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Turbo Prius

I saw from your recent blog posting on double lines that you drive an Insight now. A fine car, I was wondering what happened to the NHW10 Prius with the kaput battery?

Bob Wilson
United States

The Prius is awaiting the replacement of its high voltage battery pack, hopefully by means of a second-hand unit from Japan, but potentially by mixing and matching the internal cells.

Carbon Fibre Recumbent Bike

Have a look at for a carbon fibre recumbent.  Thought you might be interested...

Richard Tapps

Yes it’s a good site with plenty of interesting ideas.

HPV Series

I'd like to thank Julian Edgar for the HPV series. It was a good read (I like the bit where the bike was twitching sideways) and original in design. So when's production start? ;)


Diesel and the Digital Pulse Adjuster

HI, I have quickly gone over your articles about the digital pulse adjuster and really like the idea. I want to use this to run my electronically controlled diesel pump spill valve. I have looked at spill valve on an oscilloscope and the the spill valve is pulsed at 4K~12KHz Depends on engine speed) when on and the spill valve switched off to control fuel delivery in respects to the pumps 360deg hall effect sensor. So the hall effect sensor gives refernce to actual plunger lift so the ecu can switch the spill valve off to control fuel delivery. So can the Digital pulse adjuster be used in this instance?? If so then you have a very large untapped market out there as most aftermarket fuel adjsuters for diesel engine range upwards of $1000 or more.

Clinton judd

We don’t know enough about diesel systems to comment in detail but the frequency sounds too fast – and, incidentally, sounds much too fast for a control frequency of a solenoid.

Electric Conversion

Just finished reading article about electric cars. Have a tech query which you might be able to help me with. I have an old mazda b1800 ute and would like to know if there is a way to yank the petrol motor and replace it with a full electric motor (through original gearbox/ diff) set up good for a max of 100km but mostly a 20 km daily use drive. I,ve looked for options in this field but can't access the right info. Any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Steve Camilleri

A detailed web search in Australia will find some local providers of systems for car conversions to electric power. Your requirements sound quite feasible for a retrofit system.

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