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Some of this week's Letters to the Editor, discussion group posts and other feedback!

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Subaru Upgrade

Time to sell the 200 SX and get/build something cheaper and more practical (a new kitchen and baby is begging). Who knows of someone who has actually performed an EJ20T conversion (from a REX front cut manual, I guess) into a ~92 Liberty GX all wheel drive (with the dual range box). I really like the idea of a quick(ish) wagon and some really well equipped (leather etc.) units are going pretty cheap as a potential donor. This is a serious one so I hope you can help (or suggest a simpler route)

Chris Dimitropoulos

Tony Rigoli Performance (Sydney or the Gold Coast) know the ins and outs of Subaru conversions like no one else. Call them.

Turbo Mira

I have been looking through Julian Edgar's book 21st Century Performance, and noticed that he owned a Mira. I have been looking into getting one and upping the power for 1 and a half years now but as yet I haven't found anyone in the country who knows anything about them. Even the local Daihatsu dealer's spare parts guru can't tell me a thing about compression ratios, or differences in the head or block. I know that there are some real serious numbers to be had in K cars and I was just wondering if you could point me in the right direction.

Tim Brien

Tim, there's a number of web-based groups into the turbo Daihatsus. A search should find them easily enough.

Magna Performance

In last week's "Response" section, Darren Roles asked about performance mods for his Magna Sports. Racing Performance Works, in Perth, have a website that may be of interest to him.

Steven Row

200SX Oil

The recommended engine oil for my S15 200SX is 10W30. The manual states 5W30 should only be used in very cold climates. I thought the thinner oil (when cold) would be better when the engine was cold. I guess I'm wrong - could you explain?

Keith Fanner

Your theory sounds right to us!

Intakes and Exhausts

I write to you to ask for any books titles or sites you may be able to recommend for futher research into intake manifold design for EFI cars beyond what is in 20th C performance.

Andrew Briggs

The classic book is Philip Smith's "The Scientific Design of Intake and Exhaust Systems", but it's so old that we think it's about 80 per cent out of date. We'd use a good software simulation program.

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