story

Have you got something personal against Alfa Romeo??? I had a chance to test drive a 166 3.0 Sportronic and, believe me, the one I drove has nothing to do with the one you tested [ "New Car Test - Alfa 166 Sportronic" ]. I personally found the car as the sport sedan it is supposed to be: GREAT RIDE, SUPERB HANDLING, REFINED TRANSMISSION AND FAST ENOUGH TO SHOW ITS TAIL TO A GOOD AMOUNT OF CARS


Boost Controller

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I have a question about your "Audi's DIY boost control" article ["The Audi's DIY Boost Control - Part 2"].

But first let me congratulate you on an excellent publication. I find your stuff to be a pleasant and refreshing change from the usual drivel in the automotive press. I particularly find your road tests, technical articles, and projects to be great reading. So far I have installed on my MY2000 WRX your intelligent water spray controller, the variable restrictor boost control valve, and LED mixture meter.

My question in relation to the Audi DIY boost control is: how does a pressure regulator valve regulate boost? As far as I can understand this valve, if set to say 10 psi, would limit the wastegate opening to that opening which would occur just as boost rises through this 10psi level. Normally as boost goes above this 10 psi level the wastegate would open further in order to cap the boost at this level, but with the pressure regulator set to 10 psi the wastegate opening would be capped at a certain opening and therefore no longer be able to "dump" any more exhaust gasses to stop any further boost rise. In other words boost would rocket up to some higher level and not be regulated at all.

What have I missed?

Graham Allen

The pressure regulator is set to cap the maximum boost level that is actually seen. Therefore, there will not be a situation where boost rises further, although there can be a situation where boost then falls if the turbo or intercooler starts to drop in efficiency. However, the approach shown does not take into account variations in air density - but we found that to be a problem only when the air temp was much colder (eg 30-40 degrees C lower) than the temp at which the control was originally set, whereupon the system could overboost. One technique would be to use the pressure relief valve to set the wastegate opening point and then a normal bleed to set the boost that then follows.

Windsor is Best

On the 6th of Novemeber 2001 ["From the Editor"] Julian Edgar went on about how the Ts50 was powered by an engine designed in the stone age. How long has the 350 chev been out? almost as long as the windsor!! and isnt it strange how the dinosaur aged windsor can out perform Chevs "new" 350 Gen 3 THATS something to be ashamed of....I congradulate ford on the Ts50....nice car!


We are sure that they will enjoy your 'congradulations'.

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