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Some of this week's Letters to the Editor, discussion group posts and other feedback!

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Outdated and Destructive

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Your outdated and destructive report ["New Car Test - Hyundai Grandeur XG"] nearly stopped me buying a new Hyundai Grandeur. I drove a hire vehicle around Tasmania, then hired one to use on my usual streets around home and could not fault the car. Your report on the suspension kept nagging away at me, but I found it impossible to replicate your test. Our new Hyundai has replaced a 929 4-wheel steer leather and I drive a 2000 Berlina. The new Hyundai handles the humps and roundabouts far better than the Berlina or the 929.

How about taking the article off you web site so that other prospective buyers will not be turned off a bloody fine motor car. Maybe a drive of the current batch of Granduers will change your opinion.

Thank you and cheers

Roger Kearns

Last thing we heard, Hyundai were refusing to make any more test cars available to us - they didn't like the appraisal of their Grandeur or Coupe - so it doesn't look like we'll drive another one any time soon.

But we'll tell you what, since you live in Adelaide (where the Grandeur test was carried out), you can duplicate one thing that we did. Drive down the southern section of Kauri Parade, Seacliff, at 25 km/h over those speed humps and see if the nose of your car also hits the ground...

Note that we also presented a slightly different view from one of our columnists on the car - "Sophisticated Side".

If Hyundai have changed the suspension for the better, it has very likely done so as a result of the criticism contained in ours and similar tests. And as we made very clear at the time, we'll be delighted to drive a car with improved suspension.

High Pressure Intake

I want to improve air intake flow on my S15 Nissan 200SX and I have studied the relevant section in Julian Edgar's excellent book -.Modifying the airbox and cutting a hole in the inner guard seems fairly simple. But is the inner guard on my car a low-pressure area? And, if so, noting the intercooler is located between the inner guard and the front of the car, where can I route the new duct to get access high-pressure air?

Keith Fanner

Finding the best location for a cold air intake is always a compromise between practicality and the best location in terms of pressure and temperature. If you haven't already read it, our article "Siting Cold Air Intakes" discusses some of things to look for.

Falcon Six Power Upgrade?

I wrote to you a while ago asking if you'd be doing any stories on performance improvements for 4.0 Falcons. I noticed last week in your "Coming Soon in AutoSpeed" section you had "fantastic power-up kit for NA Falcon sixes". I didn't see it in this week's edition; is it still coming? I'm quite interested in the results, as I have an EF Fairmont that's shown some improvement on the dyno with Genie headers and 2 1/2 system, but could do with some more... Thanks...

Geoff Pryde

'Coming Up' refers to anything in the next 2-6 issues or so. The Falcon power-up story is in next week's issue.

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