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Some of this week's Letters to the Editor, discussion group posts and other feedback!

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What the Hell?

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What the hell is an article of bra construction ["Designing the Perfect Bra?"] doing on AutoSpeed? It looks like you're running out of articles to write. Last time it was turbine generators and black boxes.

Robert Stephenson

The 'Smart Technology' section that we have introduced is a fortnightly look at interesting technologies that are specifically not to do with cars. AutoSpeed readers, while primarily interested in cars, are also interested in lots of other technical aspects of life. Given that one article in fourteen represents a proportion of only 7 per cent, 93 per cent of AutoSpeed is still devoted to cars. Most of our readers obviously agree - the 'bra' story was extraordinarily well read, many readers used the 'email a friend' facility wrt to that story, and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback about every Smart Technology story that we have so far run.


One question has stayed with me for many years now. It concerns the effect of swirling the intake air just prior to a turbo inlet in the same direction as the turbo spins. I'm wondering about the effect, if any, on a turbo's transient response. Of course I'm referring to devices such as the HiClone, which claim to improve turbo response when placed in the pre-turbo inlet ducting. I wonder if you know of, or have done any testing of their claims? Or if it could be earmarked for a future AutoSpeed product test? As transient response is such a bugbear of turbo cars it would seem that anything which has the ability to improve the situation would have been adopted by manufacturers already.

I am thoroughly enjoying AutoSpeed; the subscription fee represents outstanding value for money, and keep up the good work!

Cary Wintle

We think that you have put your finger on the crux of the matter - if a pre-swirl worked then major manufacturers would be doing it. However, we understand that the product has a no-questions-asked moneyback return policy, so there's nothing to stop lots of people trying it...


Hi guys - great work - especially with the tech features. I have just bought a 1995 Skyline GTST, and I am interested in attempting the "Killing Wastegate Creep" project on it. Do you know of anyone who has tried this on a similar car, and any "traps" I should keep an eye out for? Can you give me an idea of where to go for the bits and pieces (ie tubes, hoses connectors etc)?

Are there any other articles you can recommend for me to check out for improving my performance on a budget?

Brett Morrison

The approach shown in the story on killing wastegate creep will work in any turbo car, although it is aimed at older cars without electronic boost control. The only trap to look out for is an excessive boost spike that may result from too long a wastegate delay. Looking under Pneumatic Suppliers in the Yellow Pages should help you find a source of parts. In terms of mods on a budget, we've done literally dozens of articles on that subject. Do site searches under 'modified exhaust' and 'cold air intake' to find some of them.

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